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Memories of Dudley
DUDLEY DOG Beloved companion of Carla and Barbara Ferrarotti

A very special dog who understood Carla's special needs and was very protective of her.

He would stay at her bedside until she got up, and would always bark when I was helping her out of bed...then hang out at the bathroom door while Carla got dressed.

He would sit at her side during meals.....hoping to share.

On Fridays, he would run to the car to welcome her home.

He loved all kinds of foods....toast was his favorite breakfast item...and just the sound of my opening a loaf of bread in the AM, would bring him downstairs and into the kitchen.
He loved my organic oatmeal cookies and would sit on the kitchen floor and whine until I gave him one.

When he was younger, he would sit on the couch with me and wait to have a sip of my coffee.

When Bob juiced carrots, Dudley would patiently wait for the pulp.

Dudley loved going on rides and trips to bring Carla back. Everyone at the Center loved him and looked forward to his visits.

One of his favorite places was Cape Cod, where he would chase the little rabbits. He was so relaxed at the Cape, and was content to sleep on the couch while Bob and I went shopping or to the beach. He enjoyed the Cape's breezes out on the deck.

He was such a special little fellow, who thought he was human. I will miss my little foot warmer.

Thank you, Dudley, for all the enjoyment you gave us over the past 12 years. Our hearts are broken....Be happy in your new home. I hope you'll finally catch those squirrels.

