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Memories of Duke
10 years ago we became the luckiest parents to be adopted by a tiny Brussels Griffon in Mooresville, NC. We were eating dinner and next door was a small pet store. We walked in and there our little buddy was. It was like he was waiting for us. When I picked him up and started to play with him he bit me!!!! It was the first of many bites and love at first sight. We were soul mates from that moment on. He loved to bite his papa because I always was in his business!!!

The day we brought Duke home he changed our lives! Duke was a very active puppy that loved to be outside roaming the shores of Lake Norman. He even "caught" a fish one day and proudly brought it to us to show off his newfound expertise! Duke loved our morning ritual of going potty, getting treats and breakfast and then taking a long walk in the neighborhood. On Duke's walks he would always act like we were on a scavenger hunt as he searched every property for some item to chew on. His favorite outdoor snack was mulch! He had a stomach made of steel and ate anything and everything.

Duke was 2 when his sister Belle arrived. They quickly became best friends as they played, went for walks and car rides together! No matter where we went Dukie and Belle Belle were with us. Everyone knew our 2 babies because they were the center of our world at home and wherever we went. But one thing was for sure.....Duke loved his mama. They were inseparable and Duke would always growl when anyone would try to separate them. Most mornings Duke would have to snuggle with his mama before they would both get up and start their day.

During the warmer months of the year Duke would stay outside and sun himself on the warm brick driveway until he got too hot and was ready to come inside the house. As soon as we would go inside Duke would insist on getting a treat and he would wait in the laundry room until he received one.....or two on some days! He even went in the laundry room when his mama was doing laundry because he knew that she would give him treats! If Dukie didnt get a treat he would nip at the back of Robin's leg until she gave in.

6 more years of love would go by before Duke would meet his rescued sister Annie. Annie was a baby and quickly learned that Duke ruled the house and she gravitated to Belle Belle. They fetch sticks and play with their toys every day as Duke laid on his perch and watched. Even though Duke might have been slowing down and left the daily playing to the girls he was still very lively and loved visitors. Duke's all time favorite was his Grand Pap. Duke and grand Pap shared a very special bond and was known as "Dukie Boy" to Grand Pap. Whenever Grand Pap came over Dukie was happy. They were connected and made each other smile every time they were together.

Duke also had a special relationship with his "aunt Cindy". Cindy is Robin's friend and stayed with our babies whenever we were out of town. Duke never had to worry because he knew she loved him, Belle and Annie very much.

Duke.....thank you. Thank you for changing our lives forever. You may not be physically with us 100% but your presence is felt and you will always be in our hearts. I know we all will be together again one day. I hope you are eating all the treats you want and licking, licking, licking. We love you more than you will know.


Mama and papa.

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