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Memories of Duffy
Such wonderful memories camping, hiking, agility classes, puppy kindergarten.
Great walks in the neighborhood. People stopping and commenting on what a beautiful dog you were.
Hanging out on the couch with me while I read the paper.
How you loved your "babies" and would swing them around,lay on your bed and "zen out"!
Going everywhere with me in your crate in the car.
How you loved your Jeffery and Gramps.
Your love fests with your Mother Zanzie.
Your sweet bedtime routine❤️
"Helping" me with the yard work!
Chasing me in the snow when I was snowshoeing your trails.
Your crazy dog running in the backyard.
Sitting under the squirrel tree forever,waiting for your friends and then the big chase!
The day we met you and you fell asleep on my lap. You chose us.
First snowfall,you would have done your happy dog running through it!
Well it's been two months today since we said goodbye to you. I still can't believe you aren't here. Put up our Christmas stockings today and I cried when I saw yours. Sure won't be the same this year. Miss you baby girl💔🐩
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear sweet girl❤️ I am heartbroken that you are not here for this. I still look for you as I go about my days. I miss having you by my side. I miss playing with you on these bitter cold winter days. These are the days you would be a cuddle bug. I hope you found Corey and Katie and you girls are having fun playing with Jeffery. Hugs to you all🐩🐩🐕💔❤️☘️
I still can't believe that it has been three months since we said good bye to you.. I missed you today....I missed you chasing me while I snow shoed your trails.. I miss you standing on the snow banks I made from shoveling the deck and patio. As I sit here in your chair,I am sitting on your blanket with your green fleece throw over me. Missing you so much💔💔
It's been four months and I'm missing you just as much. I've joined a gym to fill up some of my time. It's good therapy for me. I've also been doing meals on wheels. I wish you were driving around with me. I miss your energy,your spirit,your love. I miss you standing in front of me and looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes. Our life,our house feels empty with you gone. Wish I could still touch you💔💔🐩☘️☘️
It's a Duffy kind of day today. Sun shining,blue sky and warm enough to hang out in the yard and watch the birds and look for your squirrels.
It's not the same watching March Madness without you.💔 You were just two months old when you experienced your first March Madness. Such a good sport you were. Five months today and I still miss you so much. 😘🐩❤️☘️
It's been six months and I still cry thinking about you. Gramma still says how strange it is to see me at 4249 without you. This was the first winter since I moved in here that there was no dog paths in the back yard. I miss seeing your footprints in the yard. I miss seeing your paw prints on the kitchen floor. It's almost Jeff's Birthday so give him a kiss from us. 🌷☘️🐩❤️💔
Seven months today💔💔. Started yard work today. Miss you following me around and running to back fence to bark at Pierce and Martha. The squirrels are so bold they spend hours in the yard. I so miss your your playful spirit, your loving energy and your company. Hope you are having fun up there🐩💔☘️❤️
Thought a lot about you today. Was at Marthas working today thinking about our last time together over there. You were so happy. Running around chasing the chippies and squirrels. One of the last things we did together. I cant believe it has been eight months. Still seems like yesterday. Miss you miss us❤️🐩💔☘️
My dear sweet Duffy girl❤️ I can't believe it's been nine months. I so miss everything about you. I can still se you in my mind doing all your routines: diving off the deck to chase the squirrels,jumping from rug to rug and pouncing on your babies,shaking and tossing them,doing your hi-ho silver run between the bedrooms. You would have been playing with the water hose during this heat wave. Miss you every day💔🐩💔☘️
Missed my August check in because I forgot to take my login info to Banf. But today is National Dog Day so I celebrate you,Katie,Corey and Mickey. Love you. Miss you. ❤️🐩☘️🐩💔
My Poodle Doodle❤️❤️ Eleven months and it still seems like yesterday. Just wasn't the same this summer without you chasing the squirrels,barking at Lily and the pug as he walks by. You would have hated the hot humid days but you could have hung with me in the AC. miss you bad💔🐩☘️❤️💔
One year ago today I said goodbye to you. Seems like it was yesterday. I think of you so often and miss you so much. Sometimes I still can't believe you are gone. Many times I have asked myself "why"? I'm still mad at myself for not standing up for you and fighting her decision. I'm so very sorry. 💔🐩💔🐩

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