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Memories of Droopy
droopy came into my life shortly after she was born. although she was a friends puppy, me & droopy quickly formed a bond. when my friend informed me that she no longer wanted to keep droopy i quickly shouted out, I WANT HER! so at the age of three months droopy came home with me, to her forever home. the first few months were crazy, me learning to care for a puppy & also learning the true meaning of love. droopy quickly filled my heart with such warmth & love.
our bond grew even deeper & continued to grow throughout our years together. droopy gave me a few scares throughout our life. i found out she was allergic to bees, i found out the hard way, after she caught one in her mouth. i was so scared, but we got through that. even after that, droopy continued to try & catch them, i always kept a close eye on my girl. she loved to lay on the porch & just enjoy the sun on her back. she loved to get squirted with the hose, lol.. anytime i had it out she would bark until i squirted her. and she loved to play with her ball. her ball was her most favorite toy. she could catch that thing like you wouldn't believe! we used to play football together. i used to get down like i was going to hike the ball & i'd tell droopy get down and she would put her front down with her butt up in the air & i'd hike the ball to her & then chase her all through the house.. we had so much fun! so many, many beautiful memories we made. but has much as droopy loved to lay in the sun, she loved the snow even more!
she loved to run & play in it so much! i would take her up to her "aunt lisa's" and they have a little pup, so they would shovel paths in the yard for her..not my droopy, she would leap right through the deepest snow!! she amazed me one year, we had gotten over a foot of snow & she still found her ball under it all! she would toss it in the air & then pounce on it & come up with snow all over her face, lol.. she just LOVED to play in the snow! we built a snowman once & droopy barked at it & then came running & plowed right into it!! she stood there on what was left of it looking so proud, lol.. so many memories... i have so many stories to write about my droopy & our life together.
i will share them all here. the tears now are pouring from my eyes...its nothing new, not a day goes by that i don't break down & sob..but for right now i want this story to be a story with happy memories. i miss droopy hogging the bed everynight.. if i got up in the night when i came back to bed droopy was on my pillow.. i always let her there & i layed a different way. if she was across the bed, then i layed across the bed..i used to lay in bed at night & just watch her sleep. sometimes i would lay there for hours just watching her sleeping.. my gentle giant...sometimes she would dream & make these yipping noises that sounded like she was laughing.. i wondered if she was dreaming of us together having fun... sometimes i had to try not to laugh, she would be so funny. i usually woke up to find her head on my chest just staring at me.. like she was just waiting for me to wake up.. i'd get a big good morning kiss every morning! a beautiful way to start the day! best part of the day was laying down at night beside droopy & waking up next to her every morning. i miss her so much. no matter what the day brought, droopy made it a special & wonderful day! she could make you laugh & smile no matter how you felt! droopy, my life & my love! forever she will be with me in my heart & memories! i want to say thank you to my nephew & droopy's "cousin" josh for giving me this beautiful gift for christmas! so that i could set up this beautiful memorial for droopy here at the rainbow bridge.
droopy loved to play ball, tuggie, she loved peanutbutter, granola bars & she LOVED her jumbones! she also loved mommies beef roast...droopy loved life! she lived to have fun & to make others have fun! she opened my heart back up to fun & love & i will always be thankful for all droopy gave to me. she broke down the wall i had built around my heart & filled it with her love & warmth. droopy, mommie loves you & misses you so very much! you are my beautiful brown-eyed girl & my scootercrunch! i called you my big puppy, because you never lost that playful puppiness & i loved it! you kept me on my toes & brought such joy & happiness to my heart that i will always remember & cherish!
i am honored that i am your mommie & proud to call you mine. i will always love you droopy! i miss you so much , there are no words to even begin to describe the pain i feel inside. there are also no words to describe the love i feel inside, the deep love i have for you in my heart & soul. i love you forever droopy! me & you are & always will be an inseparable pair! I LOVE YOU DROOPY!!!

on angel wings you do fly...
on angel wings into the sky...
on angel wings i DO CRY...
because those angel wings took you away...
on angel wings you fly away
i pray i see your angel wings again one day..
when my time has come
on angel wings i will fly..
until i'm holding you once again
smiling on angel wings...

