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Memories of Drake
Drake, you have been such a blessing in our lives. I am so sorry you had to leave us. Today was devastating for us. You became ill so suddenly with no warning. The sweet Drake that we knew who loved to retrieve his ball was taken from us by a horrible cancer that just snatched you away from us in only a few days. I know you are happy and healthy now, running in the field and swimming in the lake. I hope you found your Momma. I told her last night to prepare your place, that you would be coming. I know she was so excited to see you as I'm certain you were to see her. I'm so sorry that we had to let you go but you were in so much misery. I'm so sorry that I couldn't protect you from what you went thru these last few days. I am miserable without you here at home. I miss you more than I can even begin to describe. I love you so much Little Man. I know you are whole once again with a healthy liver. I left you a bowl of food because it has been terrible watching you starve yourself this week. I know you were sick and just couldn't eat but you were dwindling away right in front of my eyes. Please know that if there had been any way that I could have saved you, I would have. Please send me and your daddy some sort of sign to let us know you are ok and happy. I love you Drake and I just don't even want to imagine our life without you. I wish you were home right now as the Drake you were less than one week ago. I am so so sorry this happened to you. Drakey, I want you back so bad. Losing Sandy and now you has been the hardest things I have ever been thru. But, I want you to be happy so run and play with your Mommy and I will come back to visit you here. Like I tell your Momma, please come to visit me in my dreams. Goodnight sweet man, I love you more than life, Mommy.

09/17/2011 Hey sweet Man, how are you? I know you have enjoyed your first day at Rainbow's Bridge. It was so hard going to bed last night and getting up this morning without you here. You always came to find me in the house at night because you couldn't go to sleep for the night til I came to bed too. I miss you so much Drakey. Your daddy is having a hard time. He got your tennis ball from outside and is keeping it with him. I'm so sorry your last week with us was so miserable for you. I didn't want you to suffer any longer and I know you were ready to go. I hope you know that I love you so much and I will miss you for the rest of my life. I'm so glad you are whole again and having so much fun. I will be back my sweet Drake to talk to you later. Tons of hugs and kisses, I love you, Mommy

09/19/2011 Hey Little Man! Your daddy and I are having such a hard time. We miss you so much. I just want to wake up from this horrible dream. It is so hard to grasp the fact that you aren't gonna be here with us any more. Coming home is so hard because you were the first thing I tended to when I walked in the door. I wish you were following me around the house again. I feel like my heart has been ripped out. I thank God we had you for as long as we did but I wish we could have had you longer. You were the sweetest doggie. Thinking about all the fun times we had makes me smile but how I wish that I could hug you and run my fingers thru your hair again. I know that one day I will see you again but until then I am going to miss you so much. I will forever love you my sweet Drake, Mommy

09/25/2011 Hello, my sweet Little Man! I have been missing you so much. I don't even want to be at this house because it just breaks my heart that you aren't here. I keep catching myself thinking I need to let you out or for a split second wonder what room you are in. You used to drive the kids nuts at the table when they are eating but now when they are finished and I see food on the ground that they dropped that you didn't clean up just makes me so sad. Leaving the house is so sad because I always petted you and told you bye and now I just walk out the door and it is such a lonely feeling. I wish you were back here with us. I know that is selfish but I just love you so much and I really feel like I lost a child. Nothing is the same around here without you. I wish you had not had to leave us. I am just miserable without you, Drake.My heart is broken and I am so depressed. I know you are happy and I really do only want the best for you. You did not deserve to hurt or suffer. You and your mom were the best dogs anyone could ask for and you both loved us so much. Go run and play and hopefully I will see you in my dreams tonight. All my love, Mommy

09/28/2011 Hey sweet Man! Well, today the vet's office called and I got to go pick up your ashes. It was so hard to be going there and not picking you up alive. Oh Drake, I am so sorry all of this happened. I miss you so much. Our life is just not the same with you gone. What I wouldn't give to have you back. I so wish things could have turned out different.Your ashes are in the living room with Sandy's. I just held onto you and Sandy's urns and cried. That is all I have left of y'all. It just breaks my heart. I know you would want me to be happy and you don't like it when I'm upset but I just can't help it. There is such an empty place in me without you. I don't think this pain will ever go away. The only comfort I get is knowing you are happy and healthy. I would never wanted you to stay on this Earth with me and be in pain. Please don't forget about me Drake, I will never forget you. I love you with all my heart, Mommy

10/05/2011 Hey sweet Drakey. Me, your daddy ,Nana and the kids sent a balloon with a note on it up to heaven for each you, Sandy and Cookie. Clay wrote the sweetest note to you. We miss you so much. This place is just not the same, you are supposed to be here with us. You made our family complete. During the day, I go thru my my daily routine but I am just going thru the motions. When I get home, I get so depressed. I want you back here so bad. You were my little man. You always made me happy. How I wish I could go out and throw you your ball or just sit and pet you and talk to you. Your bed is still by my bed. In fact, everything is still in it's same place. I wish I could get some love from you. You were the happiest dog and you loved licking us and just being near us. You will always be on my mind and in my heart. I got your rock ordered today like Sandy's. Your daddy came up with what he wanted it to say. It says "Our beloved little man, your faithful love will remain in our hearts forever" and it has your name and years on it. It also has a pic of a lab with a duck in his mouth. I didn't think that I would be doing all of that so soon. I hoped and prayed that you would be with us for at least a couple more years. But, Jordan said that Jesus said it is time so you had to go be with him. I pray that one day I will be with you and Sandy again. The two of you brought such joy to our lives. Nothing will ever fill that void. I love you Drake, Mommy.

