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Memories of Duchess
A very caring person sent this to us and I want to add it to Duchess's Memories.


Keep my memory with you,
For memories never die;
I will be there with you,
When you look across the sky.

I will be there in the clouds,
In the birds that fill the air;
In the beauty of a fragrant rose,
You will find my memory there.

You will feel me in the tenderness,
Of a tiny baby's touch;
You will hear me if you listen,
In the twilight's gentle hush.

When your hearts are heavy,
And you feel that you are alone;
Just reach down deep inside of you,
For your heart is now my home.

Memories - where do I start. We brought little Duchess, or Munchkin,as our daughter Cindy always called her, home with us when she was 8 weeks old, and had the cutest little face. Her Daddy couldn't kiss her enough while he was holding her in the car. What a little bundle she was. I had a hard time trying to train her on a leash, but we eventually got it right. She was a very shy little dog - seemed to be afraid of everyone. She even backed up from the pet store lady and didn't want to be picked up. She had that embedded in her all thru her years. But she didn't mind us at all. She loved going bye-bye all the time, and couldn't wait til we'd put her little jacket on and take off in the car. She went everywhere with us, when we could and she loved going to lunch - I'd always give her a little bit of food and that was her favorite thing to do. If we had to leave her in the car, she'd whine because she knew there would be no food for her. But we'd surprise her and bring out something special for her to nibble on. Spoiled? - heavens no! She'd always sit in my lap in the car and loved vacations, altho she'd sleep most of the time on the trip.

As she got older, she was having issues with her hind legs, and it got to the point that we had to have a ramp for her to go down the steps on our deck. Thank goodness her front legs were still good. It was hard to take her for walks because she slowed down considerably. I did make sure she got a little exercise tho, even tho she was slow. We lost our precious little girl yesterday morning due to complications from fluid on her lungs, and we think she had congestive heart failure. She died on our bed, and we hugged her, pet her, kissed her and just loved her. Unconditionally, we loved her with all our hearts, and there is such a huge void in our lives right now. It's so hard to believe she's gone. Everywhere we go, we see her, remember her little face looking up at us and wondering when we're going bye-bye. We had her cremated and will be happy to have her back home tomorrow. Now, she's up in Rainbows Bridge with her sister, Gretchen, and cousin, Buster. I hope and pray she's happy and not afraid of things anymore. Sweet Dreams little Duchess. Mommy and Daddy miss you so terribly.

DEC 25, 2014 - Merry Christmas little Duchess - you can't imagine how sad and devastated we are without you on this special day. It's been almost a week now and we just can't get over the lose. We walk by your little bed all the time and bend down to love and kiss and pet you, knowing you're really not there. We just have to do what we can to keep you alive. We get up in the morning and go bye-bye to read the paper and take a walk just like we always did, so we take your little chest and bundle you up in it so you can go with us. And, of course, we take you with us for lunch too. This has been the worst time ever for us losing you like we did. We opened our presents this morning, but we didn't even care what was under the tree - we just wanted you there under the tree. I even had your little treats in your stocking ready for you, but they were still there. Mommy and Daddy can't hardly cope with you gone Duch - We're going to Cindy's and William's for Christmas this afternoon, and you will go with us. My precious little girl. Please come home to see us . We look and listen for a sign all the time since you've been gone. We love you so much, sweetie. Be with Gretchen and Buster and keep happy little girl. Mommy will be back soon to see you. HUGS, HUGS, KISSES, KISSES.

DEC 27,2014 - Duchess, Mommy's back. It's been just a week ago today you left us in total devastation and we're still lost without you. We will be for quite some time. We take you with us everytime still when we go bye-bye and in the morning when we leave to read the paper and go for a walk, you are with us and I put your little jacket over your little box - it's so cold out there. You'll never be forgotten. We love you sweet little Duchess. Mommy and Daddy.

