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Memories of Duke
Dear Duke: What can we say, we sorely miss you. You have been a good friend to this family and there are so many memories that bring smiles to our faces. Lacy misses you buddy. Thank you for loving us all unconditionally. We wish we had had more time with you. We miss seeing you play tug-of-war with Lacy through your doggie door with the blanket, or the way you had of just scoping the yard out by sticking your head out and looking around. We miss the way you talk to us when you wanted attention or food. It is still very vivid how you caught the squirrel and you brought it to me and I thought it was your ball and when you gave it to me, I screamed and threw it and you sat there and gave me a look like saying, "mommy, I caught it for you", it was hilarious and when I tried to take it away, you went and hid it under your blanket. You brought so much joy and love to this family and we will never forget you. Thank you for always keeping me company when Dad was away at the cabin or hunting. Love ya, dad, mom, Belen, Joseph, Abuela, Lacy and the rest of the family.
06/30/11 Dear Duke: you have been gone two weeks and I miss you so much. The 28th was mine and Daddy's anniversary and he sees me so sad that he brought home a little puppy to keep me and Lacy company. He is just like you, when he surprised me and I saw him, I cried because he reminded me of you when you were a baby. His name is Prince and you would like him. Please know that he is not replacing you in our hearts buddy, you were special to me and to all in the family. I love you Duke and I know you are playing and having fun boy. Till I see you again. Mommy
07/18/11 Dear Duke: Saturday was your one month anniversary of being away from us. I miss you so much sometimes. I look in the backyard and I somehow hope to find you chasing the squirrels you so loved to torment. Lacy is doing well and I know she still misses you. Prince is growing and has his own little attitude going. I know you are jumping and playing and feeling free. I love you boy. Take care till I see you again. Mommy
9/9/11 Hey Dukester whats up my buddy. I am sorry it took so long for me to write to you but even now it still makes me sad to think of you, but I know it will get better. I kept your collar to remind me of you everywhere I drive. You know so many things have happened since you left us, many struggles and also many successes I wanted you to know that I made it buddy, my dream is coming true and I really wish you were here to share it with me. Well you be good now wherever you are and dont give the Lord too much fuss, Love you now and forever your buddy Belen.
12/20/11 My Dear Duke I still cannot get over your loss. I miss you so much. I want you to know no one can replace you in our hearts. I love you buddy and I will see you one day over the rainbow. Have a blessed Christmas with your furry friends. Love Mommy
05/09/12 - My Dearest Duke: Not a day goes by that I am not reminded of you. I tend to call Prince by your name and he gives me a funny look. I miss chilling with you and rubbing your soft fur and looking into your deep chocolate brown eyes that were always so gentle. I know by now you have so many friends with you, I hope you have not forgotten us. Be good my little boy and I will see you on the other side. Love mommy
02/05/13 - My Dearest Duke: Its been awhile since mommy said hi. Been very busy. Abuela has been very sick and I had surgery but I am doing much better. Prince reminds me of you in some ways but you were special and had your own personality. Lacy is still with us and doing well. I miss you boy and it still hurts to see pictures of you and to think of you. God has given me some special pets in my life and you are definately one of them. I love you and miss you. Run free buddy, I know you are in an awesome place and I hope to see you someday. Love mommy
06/16/13 - Dear Duke: Another year has gone by and I still remember you as if it were yesterday. Lacy passed away and should be with you running free. We are glad that you are with your chilling buddy. We now have a new little girl and her name is Dutchess. She is hilarious and I think you would have liked her. Her eyes remind me of you. I miss you baby. I love you and always will. Mommy
06/13/15 - My Baby Boy Dukester - Its incredible how vividly you are still in my heart. Abuela has passed away and I know you can visit her and keep her company till I see you once again. Dutchess has now outgrown Prince and they are hilarious, just like you and Lacy were. I miss you and will always remember you in my heart and in my memories. Love Mom

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