YOU & ME DROOPY... a bond that never will be broken
a bond that was the truest ever spoken
a bond so strong & deep
i long for back in my sleep...
a bond still strong within my heart
even though we are apart..
a pain still aches inside me deep
it pours out of me in the tears i weep..
i long to touch your fur
i ache to hold you once more..
but know this droopy
you'll forever be mommies girl...

thursday, dec. 27.
dear droopy, i missed you so much at christmas. it was our second christmas apart & the pain was worse than the first one. i think i was so numb last year that i couldn't feel anything. but i sure feel it now. everybody keeps telling me time, time will ease the pain. but all time is doing for me is making this pain grow stronger. there is no amount of time that will take this pain out of my heart. we got so much snow yesterday & it broke my heart that you were not here to play in it. i miss you so much droopy. when i got home from work today i had this feeling you were here. i really expected to see you when i opened the door, but you were not there..i cried...no, i take that back, i don't cry anymore, i sob.. i promised you i would never let anything happen to you, droopy i'm so sorry i let you down..i'm so sorry. i'm going to put a picture of your memorial i have for you here at home on your page. you have made alot of new friends here already droopy. they all say how beautiful you are. you sure are beautiful!
my brown-eyed girl.its been a long day droopy & not a very good one. i think i am going to add some pictures to your page & then tell you goodnight. I LOVE YOU DROOPY! your mommie will always & forever love you! you will always be my big puppy & my truest friend, my truest love, my soulmate. i'll be holding you tonight in my dreams, like i do everynight, i hope you can feel me..sleep well my sweet love..MOMMIE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!

I miss you so much; my four-legged friend
I ask myself each day; if the pain will ever end
Your loss is so hard; for one person to bear
because we were a team; an inseparable pair

You were by my side; when I got up each day
waiting so patiently; to go out and play
You were there each night; when I got home
waiting to go to the park; where you could roam

You always knew; if I was having a bad day
so you'd snuggle up close; and try to get me to play
If that didn't work; you'd put your head in my lap
then make yourself comfortable; and take a nap

One way or another you; would brighten my day
like only you could; you had a special way
You gave me a lifetime; of memories to hold
through all the years ahead; till I'm gray and old

I promise I'll see you; again one day
when we'll be together again; to go run and play
Your loss is a cross; I will just have to bear
because you and I know; we're an inseparable pair

dear droopy, another day..another day filled with missing you. i'm so thankful to cousin josh for giving me this beautiful gift at christmas so i could set up your rainbowsbridge page. i have work today & i really don't feel like going, but i have to. we are supossed to get more snow tomorrow & that makes me miss you more. you loved the snow so much! i can see you running through it, snow on your nose & that big beautiful smile you always had! i miss you so much droopy! you were my big puppy, because you always kept that puppy wonder & playfullness. oh we had so much fun together, didn't we!?! i'll try & have a good day today droopy, for you. i try so hard not to get upset because i don't want to disappoint you, ever! i'm sorry i've been crying alot lately, i know you hated to see me cry. but its hard droopy, this pain is eating me away. nobody ever loved me the way you did & i miss us. i just miss us!
well i better get ready for work now scootercrunch. oh, you had so many people sign your guestbook droopy! lots of your pals from dogster came to see you & they miss you so much! and you've made lots of new friends here too! they are wonderful people droopy & i know ur running & playing with all of your new angel pals! you remember to rest too, o.k. i love you droopy, so very , very much! please don't forget me & please wait for me. i need you droopy, this deep bond & deep love that we share is all that keeps me going. i'll stop back later after work, o.k. pumpkin!
MOMMIE LOVES YOU FOREVER DROOPY! have fun today, my sweet love.

I Saw an Angel

I saw an angel today, oh what a vision to see.
This beautiful angel sent only to me.
My eyes filled with tears at this glorious sight,
This angel so lovely made my heart feel so light.

I held an angel today, in my hands it did rest
Surely it had to be one of God's best.
So soft, so tender, so fragile it seemed
To hold such an angel was more than I dreamed.

I kissed an angel today, I just couldn't resist
As I looked at this sweetie I felt so much bliss
My heart over poured with a feeling of love
For this sweet little creature sent from Heaven above.

