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Memories of Daisy
12/14/01 - Hello my Pretty. Welcome to your new residence at The Rainbow Bridge. Your Auntie Julie made these wonderful arrangements for you in honor of the one year anniversary of your passing. We miss you so very much and you will always be deep in our hearts. Love forever - Mommy, Joey, Jonnie, Julie, and Skippy. 12/25/01 - Merry Christmas my sweet girl. I miss you so much. I can't believe that you have been gone from our lives for over a year now. There is a void in our home that we are trying to fill with happy memories of you. I hope you are making many new friends at The Bridge and you remember how much we love you. Until we meet again, my pretty girl..... We will love you always - Mommy, Joey, Jon, Julie & Skippy. 2/21/02 - Happy Birthday Dais! Tomorrow you would've been 14 years old! I hope they throw you a great party up there. I hope you know that we think about you everyday and we miss you so much sometimes it's overwhelming. Kisses to you. Love you lots - Mommy, Joey, Jon, Julie & Skippy. 3/26/02 - Hello my precious little girl. I miss you so very much. Not a day goes by that I don't shed a tear for you. It is so hard to go about every day life without you. The house is so empty without the joy and laughter you brought to us each day. Skippy is trying very hard to take over your role. He now sleeps in your spot on the sofa and guards your home. I hope there are lots of Easter bunnies to run after at The Bridge. Happy Easter my sweet pup. I'll love you always - Mommy 6/11/02 - Hi Doo-doo - Aunt Julie here. I just wanted to remind you that we think of you every single day. The flowers are planted and everyday that I water I am reminded of you and wish you were here to play in the hose. Skippy had to have his litte toe removed because of a tumor. He's okay now and we're sure you watched over him during his surgery to keep him safe and let him be with us a little longer. Sometimes we're sure he sees you or feels you nearby. We love you!! 8/1/02 - The months are just flying by pretty girl. We're well into the heat of the summer. Another season that reminds me of you. I can picture you flat as a pancake on the driveway. You loved to bask in the sun and get your summer tan. Skippy is doing okay but he hates the heat, the storms and the airconditioner noises. We are daily reminded of you and miss you more than we can express. Sending a kiss to you via the angels. Love, Mommy, Joey, Jonny, Skippy & Julie 10/22/02 - Hi Pretty girl - It's fall again. The leaves are changing colors. Jonny's back in band. Skippy takes his nightly trips with Mommy to watch Jonny practice. Joe's birthday came and went. It's hard to watch him open his presents without picturing you helping him. You loved that wrapping paper. The weather is getting colder and I picture you sitting there on your blanket watching over the neighborhood. You never wanted to come in. Halloween will be here soon. Tell Butchie that his Mommy loves him too. We love you and think of you every single day. Love, Mommy, Joey, Jonny, Skippy & Julie. 12/14/02 - My dear, sweet Daisy - Today is the 2nd anniversary of your crossing the Bridge. I can't believe how quickly time passes. I hope that it is passing just as quickly for you as we all look forward to meeting again. I re-live the memories of your passing in my mind over and over. I feel very blessed that we were all with you when you made your final journal accross the Bridge. I pray that you know how much we love you. We have already had our first snow this year. I remember how you loved the snow. You would try to catch the snow flakes in your mouth. You would run around the yard so fast that we couldn't even see you. All we saw was snow flying everywhere. Remember the night you went for a stroll around the neighborhood in the blizzard? The only way I could find you was by following your tracks because you just blended into the snow. When I finally caught up to you, I had to bring you home on the shoe lace from my boots! Oh, you were such a funny little girl. I pray every night that you are happy and at peace. I hope that you think of us as much as we think of you. I love you so much, Daisy. I miss you more as each day passes. Please look down on us as we look up at your each night. Please send us the strength to get through each day until we meet again. I love you my precious baby......may God bless you. Love always - Mommy & Skippy. 2/22/03 - Happy Birthday my sweet little girl. You are 15 years old today. I know that you looked down on your brother Skippy as he went through his surgery a few weeks ago because he is doing much better. We had almost 2 feet of snow the other day and I could picture you tearing through the yard with snow flying everywhere! I miss you so much my pretty girl. I hope you had a birthday celebration up there with lots of cookies. I love you, Daisy. I will see you in my dreams tonight as always, until we meet again. Save a spot for me.......Goodnight my baby, may God bless you and keep you warm and happy. 