Hi Puppy Dog.....It's been one week since my heart was torn in half....I still can't believe you're not here...I look for you all the time. You left your little paw print on the hearts of many, judging from the emails and calls I've been receiving.I still don't understand why you left like you did. I'll never recover from the shock. I miss our morning coffee together,and our tea time. I keep expecting you to come into the kitchen when you hear the kettle and wait patiently for a cookie. You knew I always had some goodie with my tea. Rest in peace,my little guy,
and help me through this, like you've done so many times before.
Mar.28....2 wks today...15 years for my Mom...it hurts...When do I miss you the most? Mornings, when I wake up and you're not sleeping on my feet? Not being able to lift you off the bed and coax you down the stairs... watching you wiggle as you walked across the kitchen floor,quick stop by your dish,then wait at the door to go out. Breakfast together...just watching you follow the sun during the AM, noontime.."GO For A Walk?", waiting for the mailman & his doggie treat,sharing an apple during GH, preparing the evening meal together, sharing snacks at tea time,watching TV 'til bedtime..."Let's go out,Dudley...bedtime" You'd slowly walk to the back door,go out,come running in and up the stairs where you'd patiently wait for me to turn the covers down, spread your blanket on the bed,lift you up and watch you scamper across the bed trying to decide where to sleep...greeting me at the door...took you a little longer, but you always were there to welcome me.Guess I miss you all the time. Bob & Carla miss you SOOO much,too. You brought us so much happiness. Soon all those wonderful memories will bring laughter,not tears.
Missing you XOXOXOXO
4/4/07 ...3 weeks without you....and still feeling the pain. During the day I pretend you're sleeping in your bed, or in another room, or outside watching the squirrels & birds. But then suddenly I realize you're gone, there's this pain in my heart, and the tears come. I miss my little guy SOOO much.Everytime I enter the house I expect you to be there to greet me. I do hope you're meeting a lot of new furry friends,and if I know you, you're strutting your stuff,and barking at dogs 3 times your size. Have fun my little Dudley Dog!Miss you...XOXOXOXOO
4/8 Happy Easter! The grandkids were here today. Remember last Easter when Carina kept crying "Doggie take my cookie"...you figured she was an easy target. You were always very anxious when the kids were here.First you moved all your toys to a safe place, then you felt you had to protect Carla by keeping up with the girls, following them in & out,and all around. When they left,you'd go to your bed and rest...you spent most of the following day resting, too. Oh little guy, I miss you. I hope you had a nice day with all your new friends.
Please visit me in my dreams soon....I need to see you running & having fun. XOXOOXOXOXOXOXOX
4/12/07 Happy Birthday,Dudley....you would have been 14 today. Are you celebrating with your new friends? It's a dreary,rainy day here, so you'd probably sleep all day....taking a break to enjoy a Frosty Paws treat. There are still 3 in the freezer.
I continue to miss you immensely. XOXOXOXOXOXO
4/18 5 wks..slowly adjusting to my new routine without you.You had so many tasks! The official greeter, the alarm that someone was at the door, or UPS dropped off a pkg, the floor sweeper, picking up anything that fell to the floor,the sous chef..ALWAYS in the kitchen at mealtime;foot warmer,squirrel & cat chaser,and,of course,Carla's guardian,my TV buddy and VERY best friend &companion.No wonder you were tired ...no wonder there's such a void in my life now. You were ONE, SPECIAL,LITTLE dog, whom I will never forget and whose memories I'll cherish FOREVER! XOXOXOXOOXXOXO
5/2/ 7 wks....the weather is warmer and I miss sitting on the deck with you...you loved the warmth & the soft breezes...and of course watching the birds & squirrels. Oh,Dudley, why did you have to leave us...we weren't ready to say goodbye..miss you SOOOOO much XOXOXOX
5/9 8 wks without my precious puppy dog. The Bleeding Heart plant is blooming...remember how you liked to"water"it.Maybe that's why it was so beautiful. Was on the deck today, looking up at the majestic pine trees and wishing you were with me.I've been looking at puppies..maybe a new puppy would make the pain go away. You were the best little guy...we understood each other..my heart aches...I'm still hoping to see you in my dreams.Good nite my Forever Dog.XOXOXOXOXO
5/20 Finally I saw you in my dreams last nite. I was looking out the window and there you were, running across the front lawn.
You seemed smaller & younger and happy. In my dream I knew you were gone, but so happy to see you....even briefly. Thanks for visiting me....please do so again. loving you forever!!!XOXO
6/3...Hi Puppy Dog...It's been 12 wks...and there's not a day that I don't think of you and miss you. Carla looks at your picture and then at me...I know she's wondering where you are.
Ive been looking at puppies....it's fun watching them play and it feels good to hold one....but I miss you even more. You were my special little guy and there will never be another you.
6/15 Flag Day...we put one on your grave. I continue to miss you SOOOO much...
6/29....We just returned from our 1st vacation without you...so many memories...you were such a good traveler..do you know how much you're missed? I can't believe it'll be 4 months..wish you oould come back & visit...I love you, Dudley Dog, and hope you're having fun.XOXOOXO
7/27 So how's my precious Dudley Dog? Still missing you alot.So many memories.It's been really hot & I remembered how you'd sleep on the tile floor in the bathrm to stay cool.Hope I see you in my dreams soon. Love you little guy. You're in my heart forever. XOXOXOXOXO
5 months...do I miss you any less? No. When I look at your photo,your absence becomes real & painful. We're going to the Cape next wk & I know it will be lonely without you. You loved being at our house at the Cape.I love you & miss you SO MUCH my Dudley Dog. You'll be in my heart FOREVER!!!XOXOXOXOX
9/12.. 13 yrs ago today we added you to our family. You were Carla's b'day present & the two of you bonded immediately. She was the Princess & you were her guardian. In 2 days it will be 6 months that you left us, and we miss you terribly. The Cape wasn't the same without you, nor is life at home. We're adapting, but you were SO very special,and I miss you terribly and will until we meet again. Please visit me in my dreams again.I want to see your ears flying in the wind and your little wiggle when you walked. And of course, those beautiful eyes that would talk to me.How I wish that right now you were snuggling with me, watching TV. Sleep in peace, Dudley dog. XOXOX10/14 7 months and I miss you more than ever. The leaves are covering the yard & I remember how you loved to walk thru them.Every time you came into the house you'd bring a bunch of leaves in with you. Oh Dudley, I miss you SO MUCH!. I want to get another dog, but something is holding me back. I know there could never be another you. Visit me in my dreams soon. Love you my puppy dog. XOXOX
