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Memories of Domenick Bertetto
Our Sweetest Domenick,
Almost twenty years ago, Mommy and Daddy walked into a shelter to make a small donation to the resident kitties. Through the small window in a door, we spotted an adorable little black kitten.
The shelter volunteer said, "That's Pepper. He's pretty crazy. He was born here but he's having trouble finding a home because he has a little too much energy."
Mommy and Daddy thought he was adorable so we asked to meet him. We weren't intending to get another kitty. We just wanted to play. Daddy scooped that little kitty up and Pepper shimmied up to his shoulder. There he perched, proudly. Pepper proceeded to jump right off of Daddy's shoulder to the wall nearby and slid down the wall just like a cartoon character. We knew right then we had to adopt this kitty. So we did. That kitty was you, Domenick.

We welcomed you home to an already big family. You had a sister Beezer, and brothers Felix, Hexy, and Brody. You were number five. Always a little bit of a loner, you never did bond much with any other kitty. All you ever wanted was to be the alpha kitty in the house and you spent most of your time challenging Felix to reign supreme. For a few brief days one year, you reached your goal, only to have Felix win the crown of Alpha cat back.

You loved jumping up on top of kitchen cabinets, carrying around your Boyd's bear, chin kisses from Daddy, and frequent fur brushes. Daddy would brush you day and night.

You seldom ate cat food in your nearly twenty years of life. You loved Temptations and towards the end, you loved Friskies treats.

When we took you to your first vet appointment, your vet, Dr. Maxwell said, "He comes from a good bloodline." She said this because you had the most beautiful, shiny black coat with two pieces of white fur. Mommy and Daddy would tell you this throughout your lifetime. She sure was right. You lived for almost twenty years!

As you grew up, we welcomed Nikki and Dafoe. Dafoe became one of your favorite kitties. You and Nikki would learn to tolerate each other. You were always full of spunk and energy. So much so, we even gave you Prozac for a little while to calm you down.

But like all kitties, father time started to slow you down when we moved nine years ago. Now, an older kitty, you were less aggressive and feisty. You were almost 21 pounds now and jumping started to become more difficult. You settled into a new routine that included treats, hair brushings, sitting in front of the fireplace and when the weather was nice, you got to go onto the deck to watch the birds. Oh, how you loved going on the deck.

When you were 14, you were diagnosed with Thyroid disease. Like a good boy, you took your medicine two times a day. Mommy and Daddy read most kitties live for 2-3 years with thyroid disease so we thought our time might be limited. But you did so well. You lived almost 6 years beyond your diagnosis.

Once we moved, Mommy and Daddy allowed four more kitties in the house. Bo, Max, Sammy, and Zodiac. Once Mommy started working from home, she got to spend so much time with you. And pretty soon, you got used to Max and Sam visiting the upstairs when Mommy was working. You would make Mommy and Daddy laugh when even at 19 years old, you still brought fear to Max. Even just walking towards him would lead him to flop down and chirp. He only hoped you wouldn't want to fight him.

After Max got sick, Mommy started helping other kitties with FIP. You were such a good sweet boy. When new parents would stop by, you would patiently allow up to use you as a model to show them how to inject life-saving medications into their kitty. We like to think you have helped to save over 100 other kitties and in some way, you live on through them today. Everyone who met you loved you and marveled at how big you were!

You loved Christmas and our Christmas tree. Every year Mommy and Daddy prayed you would make it to another holiday celebration. Right before Christmas of 2022, Mommy and Daddy noticed you weren't quite yourself. They were right. Within a few weeks, you lost a pound. Mommy and Daddy took you to the vet. We changed your thyroid medication and for a few weeks, you were okay. But Mommy and Daddy knew the end was near. Your body was slowing down. After another vet visit, a loss of another 1.5 pounds, and more medicine, you seemed to turn a corner and gained a pound back. But suddenly, you quit eating much of anything. Mommy and Daddy knew it was almost time to say our final goodbyes.

When you started stumbling and laying down in the litter box, we knew we couldn't let you suffer anymore. You had lived such a long and healthy life, only spending one day in the vet's office for a urinary blockage, we didn't want you to suffer in the end. We made the incredibly difficult decision to let you go. We knew we would have to suffer so you wouldn't. On this day, we had a beautiful morning. Nana visited with you, you slept by the fireplace, got your fur brushed, went outside, and spent your final moments surrounded by Daddy, Mommy, Max, and Zodiac.

On 2/24/23 at 1:45 p.m. we helped you cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy and Daddy cried and so did the vet techs as they said goodbye to you, too. You had also become their friend. Just like everyone you ever met.

Mommy and Daddy could have never guessed that one day in the shelter would lead to twenty beautiful, loving years with you by our side. We barely remember a time in our life that didn't include you. And now, for the first time in two decades, we are trying so hard to live without you.

Your Paw-Paw said you were needed at the Rainbow Bridge for the KHL (Kitty Hockey League) championships. We hope he was right and you are up there right now with all of your friends, Patch, Princess, Willie, Cali, Sneakers, and Baxter, and your sister Beezer and brothers Hexy, Felix, Dafoe, and Brody. We hope you know how loved you are. It was an honor to be your Mommy and Daddy. We will miss you forever and love you always.

Thank you for picking us to be your parents.

Rest in peace our beautiful, "Big Guy." Until we meet again. Mommy and Daddy will love you with all of our hearts, always. You were the best kitty ever.

Mommy and Daddy

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