JAN 14, 2015 - Hi my little girl. Mommy just wanted to come and visit again. Daddy and I miss you so, so very much, it hurts. You know we've been seeing a couple little dogs to adopt the past couple weeks, only because we can't stand not having you around. We need a little companion just like we had you for almost 16 years. I prayed to God to give us a sign, we were so torn, and he helped us, along with your help, I know. The other day, we had a beautiful huge rainbow come over us, double rainbow, in fact. it was the sign we needed to see that you were watching over us and telling us you wanted us to be happy again and get another little dog to help us thru this. It's still so hard little girl, I can't believe you're gone, but we did make a decision yesterday, and got a very cute little Chi/terrier, just like you, only she has rusty colored hair. She's around 1-2 years old and we'll be adopting her tomorrow. I know it's only been almost a month to the day we lost you, but it was just about that time we got you after losing Gretchen back in 1999 - 1 month later. Now you know who Gretchen is after all these years of hearing her name, huh, sweetie. Our new little girl's name is Harlee. Won't change it because she's had it for awhile, and your sister, Cindy, and William like it because of their Harlee Rider. Now we have TWO Harlees. My blessed little Duchess, please don't think Mommy and Daddy have left you and won't ever think of you again - we will never do that, but Harlee reminds us of you, except except for the color and doesn't have the long fur you had. She really looks more like a Chihuahua than terrier, and you were just the opposite. But she's loveable like you and has some of the mannerisms you had. She doesn't like other dogs, like you didn't, but she is very friendly with people, and you were more shy. Doesn't make one bit of difference sweetie - Mommy and Daddy would much rather have you back in our lives than looking for another little girl. We still take you with us every morning out to read the paper, and when we go for lunch you're right there with us, tho sometimes we have to leave you in the car,but we always go to the same places to eat when you were here. Oh, little Duchess, Mommy just cries and cries for you. Please don't leave us forever - come back when Mommy calls your name , just to visit. We love you so much, little girl. It's going to take a long time to get past this, but I know it'll get easier some day. We love you, sweetie and will be back soon to tell you more about Harlee, but I know you'll be here to help her get adjusted to her new home. I have no doubt about that. Hugs, love and kisses to you from Mommy and Daddy, and your big sister, Cindy.

JAN 18, 2015 - Hi my sweetie pie. Mommy just back to update you on Harlee. She's been doing some piddeling around our house - thought she was supposed to be house trained, but maybe it's because she's just not used to the place quite yet. She does love to be held and follows Mommy and Daddy around everywhere. I caught her getting in your little bed yesterday, and laid right down beside you. I hope that's a sign you've approved of us having a new little dog with us. I didn't want her to sleep on your robe, but she seemed so content sleeping next to you. I had to get a picture of it. How are you adjusting up in Rainbow Bridge with all the other little animals and Gretchen and Buster? I'm still so afraid you're scared up there without your Mommy and Daddy being close by. I don't think that God lets any little furbaby sad and scared where you're at. Mommy waits for you to come back for a visit, Duchess. I keep talking to you so you won't be too far away. I love you so much. You know it was one month ago yesterday, (Saturday) that you left us so alone. It's so hard to believe you've been gone that long already. Well, Mommy is going to get some work done, so you be a good little girl and run as fast as you can, now that your little legs are all healed. Mommy had to carry you around so much because your walking was just so slow. Can't say that about Harlee - she's quite the little runner. Plus, she doesn't come to me very well when I call her, so I hope I can her to mind me better. Don't want her running off some where and not be able to catch her. I'll be back again to see you. XXXXOOOOOO