11/14/07 8 months & I'm still missing you terribly. The nights are lonely...and my feet are cold now that my foot warmer isn't here. This winter I'll really miss the warmth your your little body.I'm not looking forward to the holidays, cuz it just won't be the same without you.Hopefully turkey w/brown rice is on your menu. I love & miss you so very much.XOXOXOXOXOXO
12/23/07 It's almost Christmas,my dear sweet Dudley. You were so cute last Christmas,checking out the gifts under the tree,watching us open our gifts, waiting patiently for yours. never thought that would be your last Christmas with us. Miss you so. We have a new puppy....she's cute and frisky and has filled the hole in my heart a little, but she will NEVER replace you. I know you're ok with her, because her first day here, she found one of your toys...I didn't even know it was there, but she found it. Carla's amused with her puppy antics, but I know she still misses you lot, too. HOW I WISH YOU WERE HERE. Perhaps you'll visit us Christmas Eve...I'll leave your blankie on the bed. Merry Christmas,Dudley dog. You're in my heart forever. XOXOXXO
2/14 Happy Valentine's Day my dear Dudley. I continue to miss you so much. The new puppy keeps me busy. She's cute & cuddly, but she's not you.Some times she stares into space & barks & I wonder if you're paying us a visit. It'll soon be one year that you left us...seems like yesterday. Wish you were here. Hope you're having fun at the Bridge. Please visit me in my dreams. XOXOXOXo
3/14/08 How could a year seem like yesterday?I clearly remember the pain...finding you lying there...lifeless. Not a day goes by that I don't remember you and your cute antics. Trixie woke me up at 4AM today, wanting to give me puppy kisses....were they from you? Trixie helps fill the void you left, but my heart will always be yours. I hope you know how much we loved you, I only wish you had waited to say goodbye. Be happy chasing the squirrels and cats, and visit me in my dreams soon.
Love you, my dear Dudley and miss you always. XOXOXOXOXO
5/26/08 How's my precious Dudley dog..Missed you at the MemorialDay picnic. There was a hotdog for you. Trixie was more interested in eating the tablecloth. She's a handful. Talk to her, will you? Tell her she really should listen & obey!!! My heart still hurts when I look at your picture. You were SO SPECIAL. There can nover be another Dudley dog. Miss you XOXOXOX
8/09/08 Hi Little guy....I haven't visited you lately, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you. We were cleaning out the attic & I found a box with pictures of you...you know I was in tears. We'll be going to the Cape soon...we're not taking Trixie....she's a naughty little pup, plus the summers at the Cape were OUR special times. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! XOXOOXOXOX
9/14/08 18 months have passed & I still think of you every day and smile....sometimes thru tears. I really hope you are enjoying a new life ..or maybe just a good long nap. Trixie keeps me busy, she's a cute little dog, but she will never fill the hole in my heart left by you You are my FOREVER DOG!I'll always love & miss you. XOXOXO 11/9/08 Hi Little Guy...just felt the need to visit you today...it's fall...piles of leaves...I remember how you used to bring them indoors all the time...I'm starting to like Tixie more, but you are and always will be MY VERY SPECIAL DUDLEY DOG! XOXOOXXOXOOXOX 11/29 Cousin Murphy dog crossed the Bridge yesterday..if you haven't seen him yet,look around and give him a big welcome. His Mom & Dad miss him very much,as I still do you!
Happy Thanksgiving, dear Dudley! XOXOX Merry Christmas dear Dudley. I put your last ornament on the tree and shed some tears. Love you...XOXOXO
March 14, 2009....2 years today..Had I know it was your last day, i would have held you close to me all day. I still miss you terribly...you were SO SPECIAL....I only hope you knew that. You were a wonderful little dog....not crazy like Trixie! Hope you're enjoying your new life...please visit me in my dreams. You were and always will be my FOREVER DOG!! XOXOXOXO
12/28/09 Hey little guy...sorry I'm late with Christmas wishes...I had surgery and am late with everything. Hope you're having fun....Trixie is taking good care of me...I was wondering if you stopped by for a visit very early Christmas AM cuz she was acting strange. Love you * miss you.XOXOXOX 3/14/10 Three yrs ago today you left and took my heart with you. I still think of you often and miss the times we had together. A neighbors cat was sitting by your grave the other day....Trixie was indoors barking fiercely at the cat until it left. I love Trixie...but you were/are my FOREVER DOG. There will never be another Dudley. XOXOXOOXXOXXOOXOXO
Merry Christmas,Dudley...Loving &Missing you still!3/14/11 Four years ago today my heart was shattered when you left us. You were the best dog ever!!! I look at your pictures often, and remember the fun times we had at the Cape. Be happy, DudleyDog...I love you & miss you!7/8/11 Even tho it's been awhile since I've said HI...I think of you EVERY DAY..Miss you still always will XO
12/24/11 Merry Christmas my dear Dudley....miss you still....did you meet John on OCt. 9? he loved you & cared for you. Trixie is opening presents like you did. You were the best dog ever. XOXOXO
3/14/12 5 yrs have past since the day my heart was shattered. Missing & loving you still. XOXOX
3/14/13 Thought of you last nite while I was falling asleep. 6 yrs??? and not a day passes when I don't miss you. Trixie certainly keeps me busy, tho. It's off to the groomer with her today. Did you meet Jenna? Ann & Tony's dog who passed Jan 18? Continue chsing those squirrels. XOXOXO
3/13/14 Coming up on 7 yrs.. Think of you always. You were the best. You would have loved this winter...plenty of snow to run in. XOXO
4/12/14 Happy 21st b'day! Hope the Bridge helps you celebrate your special day. XOXOX
3/14/15 Missing you still. My heart is breaking again...Did you meet Bob at the bridge when he passed on 2.4.15? He was such a good man, tho I know you loved me more.
3/14/17 10 years today! It was a beautiful spring day, unlike today with a blizzard dumping
tons of snow. Little did I know that it would be our last day together...our last walk..our last shared cup of coffee...Still miss you alot, little guy. I love Trixie, but you are my forever dog. XOXOXOXO
11-19-18 Dear Dudley....my friend's dog crossed the Bridge today. Please welcome Zoe. Continue to miss you.

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