11/23/2011 Hello my Little Man! I sure hope you are having fun and running and playing. I miss you so much, Drakey. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. I know you are with Sandy and that gives me comfort. I am so sad that you won't be with us this Thanksgiving. This will be our first holiday without you. I am really dreading Christmas too because you won't be here to enjoy it with us. I hope you know that I love you so much. Not a single day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. I hope you are happy and I know you are no longer in pain. I will be back soon to talk to you. Take care my sweet man and know that I love you so much, Mommy.

12/25/2011 Merry Christmas little man! Oh Drake, it is so hard this Christmas without you here. This is the first Christmas without you in 12 years. I miss you so much, Drake. My heart is breaking right now. I have you and Sandy's stockings hanging in the same place I always put them. I wish you were here so bad. I went past the pet isle at Target and got so upset because I wasn't buying you some Christmas presents this year. Oh how I wish it were different and that you were here with us. It still hurts so much. I hope you and Sandy have a great Christmas together. I am so glad that y'all have each other. I wish you would come see me in my dreams soon and let me know you are doing fine. I love you little man and miss you so so very much. Hugs and kisses, Mommy.

01/29/2012 Hey Sweet Man! I wanted to drop in and tell you I miss you so much! I think about you every day. Two years ago today, your momma went to Heaven. I am still having such a hard tome not having you both in my life. You made my life complete and I don't think it will ever feel whole again without ya'll here with us. Please take care of each other and know that I love you so much and always will. Take care my sweet Drakey! I love you, Mommy

02/12/2012 Dear Drake, I am missing you so much right now. I keep replaying your last week in my mind and it makes me so sad. I am so sorry you had such a miserable last week. It all happened so fast. When I took you to the vet for that growth, I had no Idea that you would be leaving me so soon. It just isn't fair to any of us. We love you so much and we wish you were back in our lives. I don't understand why it had to be like that and I guess I never will. I am thankful now that you aren't suffering any longer but that doesn't make the pain in my heart go away. I wish You were here following me around. I still catch myself looking around for you sometimes. I may not get upset as often now but the hurting and longing for you is still so very real. I pray that you are at peace and I sure hope that when people say I WILL see you again that they are right.I am so sorry that I didn't come talk to you on your birthday. I hope it was great. I'm sure Sandy made sure you had a great day. I need you Little Man. Please send me signs that you are ok. Run and play and be happy. I love you so much, Mommy

03/12/2012 Hey sweet Little Man! I miss you so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and miss you terribly. I really wish you were here. It's just not fair that you had to go so quickly. You and Sandy both have a very special place in my heart. I will never forget you and never stop loving you. I hope you don't forget about me and still love me. I'm sure you helped Sandy celebrate her birthday. I'm so glad you two have each other but I selfishly wish I had you both here with me. Take care baby boy and I will be back to talk to you later. I love you, Mommy

09/16/2012 Hey Little Man! Well, today it has been a year since we had to let you go. It seems like forever since I've seen and touched you. I miss you so much. My heart hurts so bad right now. I love you my sweet Drakey. I wish so badly that you were still here. I am still so sorry that you had to leave us so quickly and that you were so miserable that last week. I'm so sorry I haven't been here in such a long while. It hurts so much to think about the day you left. Please don"t think I have forgotten you. I think about you every day and talk to your picture and urn. I hope you never forget me and you and your mom are waiting for me for when we meet again. What I wouldn't give to hold you again and throw your ball for you. I hope you and Sandy are happy and having the best time. I pray that I DO get to see yall again one day. I have to hold onto that hope. Thank you for being such a sweet doggie and such a special and important part of my life. You made me a very happy person by being in my life. I don't want to say goodbye but I really need to for now. I love you sweet man and I will be back later. I love you always, Mommy

)1/29/2013 Hey my little Drakey! I miss you little man! Sorry I haven't been here in a while, it is still so hurtful. My heart just aches for you and Sandy. But please know that I think about you every single day. You were such a big part of my life. I will miss and love you forever and You will always hold a special place in my heart. You can never be replaced. You mean the world to me, I just wish you were still here sharing it with me. Please keep taking care of your Momma. I can't wait til the day I see you two again. I hope yall are happy. Please know that just because I may not come here much that does not mean I have forgotten you. I love you my sweet little man, Mommy

09/15/2015 Hey my sweet little Man! I hope you are so happy up there in Heaven. I miss you so much and think about you all the time. I wish you were still here with me, though. I know I have't been here in a long time but that doesn't mean I have forgotten you. You will always be so special to me and I will never forget you. Take good care of Sandy and if you have time, come visit me in my dreams. I love you sweet boy! Mommy

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