MARCH 11, 2015 - Hello my sweet little Duchess, how have you been? Your Mommy just misses you soooo much I can hardly stand it. I still cry for you every day and night. I don't know how I still have any tears left to cry. Today is the 16th anniversary of Gretchen's passing and I miss her too. Do you know I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday Feb 14th? My sweet little valentine doggie. Mommy isn't thinking very well anymore. I guess I just can't stand having you gone from us and that's all that's on my mind. We picked you up a month after Gretchen died and still can remember that wonderful day you came into our lives. Daddy remembers you looking up at him while he was holding you in the car, and you were just the sweetest little puppy. You grew to be a wonderful pet for us, Duch. I still think your little spirit is with us. I talk to you all the time and when we go out for our walks in the morning and read the paper, I take you along so you can still go bye-bye with us. Harlee often wonders what that little box is and why I'm talking to it, just like you did when we had you and I would talk to Gretchen and Buster. Now you know, don't you sweetie. Harlee is doing much better at going potty outside now, so I think I have that taken care of, but she still doesn't come to me when I call her. She's too busy sniffing around outside. Hope she learns soon to come, don't want her to get away and we can't catch her. You always stayed right by me all the time - I know you were afraid of losing us. Well, my little girl, Mommy will be back again soon to talk to you and you be a good little girl and run with Gretchen and Buster. Your little legs are all better again, so you can just enjoy romping around like you used to. I love you so much Duch. XXXXX00000000, Daddy loves you too and he has pictures of you in the den and talks to you. I hope you know that.

APRIL, 27, 2015 - Hi Little Duchess - my sweet little girl - how your Mommy misses you. Every day I cry still for you, and today is a bad day, don't know why. I see you everywhere little girl and don't know what to do. Don't take you out for lunch every day that we go, but I try to take you at least 3 or 4 times a week. It's so lonesome with having you around in the car and out for lunch. What's my little girl doing today? Hope part of your little spirit is with us at home. Harlee is wondering why I cry so much and when she hears me sobbing and talking to you, she runs in up in my lap and licks my tears away. She's a sweetie, but she's not you. I don't know how to deal with your loss sometimes. But I talk to you all the time, and it makes me feel you're around us. I don't want to lose your little spirit. My heart aches for you all the time - some times it's not too bad, but other times I can't quit crying for you and today is one of them. I know in time I'll get past the grieving just like I did with Gretchen and Buster, but you were so special because you were with Mommy and Daddy day in and day out, no matter where we were - we always had you with us. If we go on a trip, it's just not going to be the same without my sweet girl laying in my lap. Harlee loves to go by-by too, but she can't calm down and lay in our laps like you did. She just wants to look out the window with me holding her, and that's okay, but it's hard for Mommy to drive sometimes like that. Well, my precious little girl, Mommy will be back to talk to you again soon. But you already know that I talk to you everyday at home and pick you up with love and kisses. Even have your robe down on the floor in the morning while I'm getting ready for the day, just like I did before. Harlee comes in and sleeps on it like you did, but I think the other half is for you. She never takes up the whole robe. Maybe she senses you're spirit is there. I love you so much my little girl. Come home, please! OOOOOXXXXXXX

JUNE 20, 2015 - My precious little Duchess - it's been exactly 6 months ago today you left us so alone and heartbroken. Mommy cries for you so much - I know it will get better in time, but for now I just miss your little face, kissing your little head every morning. Wish you were still with us, Duch - having a hard time adjusting to little Harlee. She's just more of an independent doggie and does what she wants. You were so different. How are you doing little girl? Do you still feel your Mommy and Daddy close by? I have your little box and picture in your bed on your blanket in the front room. Can't put you away. It'll come eventually, but in the meantime, please know how much I love and miss you every single day. I so want you back even if it is in spirit. Just want to know you're close by and will always be here. I knew eventually we'd have to deal with this, but just couldn't come to terms with it. I love you so much, my little precious Duchess. Run, run, and have a wonderful life with Gretchen and Buster. It's been so many years you couldn't use your little hind legs to do what you wanted, but now you can, so Mommy doesn't want to take that from you. Just remember to run back to see us once in awhile, like every day. My sweet Duchess. I love you and always will. Hugs and kisses til I see you again.

