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Memories of Donovan Lobby
The moment we saw you, we knew God had chosen you for us, and that you picked us. You had enthusiasm and were sweet, trusting and playful. It was love at first sight! From there, you lived your life as a proud, assertive, loving companion.

You amazed us and defied laws of physical logic when you completely wrapped yourself into a bundle with your blankie snuggling in for the night or just a nap....usually at our feet. This is a dachshund trait. Another characteristic of this adorable breed is the lifting of the front paw. If you wanted to tell us something, waited for some food, or were just being inquisitive, that front paw would go up and stay up.

You brought sunshine where ever you went and people always commented what a handsome boy you were. When Grandma Shirley was sick, we placed you on her bed and her troubles disappeared. Grandpa Albie loved when you wrapped your blankie at his feet waiting for scratchies.

Speaking of blankets, you would carry one of your several blankets throughout the house. Often both of your parents were in the kitchen, and you would drag it across the house and bring it by our feet as we attempted to cook dinner. You also liked to grab your blankie, dive with it onto daddy's legs and lay on his feet while he sat on his chair.

You liked to lay in the sun for hours at peace until you heard an outside noise and would sound the alarm by barking. When the doorbell rang on TV, it took time for you to understand when we would shout, "TV" otherwise you'd be barking like crazy. Sometimes while playfully rolling on your back you would suddenly remember your perceived household role and spring to an upright position alertly looking at the front door.

You would wait for daddy to come home and would not be content until he bent down to give you a hello; you would not stop until you got your little lick in. In the morning, you would burst into the bathroom while daddy was shaving and get your morning hello in by touching his leg with your nose before you shot off to breakfast. However, whenever mommy was away from the house, you spent most of your time waiting for her patiently by the door. Sometimes when mommy was upstairs, downstairs, or just behind a closed door, you cried and held vigil until she came out. You were a comfort to mommy when she lost her parents, and during her long illness. You were always by mommy's side.

We know that you are running free in the very green grass and sunshine. Your tail is wagging and you look like a puppy again! You are free of your pain and earthly discomforts and will wait for daddy and mommy to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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