I lost an angel today; I guess God had other plans
This precious little life slipped right through my hands
My heart felt so empty as tears fell from my eyes
I didn't have the chance to say my good byes.

I saw an angel today, one I'll never forget
Those short precious moments I'll never regret
He took something with him on his journey above A piece of my heart to remember my love.

droopy, you took more than a piece of my heart, you took my whole heart!
you took my whole heart & my very soul..i hope you can feel my love, like i feel yours.
goodnight my sweet girl..mommie loves you & we will be together in our dreams & forever in our hearts!

dec.29, 2012
good morning droopy. we are getting another snow storm & it makes me miss you even more. if you were here i'd take the day off from work so we could play in all the snow. i miss you honey. i hope you have fun with all your angel pals today. remember to look in on me a couple times throughout the day, o.k. i better get ready for work. i'll be back to talk more later. its snowing pretty good so i need to get the car cleaned off. oh, i bought a new light & i put it right above your memorial droopy. it really light all your pictures up. it looks nice.
i love you droopy. i'm missing you so much these past days...wish i could just hold you, i miss you so damn much!
I LOVE YOU SCOOTERCRUNCH! mommie will be back after work. i'll be thinking of you, i always am..

dec. 31, 2012
dear droopy, i'm sorry i wasn't here yesterday, nothing for you to worry about sweetheart. well its new years eve droopy, another new year is about to start. another year to get through without you by my side. your gotcha day will be coming up soon, jan.26th, 2004 i brought you home. we shared 7 years of love, happiness & warmth. 7 years, not long enough droopy, not long enough at all!
i'm sure you angels are planning a huge new years eve pawty at the bridge! i can see you running & playing with all your new friends. please remember to look down at me droopy, i'll be thinking of you all day today & i'll dream of you all night. i always do, everyday. I MISS YOU DROOPY! i miss you so much, i don't know how much more pain my heart can hold. i'll be back honey. I LOVE YOU DROOPY, TODAY, TOMORROW, FOREVER! our love will never end!
hugs & kisses, mommie

jan. 1, 2013
HAPPY NEW YEAR my love.. another year without you..i layed in bed last night & cried..i miss you so much droopy.
No matter what goes on around me, my life will never be the same without you beside me. i might smile, even be happy for awhile, but deep inside my heart & soul, there is no real happiness. i lost that when i lost you.
i know you are watching over me & that is why i try to hide my tears. i know you hated to see me cry..but i know that no matter how hard i try to hide my pain, you still see it.. you always knew when mommie was upset..you always gave me comfort droopy, i miss that so much! i'm sure you & all the angels are having a big feast this new years day, so you go enjoy & play with all your many angel friends. i know you are with me always & i hope you can feel me with you also. i hold you in my heart droopy & i will never let you go! MOMMIE LOVES YOU SO VERY MUCH DROOPY!
SO VERY MUCH! I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU MY SWEET GIRL! happy new year droopy! i hope you feel my kisses i send to you with the wind.hold them in your heart until we meet again.. I MISS YOU!!! love mommie

jan. 4, 2013
not one second, not one minute, not one hour, not one day.....
not one week, not one month goes by that i don't think of you, miss you, love you! now here is the start to our second year apart droopy
and it breaks my heart! time may ease the pain for some, but for me, it only makes the pain grow. i miss you more today than yesterday & i know i'll miss you even more tomorrow! i long to see you when i close my eyes & i long to see you when i open my eyes.
i wish i could just hold you droopy..just one more time, but i wish that one more time would be forever! i can't help how i feel, i miss you so much droopy.
i don't want you to be sad like i am, but i sure hope you remember me & wait for me..i'll always be your mommie droopy & one day i'll be able to hug you again & say to you, mommies home...mommies home...