OCTOBER 30, 2015 - Hello my precious Duchess - Mommy still misses you so very very much. Some days are worse than others, and I just wish you were here to give me licks. I keep your little box in your bed in the front room, and Duchess gets in and lays beside you. Some times I feel your little spirit is in her or at least beside her, so I can feel you too. We almost lost her yesterday = she ran off wanting to check new places out, and I couldn't find her. I called and called and finally she came running around the corner of a building. We were so scared we'd never see her again. I gave her a good little pat on the butt - she probably didn't even realize why I was upset with her. You would have never done that - you always stayed right by my side. We have to have a leash on her at all times when we're out in the front or at lunch. Can't trust her. My little girl, are you happy and do you play with Gretchen and Buster? I hope so, because I don't want you to be sad. Your Mommy's sad enough for both of us. Some days I just cry and cry for you. Mommy talks to you all the time and I hope you can hear me. It just makes me feel closer to you. Well, little girl, Mommy's going to close for now, but I'll be back - Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here soon, and that's really going to make me sad. It's so hard to believe you have left us almost a year ago now. Christmas just won't be the same. I hope Harlee will open up gifts like you, Gretchen and Buster always did. I love you with all my heart, little one. XXXXXXXOOOOOOOO

DECEMBER20, 2015 - My precious little girl, it's been a year today that you left your Mommy and Daddy, and it's so hard to believe you've been gone that long. That morning was so devastating for us. I think back now, I should never have let you go the way you did. I just wanted you to be home and die peacefully with our love around you. Instead you had to fight to breathe and you shouldn't have had to deal with that. My little "Muchkin", as Cindy would call you, Mommy talks to you all the time and we still take you places with us once in awhile. It's been so cold here lately, I don't like to get your little chest out in the cold even tho you have your blanket wrapped around you. Harlee senses when I'm sad and crying for you, and some times when I start to talk to you, she comes right up and gives me licks, just like maybe your little spirit is with her telling me you're okay and are close by us. I do want to believe that.

Christmas is just a week away, and I have your little stocking up along with Gretchen, Buster and Harlee. I'll still put a little milk bone in your sock, hoping you sense that. You loved your little milk bones Mommy made for you. Oh, I have to tell you, that Harlee does the same thing for her breakfast as you used to. She just doesn't want to come and eat, and I have to either pick her up and carry her to her food, or just leave her alone, and eventually she will go eat. She's just like you were at eating your breakfast. She does look forward to dinner, tho. Well, precious, Mommy will be back at Christmas to give you a big hug and kiss. But I do that all the time anyway. I love you very much little girl - just miss you so much. Mommy.

DECEMBER 25, 2015 - Merry Christmas my little girl. I hope you're having a good Christmas with all your little furry friends, but most of all I wish you were here with Mommy, Daddy and Harlee. Last night was so sad without you here to watch you open up your gifts. Harlee just didn't know what to do with her wrapped toys. She didn't dig in trying to get the paper away from her squeak toys, like you, Gretchen and Buster did. Of course, she may not have ever had a toy to open up before we adopted her. Mommy didn't put any treats in your stocking this year. I just knew you wouldn't be here to beg for it. Last year, I did but it was still there the next morning. Well, my little precious girl, Mommy and Daddy will be back to talk to you again soon but I talk to you all the time. I know you must hear me and see how sad and depressed I am without you. I love you very much. XXXXXXX0000000

FEBRUARY 14, 2016 - My precious little Duchess, Mommy and Daddy wish you a Happy Valentine's Day and Birthday. You should still be here to celebrate your 17th birthday. Mommy cries for you each and every day, sweetie. I just can't get past losing you. I hope you're happy in Heaven with Gretchen and Buster. Do you know that Mommy still takes your little box with us when we go for lunch, or for a walk in the morning? I hope you can feel that. Maybe your little spirit is walking with Harlee and me. I hope so, even tho you didn't care for walks, your little legs are all well again and you can run, walk or jump around like you did when you were younger. Mommy will be back to see you again soon, sweetie.I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN. Hugs and kisses

MARCH 11, 2016 - Hello little Duchess. Mommy just came to visit a little bit. I still cry every day for you little girl - can't help it. I just miss you so much. Harlee is a sweet little girl and so loveable, some times I just pretend I'm holding you when I hold her. She licks my tears when she knows I'm crying. I hope you're close by, even tho I know you have to be with all the other little fur babies up in heaven. I know Gretchen and Buster takes care of you, and keeps you from being afraid. That's my worst fear - you were always afraid of being out of our sight. Always my little shadow, just like Gretchen was. Well, precious, Mommy will be back again soon to visit you. I love you so much. XXX000

NOVEMBER 5, 2016 - We strolled the lane together
Laughed at the rain together,
Sang love's refrain together
And we'd both pretend it would never end
But one day we cried together
Cast love aside together
You're gone from me,
But in my memory
We always will be together.