3/8/03 - Hi Daisy. The sunshine is streaming into the window today and I can see visions of you lying in your favorite sunbeam. I love you.... 3/23/03 - Hello by precious little girl. I just wanted to send you a hug and a kiss and tell you that I love you.... 4/20/03 - Happy Easter my pretty girl. I hope there are lots of bunny trails for you to sniff along up there, as well as pretty spring flowers for you to bury your nose in. I love you, Daisy. We all miss you so much. 9/9/03- Hi Pretty. I haven't written for awhile. I miss you so much. I think about you every day and Skippy stares at your photo on my bedroom wall. Sometimes I think he sees your spirit. I love you, Daisy. We all think about you constantly. I will write again soon.... Goodnight my precious girl. 12/23/03 - Hi pussy cat - it's Aunt Julie again. Your anniversary came again and it's now been three years. It seems like just yesterday. It rained that day, just to remind us that you are still okay. Your mom found $10 by your spot. It made us smile. You were no longer just sending pennies from heaven but $$. I think of you everyday my sweetheart and the tears well up just thinking of how very much I miss you. Merry Christmas. Sending you kisses!! - Aunt Julie and Mommy, Jon, Joe & Skippy. 4-11-04 - Happy Easter my sweet little girl. I miss you and love you so much. I know you are constantly looking down at us just as we are looking up at you. Kisses and lots of love - Mommy and Skippy. 8-10-04 - Hi Doo-doo girl - Skippy made it to his 13th b-day. We had a party and sang him Happy Birthday - your fav song. Mommo has been sick for a while now and I ask you to remember her. Keep her in your thoughts. Jonny is beginning to make his dream of being a rockstar come true. But Mommy will miss him when he goes. We love you baby. Kisses and hugs. 12/14/04 - Hi Pretty: I can't believe that it has been 4 years since you left us to cross the Bridge. We miss you so very much. Not a day goes by when a memory of you doesn't make us smile. I love you so much puppy girl. Life hasn't been the same since you left.5/26/05 - Hi pretty girl. It's been too long since we visited you. Not that we don't still miss you more than words. The flowers that we planted are blooming all around you and you even got a very tall, hearty Dandylion. Skippy visits you often and you get lots of visits from the bunny family living under the shed. The house next door to us had a horrific fire in December. We had to rush Skippy out of the house. He wasn't happy. We miss you more than we can ever speak. Shine your star bright little girl. 10-4-05 Hi Doo-Doo Auntie Julie here. Skippy's awfully sick little girl. Look down on him. I know you must miss him but we'd still like to keep him a little longer. Kisses to you on the white spot on your head. We love you. 12-20-05 - 5 yrs. little girl how did the time fly past. Skippy still with us and as "skippy" as ever. We still find pennies Dais - thanks! Mommy's getting skinny you wouldn't even recognize her. We all miss you and wish you a Christmas filed with snow. Kisses to you.6/30/06 - Oh baby girl - it's been far too long since we've visited. You're not alone anymore. Schmoo's there with you now and beside in the yard. Some days we miss him more than we can say. I'm so very glad you're there to show him the ropes. I hope his sight and his hearing is just like it used to be. I bet that you're still jumping fences and making him very angry. Someday soon - we'll put him here too. So that you both can finally rest in peace. He went through so very much little girl. There's a new four legged member of the family. She will never replace you in our hearts - either of you. But she makes the quiet go away - and for that I'm grateful. Mommy has a lap now Dais and you and Skippy would have loved it. Some day you'll get to see it. Stay happy little girl - kiss Skippy for us and remind him that we love him more than he'll ever know. Love your Aunt Juju. 12-18-06 In one more month Dais, we'll add Schmoo to your site so the two of you can be together her as well as in heaven. Mommy put a blanket on both your areas this weekend. The tree is up and shinning in the window. We worry if Molli might knock it over. You'd like her Dais, she reminds us of you. We miss both of you everyday. I can't believe it's been 6 years for you and going on one for Skippy. Our lives were blessed when you were here and empty now that you're not. Jonny hits the big stage on Saturday. Smile down on him and bring him luck. Jo-Jo has his own house now with his own tree. You'd love that! No fence though. Pennies are still found on the ground where ever we go and sometimes they are there just when we need them most. Same with Schmoo but his pennies seem to be feathers! Miss you more than words can say. Take care. Kiss you pretty. - Love, Aunt JuJu 12/10/2008 - My gorgeous baby girl - I cannot believe that it has been this long since we have visited you. We still think about you every day. We still visit your resting place and blow kisses to you and Skippy. Mom-mo is up there with you now. Have you checked her purse for treats? I'll bet she brought you some. Mommy has two new additions to the family - we told you about Molli who I swear is you reincarnated and Ticco who is the opposite of Skippy. We love them with all our hearts but they