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Memories of Duke
9/11/08 Duke was my first born, my very own puppy and I love him still. He was a Therapy Dog at Hines Veterns Hospital and in Nursing Homes. Everybody loved when he came around. I cried with Duke the first week he came to live with me because I knew he would die one day. Still, I was not prepared. Duke died in my arms on October 2, 2006; the same month and year my mother died. It was, and still is, a horrible month. All I do is cry. I miss Dukie.

9/12/08 It is not getting any easier. Even though I have the love of 3 other furbabies, Duke is not here with me. He used to lick the tears from my face when I cried, always so in touch with me.

When Duke died, I did not have him cremated because the shell of the body that he lived in just wasn't Duke anymore. Now I wish I had every little hair on his body to help me go thru this sadness. I am making a wooden urn/memory box for a cutting of his fur that I did save, for his favorate red devil toy, a picture of him at Loyola University's Ronald MacDonald House sitting on Ronald's lap, his collar, his baby teeth, and all of his tags I kept over this years. I miss Duke.

9/13/08 Why DOES the world keep on turning? My new furbaby needs me now but it is too hard to let Duke go.

9/16/08 Yesterday I watched a movie that happened to come on TV. It was called, "What Dreams May Come" It is about a man that dies and finds himself in a heaven, a more amazing place than he could have ever dreamed of. There was only one thing missing: his wife. After he died, his wife, killed herself and went to hell. The man decided to risk eternity in hades for the small chance that he would be able to bring his wife back to heaven. He does it! Throughout the movie, they showed the man with his wife, before she killed herself, and he was trying to communicate with her but she could not feel his presence or hear him calling to her. I hope that Duke is with me as the man was with his wife on earth after he died. I would go thru hell for Duke too. What a timely movie.

9/20/08 Dear Duke, I miss you so much. Gracie and Buddy want to play tonight but I just can't do it. My heart is with you. Please let me know you are ok. I need to know this in my soul. Remember our song, "I'm a little teapot"? I can still feel you in my arms, rocking you and singing as you layed your head on my shoulder. You were such a good boy. I miss you so.
I will love you forever.
Love, Mommy

10/01/08 Gracie (my little girl Maltese) was attacked by a Pit Bull last Sunday evening but somehow neither Gracie nor I got bit. I was walking my 3 dogs down the block when suddenly a Pit Bull came running out from between the houses and grabbed Gracie. The dog had her jaws totally around Gracie's chest and was on top of her holding her down. I instinctively attacked the Pit Bull by jumping on top of it and wresting it off of Gracie. When I jumped on the dog, she let go of Gracie who took off running down the street. By then, about 5 neighbors were there and the "owner" grabbed the Pit Bull (she denies owning the dog even though the neighbors have seen it with her for 3 years). The neighbors and I went chasing Gracie and I got her to come back to me. She was really shaken up, as was I. Buddy and Max were on leash with a neighbor... I don't know how that happened.

I had to go to the ER due to a contusion on the breast bone, scrapes on both elbows and both knees, my wrist, my toe and my face. I didn't see any puncture wounds on Gracie, but the next day, I could see scrape marks on Gracie from the Pit Bull's teeth. The marks are around her neck and on her shoulders. The Vet put her on antibiotics. I have been recuperating for 1 1/2 weeks now and taking Vicadin daily. It is getting better. Gracie seems fine.

I think that Gracie and I had a guardian angel watching over us that day for neither of us to have gotten bitten. God knows I could not have handled another loss yet. I know Duke was watching over us because I could feel the miracle unfolding.

Thanks Duke. I love you forever.

1/10/2009 Today a friend called about the Rainbow Bridge. The pain of lossing you is still as hard for me as it was in 2006. I don't think that the wound will ever heal...

3/6/2009 Dear Duke, I am making a book for Mike and Cindy because their Cheyenne died. You know her from training classes. I hope she has found you and Dakota and you are all playing together. I miss you so much still Duke. My heart is still broken and the emptiness remains. I made your background winter because it is so barren and cold without you with me.

10/13/09 Dear Duke, I still miss you. I keep calling Gracie by your name even now after 2 years. I love her, but I still miss you. Please give me a sign; let me know you are ok.
8/16/10 I love you and miss you Duke. I see more and more of you in Gracie every day. Thank you for being my fur-baby forever!

10/3/2011 Slept all day yesterday save church... now I know why. I miss you Duke. Mom

5/10/2013 Hi sweetheart. I still miss you. Love Mom
4/18/2016 Miss you still and always... Mom

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