jan.6, 2013
droopy, how i wish you were here with me.. sometimes days aren't to bad & other times, like today, i just feel so sad inside..i feel lost, empty & just very depressed. i think of how you would be squeaking your ball in my face on days like this..thats what you would do anytime i was upset. you would go get your ball & squeak & squeak it.. if that didn't work you would pop it out of your mouth right onto my lap & then stand there & bark at me to throw it..
if i still didn't you'd pick it up & squeak it right on my lap..by that time i could no longer keep myself from laughing.. once again you lifted me up & made me forget about why i was upset.. we would play & have so much fun..
you are a very special pup droopy. much more than that, you are a very special friend..even when i'm crying i will think of you & a memory will hit me & i'll see you so clearly, like you are standing right there..i can't help but laugh through my tears..even though we are apart you still break through & find a way to make me smile. you always have been & forever will be my special angel. i love you so much droopy. i pray you feel my love for you & that you know how i hold you everyday in my heart. i miss you scootercrunch, so very much. send me a smile today droopy, cause i really need it...oh how i pray i could just see you, just see you one more time..just to tell you how much i love you & miss you. you are missed so much droopy & you are loved more than i ever could find words to say.
i'll be back later honey. you will always be my beautiful brown-eyed girl.. MOMMIE LOVES YOU DROOPY! FOREVER!

jan. 9, 2013
droopy, please forgive me for not being here the last two days..i've just not been doing that great..please do not worry.. i'll get through it... i worry bout you so much droopy.. i just wonder if you are o.k., if you are lonely...i know maybe i am being stupid..but.. thats me..it was just me & you and i just pray you are not afraid & you are making friends..i'm sure you are.. you were such a friendly pup.. droopy, i hope i am making you proud of me.. i know i have some faults i need to work on.. but i pray i can make you proud of me..thats all i want.. well, that & i want you back..i, i miss ya so much droopster! i feel so empty inside.. i try, i really try to, to..well i guess to do what i need to do...but it is NOT EASY! i have never hurt so much in my life! i used to talk to you when i was sad, or had a bad day at work..you really listened to me.. i know you did..now i really have nobody to talk to.. nobody that will really listen & understand how i feel..not like you did.. i remember your hugs.. i remember your love.. i always will droopy...you are my furever love! oh droopy, God help me..i hurt so much.. i can't even see anymore through the tears.. i will stop back tomorrow.. please forgive me droopy, i do not want to upset you.. i know how you hated to see me sad..i'm sorry honey.. i just miss you so much droopy..you are my FOREVER LOVE DROOPY
YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY FOREVER LOVE!!i cannot wait to be with you again.. i hope i make you proud droopy...

God saw you were getting tired..
and a cure was not to be
So he put his arms around you
And whispered, come with me..
With tearful eyes i watched you
and saw you pass away
And although i loved you dearly
i could not make you stay
A gentle heart stopped beating
my faithful best friend put to rest
God broke my heart to prove to me
He only takes the best

One big lovable huggable pile of furThey come into our lives for such a short time
A time we wouldn't trade not even for a dime
Then before you know it the years have flown by
And then all of the sudden we're saying good-bye

It wasn't that long ago i said my good-byes
I held on to you tight as you closed your eyes
Your spirit has flown home on the wings of a dove
Into God's loving arm's; in heaven above

Over the days i've shed many tears
But the memories i have will live on for years
I feel your presence and i know that your near
You're keeping me safe and calming my fear

I think about memories from years past
When you were young and strong and ran so fast
I remember all the great times that we had
How you always made me happy never made me mad

They were the best and happiest years i had
I'll always look back on them and never be sad
I look forward to the time we'll be together again
And i thank the Lord for such a great friend

Now you run and play up in Heaven above
Cradled in God's arms covered with his love
Playing by the Bridge waiting for the day
I come down thru the meadow to the bridge to stay

The love that you showed me i'll never forget
Because to me you're one very special pet
You're like a star in the dark of night
Always watching over me with the Lord's light

So now i take time to remember my best friend
Who will always be with me even to the end
I'll always remember you the way you were

droopy, its been a few days since i was here, i'm sorry. i've just been so depressed...everytime i started to write something the tears filled my eyes so much i couldn't see. i miss you so much droopy. i don't think this pain will ever end. i think about you everyday, every minute. i so want to just have a chance to hold you one more time.
nobody knows how horrible my heart hurts. its a pain i would not wish on anyone. its pretty cold here... not much snow, but we are supossed to get some next week & get bitter cold too. i'm ready for winter to be over now, its the hardest time for me. you loved the snow so much, everytime it starts to snow i just break down..i remember our last winter together, we had so much fun! you were like a deer leaping through the snow. you made my heart so happy i thought it would burst...you are the best friend i ever had & the love we shared will never end, droopy.
i have to get ready for work now. wish i could just crawl back into bed & stay there, but..i have to go.
i will be back, i promise you droopy. you're with me everywhere i go droopy, in my thoughts & in my heart.
I LOVE YOU SCOOTERCRUNCH! always & forever, your mommie