Duchess, this song makes me cry for you every time I hear it on the radio. Mommy can't seem to get over the fact your gone from me, so in my memory, we'll always be together! I love you my sweet precious girl. Almost 2 years now that you left your Mommy and Daddy. Where has the time gone to. I'll be back to see you very soon my little girl. I love you!! XXXOOO

DEC 20,2016 - My precious little girl, it doesn't seem possible,but you have been gone from us two years today. I still cry for you every day. You are always in my thoughts, and when I do cry, Harlee comes up to kiss the tears away, as tho it may be your little spirit saying, "it's okay Mommy, I'm right here with you and Daddy". I hope you'll be home at Christmas. I'm lost without kissing your little head and rubbing that little behind of yours. Mommy will be back on Christmas. I love and miss you more than you'll ever know, little girl.

DECEMBER 25, 2016 - Merry Christmas my precious little Duchess. I hope you're having a wonderful day with Gretchen and Buster. Mommy and Daddy spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone. Cindy and William got snowed in at their house, so they're coming over Monday to celebrate Christmas. I wish you were here to help Harlee unwrap her gift. She just doesn't do it like you, Gretchen, and Buster. She hasn't done it that much, so hopefully as the years go by, she'll know just how to dig into the paper. Christmas just isn't the same with you gone. I think of you so much, and cry every day for you, even after two years. I hope you come home to see Mommy and Daddy sometimes, but really I wish you were with us EVERY day. Be a good little girl and Mommy will be back to see you soon. I love you so much, my precious girl. XXX000

FEBRUARY 14, 2017 - Happy Birthday my precious little Duchess. If you still would be with us, you'd be 18 years young! How we miss you sweetheart. I hope you're a very happy little girl on Valentine's day. You are our little Valentine! Little Harlee still comes and lays next to you on your bed. It's as tho she feels you close by. I hope so - I hate to think I'll never see you again. But just like this song, we will be together again. Mommy and Daddy love you so much, but I think I love you a little more, because Daddy is so happy having Harlee in our lives now. We say the same things to her that we did you, so I think he feels the closeness to you that way. You be a sweet little girl like you always were, and Mommy will be back again to see you. I talk to you everyday, so I hope you hear me. Sweet Valentine kisses to you, precious Valentine! XXXXXXX

DECEMBER 7, 2017 - Hello my little girl. Mommy misses you so, and especially at this time of the year. It'll be 3 years that you left us on Dec 20th. I just get so weepy thinking of you. We had such good years together sweetie, and I wish we could turn the clock back to those years. Daddy and I love little Harlee Girl, and she goes over to your bed sometimes and sleeps next to you. I know she knows we had another wonderful little girl and I don't think she's jealous of you. At least I hope not. We've got the Christmas tree up with all the presents under it, and I have your stocking hanging next to Buster's, Gretchen's and Harlee's. Wish you were home to open your gifts. You always loved doing that. When I wrap the gifts up, Harlee comes over and sits on the wrapping paper and seems to want to tear into it even tho there's no gifts for her yet. Well, my precious Duchess, Mommy has to leave you for now, but my love and thoughts are always of you, so you're not far away from me. Be a good girl and play with Gretchen and Buster. Run, run, run and don't be afraid to play with the other little animals. I love you sweetie. XXX000

