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Memories of "Dots"
My Dottie, my friend, I am sad now because I don't know where you are...and I am missing you. We played together everyday for all of my life, and lately when you weren't feeling well, I tried to stay by you and make you feel better. I am sorry for all of the chew bones I stole, and hope you get all you want now!!! I know you were tired....You taught me everything...
I love you my pal and miss you.
Your Brother....Riggins
Okay....You got me good!!! Thanks for the puppy you sent me on Christmas Eve. Boy you must be laughing now!!! She is driving me nuts, kinda like I did to you LOL.
Still missing you my pal,

Dear Dottie "Marble"
It was one year ago today that you had to leave us. We all miss you so much....
Love Mama, Daddy, Rigzee, Holly
Merry Christmas Pal

Dear "Dottie Marble"
It is 2 years ago you left us..
We all miss you so much, but know you are out of pain and being
rewarded for all of the love you gave so willingly.
We love you,
Mama, Daddy, Rigzee and Holly
Merry Christmas

Hi my Dottie Marble:
I know you met your handsome brother Riggins on March 28, and I know you must be so excited; especially since you can now run, play and frolic til your hearts content!!! Since you and Riggins left us, things have never quite been the same. You were my angels and we all miss you terribly. Daddy says hi to your picture every morning!!! Have fun kids,
Love always,
Mama, Daddy, Holly, Meg,

Hi My Marble:

It is 3 years today that you left us. We all still miss you very much, and I am having a good cry right now thinking about you. The newest resident at our home is KIRBY. Let me tell you about this knucklehead, lol. We rescued him from a shelter (at 7 wks old) after your brother Rigs passed away. We were going to adopt a boxer, but this lil guy was brought to my attention and you know me....just couldn't resist. He is half pitbull and half who knows, possible, am. bulldog, pointer...He has some markings like a Dalmation xo with brindle patches around each eye. He really should be named Petey after the Lil Rascals, LOL. He is 10 months old and about 100 pounds. He would probably annoy the heck outta you, but he is keeping Holly company!!
We all miss you Dottie and want to believe that your spirit is out there surrounded by love and
happiness and your brothers Rigzy, Butkus and Sister Babe.
Love and miss you,
Mama, Daddy, Meg, Holly, Kirby
Jo, Boo, Tiki and Ronaldo

Hi Dottie Marble:
It is 4 years ago that you left us all heartbroken. We miss you so much and hope you are out of pain and playing with Rigzy.....Holly and Kirby are doing well, but i wish they could have met you.
You will always stay in my heart, Merry Christmas Marble!!! xo

Mama, Daddy, Meg, Holly and Kirby

Miss you so much Dottie Marble
Always Mama, daddy , Meg Holly and Kirby
Jo, Tiki and Ronaldo
Guess what? we have a new addition named Snowflake....
She is a Chinchilla, who needed to be cared for, and you
know me, LOL...
I hope you and Rigs are relaxing!! xo


We sure miss you....The time has gone by so fast....7 years ago, you had to leave us, and we still miss you very much. You were such a beauty and such a kind pal....I hope you and Riggins have tons of chew bones and are lazing in the sun!!
Merry Christmas my Dottie,
Will always love you,

Mama, Daddy, Meg, Holly, Kirby
Jo, Jim (new rescue cat, lol) and Jazzie (another new rescue cat!!)
Tiki and Ronaldo
George (aka Snowflake) and Stanley became parents and have
two little kits named Coco and Chanel!! So sorry you never got the chance to meet them xoxoxoxo

Hi my Dottie: Just changing things around for you and Rigs. Still miss you both so much. You were both just so special.....xoxoxoxoxo Mama

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