jan. 27th
dear droopy, yesterday was such a sad and happy day for me.. ten years ago, january 26th i brought you home.. home, your furever home. how i missed you being with me yesterday droopy. we always did something together on your special days.
your "gotcha" day is the most special day to me because its the day i found my best friend & my forever love.
i sent you kisses & i hope you felt them.. i sent you smiles too, although they were covered with tears, i hope you saw them..i tryed hard to smile & not cry, but thats not an easy thing to do when your heart is completely torn apart with pain..i miss you so much droopy! i remember the day i brought you home like it was yesterday.. i was so happy to have you has mine! i was alittle afraid too, i never had my own dog & i wanted to give you everything & make you happy & keep you safe.. well, that fear quickly faded.. you made everything so easy..and in a short time i realized not only had i saved you, but you saved me droopy! you knocked down the wall i had around my heart & filled it with your love & happiness! you gave me so much love & warmth during our time together droopy & i will never forget that. even though you are at the bridge now i still feel your love deep in my heart. that will never go away, a love like ours can never fade..i miss you so much droopy, so, so very much! i will always be holding you in my heart & my memories.. you were taken way too soon & without warning, but the time we had together we made alot of memories & shared a bond that can never be broken! i wish i could hold you & look into your beautiful big brown eyes,
but i guess all the memories i hold in my heart will have to do for now..i'm sure the angels had one big super party for your gotcha day! i hope you had fun! i can see you running through the meadow, chasing your ball & playing with your new friends! i close my eyes & i can see that beautiful big smile of yours! you always had a way to make me forget a bad day.. no matter what, you always could make me happier than i had ever been in my life!
you droopy, are my hero... you will always be mommies big puppy & i will NEVER stop loving you!
we will forever be together by the special love we share.. I LOVE YOU DROOPY, FOREVER! mommie

feb. 18th
I miss you droopy. i just really miss you scootercrunch! i hurt so much, my heart just feels so heavy..
i know you are watching over me & i know you are with me everywhere...but i just long to reach out my hand & touch you, feel your warmth next to me while i'm sleeping. you are in my heart & my memories always droopy! i think of you everyday, every minute & i know you think of me too. i just hope you know how much i love you & how deeply i miss you. i hope you can feel my love & know our bond will never be broken. I LOVE YOU DROOPY! i hope you know i'm trying
but its not easy. but i'm trying...you will forever be mommies big puppy & my forever love!

april 1st.
its been awhile since i wrote you droopy. i'm so very sorry. its so hard for me to come here still. i just cannot deal with this. i never thought i would have to do this, i never thought i would lose you. my heart hurts more than any words can say. there are no words strong enough to describe the pain i feel inside. i hope you know how much i miss you & love you. but i also hope that my pain does not make you sad. i know how much you hated to see me cry..i'm trying droopy, i'm trying, but it hurts so much..i just want you back! i look at all your pictures & sometimes i think i'll turn & see you laying there.. that you are still here with me, but i turn & your not there..
i don't know how much longer i can hold on without you. i'm so lost inside & so broken up.. you were the greatest friend i ever had..i'm just numb inside & somedays i just don't care about anything.. but i do my best to keep it together for you droopy, cause i know, i know you do not want me to be like this. but what do you do when the only one you ever truly loved & the only one who ever truly loved you is suddenly taken from you?? what do you do??
i have no answer to that.. i just don't think its fair & i will never understand...
I LOVE YOU DROOPY! I MISS YOU MORE & MORE EVERYDAY! it does not get easier, it only gets harder & the pain only deepens... I MISS YOU SO MUCH DROOPY! you will forever be my forever love, my best friend, my life...