still aren't you. It's going to be your 8 year anniversary on Sunday. How have you been gone that long? Jo-jo and his girlfriend Brianne have their own baby now too - Tanner Banner the terror. A little min-pin that would have driven you crazy. Jonny is in a rock band - Wednesday 13 and tours all over the world. Watch over him as he travels. He has a beautiful girlfriend as well, Danielle. Jonny does "Daisy" impersonation all the time and we all laugh. You and feet!! We were going to put Skippy on here but just haven't quite gotten there yet. He'll be here soon, I promise. We miss you pretty girl. - Love Aunt JuJu ----- 12/14/2009 - My precious baby Doo-doo. I cannot believe that it has been a year since we've been here to update you. Today is your 9th anniversary and as I am sitting here typing this I remember it as if it were yesterday. Sadly, the pain of letting you go is still fresh. I love your Mommy's new doggies a bunch but some how, they just can't replace you. It's Chrismas again - your favorite holiday and just like in all the years past we'll throw all the wrapping paper on the floor in your honor. How I wish you were here to rip it to shreds. Please know that we all love and miss you and we think of you often. I'm sending you love from Mommy, Jonny, Joey and I. You're always with us. Love Aunt Juju 8/17/10 - Doo-doo - My the time flies. Too fast for me. In a few months you will have been gone from us for 10 years. Doesn't seem possible. 19 years ago today I moved in with your Mommy and you became my new friend. It's hard for me to believe that I used to pick you up and carry you home when you would go on one of your adventures. You were an amazing dog!! I hope that you and Skippy aren't waiting for us on the bridge. I hope ther you are off on your adventures. I hope you are both sleeping with Mom-mo at night and keeping her company. Even though I don't live at your house anymore, I still think of you often and kiss your picture. I have three babies of my own now and I imagine, like the mice, you would have been amazed at these guys!! Molli, Ticco and Tanner cannot figure out why I keep "rats" in my house!! Jonny got married - we didn't tell you that. When they get their own place I'm sure they will get a puppy like you. Mommy sends her love. Jonny and Joey still speak of you with love as they do the electric chair impressions Kisses to you and Schmoo. - Love Aunt Juju 12/31/2010 - Hello my pretty little girl. Mommy misses you so much. Another year is ready to pass on and my heart still aches for you, Skippy and Butchie - my precious puppies. There is so much sadness in my life...but the kids and I often laugh over some of the things you used to do. You are so beautiful my girl.....Pretty - thump, thump, thump. I love you....Mommy 1/13/11 - Doo-doo - Your 10th year anniversary came and went. Not without thinking of you and blowing you kisses from the window. Pop-pop is with you now as well. He left us on 1/4/11. It was very hard losing him. I hope you were there to greet him with Mom-o. I love you baby girl and I miss you. Aunt Juju. 2/22/12 - Oh my pretty girl - Today you would have been 24 years old. I know - how silly am I!! No dog lives to be that age. I can barely type this as I'm sure you already know that Mommy is up there with you now Dais. She was so tragically taken from us and we miss her terribly every single day. I MISS HER SO MUCH!! I'm sure she was so happy to see you and Skippy and Butch and Mike. I'm sure you have a bed big enough for all of you to sleep together now. The Scott family is back together again. Kiss her for me Dais and tell her that I'm taking really good care of Molli & Ticco, or I'm trying to. It's just me now Dais to watch over your memorial. You can stop sending pennies now. Just let Mommy do it. - I love you all so very much. Aunt Juju. 12/18/2013 Daisy - I wonder if there will ever come a day when I will not cry when I visit. You were strongly on my mind on the 14th and I didn't remember why until now. I miss you baby girl - even now. I miss your Mommy and Skippy as well. My baby Frank is up there with you, even though you never knew him. I'm blowing you kisses. Give some to Mommy too. I'll be visiting you tonight. Love always - Aunt Juju 12/22/2014 - Doo-doo - I am blown away and thinking that you have been 14 years gone from this earth. Soon your Mommy will have been with you for three years. I miss you both so very much. Tears flow as I sit here thinking about you. One more of my piggy babies has joined you. My Dean is now with his Frank and you are all together. Mommy knew them, you didn't. Life has changed so much without you here. Kiss your Mommy and Skippy for me. I love you and miss you. Aunt Ju-Ju 7/1/15 - Something called me to your page today Doo-doo. I guess it's because another of my babies has crossed over the bridge and I want to make sure you greet Salvatore for me. I look up in the sky so often and see your star. Sometimes Mommy's star is there with you or sometimes she's there alone. I still miss you baby girl. I still speak of you with fondness. If tears could build a stairway I'd be with you all right now in heaven.
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