SEPTEMBER 22, 2018 - My precious little Duchess, I still miss you so even after almost 4 years. Little Harlee has helped us to get past your passing, but every day I cry for you. She's a very sweet little girl - she just doesn't like other dogs. Mommy is decorating for fall now, and before we know it it will be Christmas all over again. I just get so sad when that happens because you're not here to open up gifts, and Harlee isn't as good at doing it was you were. We still take your little box with us when we go to lunch - don't know if you know that. Your little spirit can be anywhere you want to be so I'm hoping you still get excited when it's time to go bye-bye. I love you my precious girl and Mommy will be back to see you around Christmas. Be good and have fun with Gretchen and Buster. They'll watch over you. XXXXXXX

DECEMBER 11, 2018 - Well, little Duchess, it's that time of year again without your sweet little face with us at Christmas. Almost four years ago now that you left us so sad and I'm still sad that you're not with us in body, just your little spirit, but I still talk to you every day. I know you must hear your Mommy when I call your name. Harlee has been such a joy to have since you left us, and I know she doesn't understand when I pick up your little box and talk to you or take you with us when we go bye-bye, but she does lay beside you on your bed, so she must know that there's something there that keeps us all together again. I still miss my little Duchess and have your stocking up along with Gretchen's and Buster's stocking. I put a doggie biscuit in there for all of you, but they're still there after Christmas, so guess you don't need to eat them anymore. You just know that it's the thought that counts. I hope and pray you're happy and not shy or afraid anymore of any other little animals. I always ask Gretchen and Buster to watch over you, and I know they must. WE WILL BE TOGETHER AGAIN, MY PRECIOUS GIRL. I'll talk to you very soon so you be a good girl and don't be afraid of anything. Mommy and Daddy love you so. MERRY CHRISTMAS MY SWEET PRECIOUS DUCHESS. 0000XXXXX

Hello my little Munchkin - Mommy came to say Happy Thanksgiving to you, and saw that I never did change your residency from last Christmas. Has it been almost a year since I came to talk to you? Mommy was very good about this, was she. But, I do hope you heard me calling and talking to you thru the year. We went up to Strawberry last week to the cabins, and we took you with us. Just not the same without your little soul. It's a gloomy old Thanksgiving today, and we may get some snow tonight or tomorrow. Cindy and William will be coming over for dessert later today, and I wish you could be here to have a little bit of Turkey with Mommy and Daddy. Be a good little girl, Duchess, and Mommy will be back for Christmas, I promise. I love you very, very much. XXX000

DECEMBER 9, 2019 - Hello precious - Mommy came back to wish you a Merry Christmas, just a little early. I hope you're a happy little girl with Gretchen and Buster up there with you. It's 5 years now that you left Mommy and Daddy for a nicer place, but we sure do wish you were back home with us. I keep thinking it'll get better, but seems like every Christmas is just the worst time without you. The little dog across the street from us, Lady, is up there now with you and all the other little fur babies - she left her happy home just about the same time as you, but just last year. I know her family misses her terribly too, especially at Christmas. I always have your robe down on your bed at night because it's been so cold. Mommy put up all the Christmas stockings for you, Gretchen and Buster, so even tho your little soul isn't here anymore, your spirit is, and I always put a little something in each of the stockings. I hope you can hear Mommy call your name and tell you how much you're loved and still missed. Little Harlee is really a joy, and she still wonders why I kiss your little box and call your name. Be good sweetie and Mommy will see you again. Love and a bunch of hugs.

DECEMBER 27, 2019 - Duchess, Mommy's so sorry - I forgot to come and wish you a Merry Christmas, but I did wish you one with your little box on your bed. I even forgot to go see Gretchen and Buster on Christmas. I do love all of you, but I really miss you the most. Especially on the anniversary of your death, December 20th, 2014. Mommy hopes you, Gretchen and Buster all spent Christmas together and played with each other. Cindy and William came over and we had a nice day. Little Harlee just doesn't open up gifts like you three did. She gets bored before she tears the paper off the toys. I hope the older she gets, the more she'll want to do that. I love you precious and will be back to see you again soon. XXX000.