june 17
my dear sweet droopy, oh how I miss you. not a day goes by I don't think of you.. my heart hurts so much. I try droopy, not to cry, I know how that used to upset you. I know you are well & pain free, running through the beautiful meadows at the bridge. playing & laughing with all your angel friends.. but I just can't stop this pain inside my heart. to be honest droopy, I know it will never end..i will only find true happiness & peace when I am with you again.. I LOVE U SO MUCH DROOPY! THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRBE HOW MUCH I MISS YOU! I mostly keep my feelings to myself.. some people just don't understand how I can still hurt so much, cry so much.. that's ok. I guess, not everybody needs to understand.. but what they don't know is how happy I was with you! it was TRUE happiness, deep inside my very soul! I felt so wonderful with you! droopy you showed me how true love feels, how it feels to be truly happy, to wake up each morning with a smile! you gave me smiles, happiness & love everyday droopy!
I WILL ALWAYS CHERISH OUR TIME TOGETHER! it wasn't long enough... not at all.. but I will always remember what you did for me & all your love! I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER DROOPY! you will ALWAYS BE MY HEART! mommie

My sweet Droopy, next month, September 21 will be two years since you went to the bridge. two years! doesn't seem possible.
I know you are running & playing pain free.. No more seizures, no more suffering.. I know you are watching over me with that big, beautiful smile you have. maybe you could send me some extra angel kisses to help me get through the next few weeks, o.k. scootercrunch.. I think i'm gonna need them.. I miss you so much! I'm trying to keep it together, but sometimes the tears just start without any warning. sometimes I get so angry that you were taken from me way too soon. I have a sadness in my heart that I never felt before.. But I also have many beautiful memories in my heart & I try not to let that sadness take over. I want to do my best to make you proud of me Droopy. Well beautiful girl, mommie has to get busy here. i'll be back soon, I promise you.
Droopy, you are FOREVER in my heart! and I know, even though I may not see you, I know you are still beside me. I just wish I could see you & hold you, at least just one more time. Mommie loves you Droopy! FOREVER & ALWAYS, my sweet girl!

September, 21
My sweet Droopy, today is the saddest of all days, your bridge day, the day I had to say good-bye, the day God took you back home to be with him, the day my heart was broken, shattered into dust. Two years I have been without you now, two long, painful years. I still ask myself, how can this be?? I still hope I am going to open my eyes & find you next to me.. I still hope.....
In my mind I know you are not coming back, but my heart, well my heart just cannot accept it even after two years.. I feel like I did that very day, the pain is still so strong. I always thought me & you would grow old together, foolish maybe, but that's what I thought. I NEVER thought I would see this day, especially not so soon. I hope you know how much I miss you & how DEEPLY I LOVE YOU & ALWAYS WILL! I know in my heart you are well & happy at the bridge, but I still want you here with me. I know you miss you too, Droopy, we had such a bond, the deepest of bonds. we did everything together, went everywhere together, we were so happy.
Droopy, you made me so happy, you showed me true love & you brought love back into my heart. I smiled with you, I felt true happiness for the first time in my life with you. You saved me Droopy, there is no doubt about that. I thought I saved you, but really you saved me. I guess we both saved each other. I still feel like I let you down & I will forever be sorry I couldn't do more for you Droopy. I am thankful for all the wonderful friends you have led me too, because they understand this horrible pain I feel, because there are so many who don't understand. You are not my "dog" you are my CHILD! Oh Droopy, I MISS YOU SO MUCH!
I will try to send you a smile & I hope you will send me a million kisses today. I know you will, because not just this day, but everyday I feel your love, even though we are apart. I close my eyes & see your sweet, beautiful face, your big smile, your beautiful brown eyes, filled with love. I see you when my eyes are open, I see you Droopy in my heart, everyday.
Never forget how much mommie loves you & will love you FOREVER! You will ALWAYS be my best friend, my forever love. I know you always hated to see me cry, you would do everything you could to make me stop & you always succeeded. So please forgive me for crying today Droopy & all the other many times I cry, its just that I miss you so very, very much. I know all the angels will be helping you through this day also, so you go run & be happy, my love. but every now & then, send me a kiss, o.k.