March 11, 2020 - Hello again my little girl. Mommy had to come and change your tribute site to a beautiful Spring. I hope you've grown to be a happier and stronger little girl these past 5 years. Mommy worries so much that you're still shy and don't want to be around other doggies, except for maybe Buster and Gretchen. Mommy asks the angels every night to watch over you and take care of all three of my wonderful little dogs. I still talk to you, but I'm learning not to cry as much as I used to. I don't want you to see me sad all the time. Harlee has become a very special part in our lives, but it doesn't mean Daddy and Mommy don't miss you anymore. We still talk about so many good memories we had with you. You be a good little girl and I'll be back again. I love you my precious little Duchess. 000XXX

December 20, 2020 = My little Duchess girl - it's been 6 years today that you left us with a hole in our hearts, and still Mommy and Daddy miss you. Me even more, because we used to do so much together. I hope your happy and not shy anymore Duch - you were always afraid of things and people, so I'm praying the angles are watching over you and taking good care of you, Gretchen and Buster. I wish every night before going to bed that they are watching over you and letting you chase them all over the hills and dales. I also want to wish you a Merry Christmas little girl. It still isn't the same without you being here to open your gifts. Harlee doesn't tear into hers as much as you and Gretchen did. She's learning tho - just a couple days ago, she was sniffing around the tree and grabbed hold of her wrapped toy. Funny little girl. Mommy will come and see you again Duchess, so don't be afraid of anything anymore. I love you and Daddy loves you. XXXX0000

November 25, 2021 = Hello little girl. Happy Thanksgiving to you, sweetie. Christmas will be coming up soon, but I wanted to see you now and tell you that your Daddy is now up in Heaven with Jesus and I hope he picked you up on his way. I told him he would be seeing you, and I'm sure you're now in his presence along with Gretchen and Buster. Mommy and Harlee misses him so much especially during this first holiday season without him. I know he's in such a wonderful place where everyone is healthy and happy again. I don't know if I'll be doing Christmas like I've always done before, but I'll try. I love you little Duchess and pray that you and Daddy's spirit come to see us once in awhile. I love you precious, and Mommy will be back again soon. Give Daddy a big lick for Harlee. XXXOOO.

December 19, 2021 - My little Duchess, tomorrow will be your anniversary date when you left Mommy and Daddy to go to a better place. It seems like yesterday to me, still. My love for you will never diminish, little girl. I hope you're happy with Gretchen, Buster and your Daddy. Mommy will see you up there one of these soon, I'm sure. In the meantime, let Daddy know how much I love you both, and miss you. I'm wishing you and Daddy a Merry Christmas. It definitely doesn't feel very Merry this year. Just Harlee and me and of course, your big sister, Cindy. I'll be back. Hugs and kisses to you sweetie.

February 14, 2022 - Happy Birthday my little Valentine girl. Mommy forgot to get on your site, so I'm a couple days late, but I remembered your birthday and hope you heard me wish you a very sweet one. I love you my sweet girl, and I hope you are with Daddy now. I love you both very much, along with Gretchen and Buster. I'll come and visit again soon. XXX0000

December 5,2022 - My little girl, I've been forgetting to come to your site to talk to you since your birthday, but Mommy thinks of you every day, and kisses your little box every night. I wish you were here for Christmas, but I know you're much happier where you are now, and hopefully, with Daddy. Hard to believe you're both gone from me. Harlee loves sleeping on your little bed some times. I keep yours and hers right next to one another, and when we go to lunch every day, I always talk to you and tell you we'll be right back. Harlee runs up to your bed like she's wondering who I'm talking to. Mommy loves you very much and I'll see you again up in Heaven. Merry Christmas, little girl. XXXX0000

December 20 2022 - My precious little Duchess = it's been 8 years since we had to let you go to Rainbows Bridge. Doesn't seem that long ago. Mommy still talks to you and gives you kisses each night. I hope you're with Daddy and that you're both happy. I love you so much. Little Harlee still doesn't understand who Duchess is - just a box. But I love her dearly, too, just like I've loved you, Gretchen and Buster. My little doggies - what would I do without you all. Merry Christmas my little girl. XXX000

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