Dec. 2
My dearest Droopy, I'm sorry it has been awhile since I was here, its just been so hard lately to think of you without falling apart..This pain inside me won't let go.. I look at your pictures & the ache inside me to feel your fur, touch you, hold you, look into your eyes is so strong it just rips me apart. Not a day goes by I don't think of you, Droopy, some days with smiles, some with tears. the love you gave me will stay in my heart forever! Our bond will never fade, it is stronger than anything I have ever felt. Some nights I feel you beside me & those nights I sleep. You know how much we enjoyed Christmas together, you loved Christmas & you loved winter! You would get so excited when you went outside & there was snow! You loved to run & play, put your head in it..You always made me laugh... We shared so many beautiful times together. I look forward to the day when we will be together again, Droopy. I will hold you & I will NEVER let you go! I try not to think about the day I held you for the last time, but sometimes it just creeps into my mind. Sometimes I just can't accept this is real, I still think I must be trapped somewhere, unable to wake up from this horrible dream.. But everyday I go on, without you.. I know you are still with me, even though I might not see you, I know you walk beside me still. You sent me another precious furbaby to love & I love her very much, Droopy. But still, my life will never be the same, that light I had in my heart is gone without you, that complete & true happiness I found with you is gone. I'm fighting the tears right now & its useless, they just pour from my eyes.. To say I miss you is an understatement, there are no words to describe how much I miss you, how much I hurt without you. I try to be strong, for you Droopy
I know you would not want me to be so upset, you never liked to see me cry & you always made me laugh when I was sad. You were & ALWAYS will be the best friend I ever had! Christmas just is not the same without you. Nothing is the same without you.
I LOVE YOU DROOPY! I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER! Nothing will ever take away our bond together, our love! Please visit me in my dreams & lay beside me...I MISS YOU SO MUCH, DROOPY! OH DEAR GOD HOW I MISS MY DROOPY! I never knew true love before you Droopy, or true happiness. Thank you for giving me your friendship & your love. I MISS YOU MY BEAUTIFUL ANGEL & I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!

December, 31, 2016,
My precious Droopy, there are no words to describe how deeply sorry I am for not writing sooner. Its so hard to come here, there are many times I still think I must be trapped in a horrible dream, that if I only could wake up, you would still be here by my side. Five years have gone by since that horrible day, that day when I held you in my arms for the last time. Five years of tears, sadness & emptiness.
Your cousin Toby has joined you now & I know you will take great care of him. Grandma & Grandpa miss him so much Droopy. I miss him, I miss Toby so much, but I try & keep my tears hidden, because I know Grandma & Grandpa don't need to see me crying, my heart is shattered even more, once again Droopy. I know just how they feel, the pain inside their hearts. No words will bring them comfort, I only pray that time will be kinder to them & help their hearts find some peace, because time has not been good to me, it only makes my pain & heartbreak continue to grow. Nobody truly understands just what you did for me, how truly, deeply happy you made me. How much you loved me & how very much I loved you, how much I Love You & Will Love You Forever! You are my scootercrunch! Your little sister Rascal keeps me busy & that's good. I love her very much Droopy, but I will never find that true, deep happiness with anyone ever again. I will never feel that deep bond & love with anyone again, there will forever be an emptiness inside my heart, inside my soul & if nobody gets that, its fine, they don't have to. I know you understand how I feel, you always did! Forgive me for my tears Droopy, I know you never liked to see me cry, I try to not let you see me cry, but sometimes it hurts so much I cannot hold the pain inside. I hope you feel my love for you Droopy, it fills my heart & my soul. I hope you & all your angel friends had a beautiful Christmas, i'm sure you did. Please take care of Toby, I know he is all healthy & young again, just like you are & that you both are chasing butterflies with all your angel friends & running through the beautiful meadows at the bridge. I'll be waiting for the day you are in my arms again, my sweet pumpkin! Another New Year without you is starting & my tears fall.
I miss you so much my sweet girl, I Love You With all my heart & all my soul! You will Forever be my big puppy! Mommie Loves You Droopy! My Love only gets stronger for you each day Droopy!
Miss you & Love You Droopy! Forever!

I miss you Droopy,
Those words don't even begin to express how I feel. I miss you so very much & I Love You with all my heart & all my soul. You forever will be mommies big puppy & my beautiful brown eyed girl!
I Love You Droopy!

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