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Memories of Dolly
An adorable baby hamster with giant eyes, Dolly was both animated and shy at first. She accidentally fell out of her exercise ball early on and we lost her for 4 agonizing days. We left food stations all around the first floor of the house and sprinkled powder so we'd know if she'd been there. She kept going to the same station each night. Finally on the fifth day, she was joyously bounding around our back room and we managed to chase her into a closet where we could safely retrieve her. I think that adventure was both exciting and scary to a baby hamster. She had not yet had a chance to bond to any of us so nothing felt like home. As she grew up she was an affectionate, funny, and feisty girl with an opinion on everything. Most noted for her love of protein blocks, she was a healthy eater who liked to sit on her upper level and snack at night, seemingly meditating on the meaning of the animal universe. She was incredibly athletic and worked out on her wheel as many as three times a night. She'd jump on the wheel do a bunch rotations, then run a full circle around the cage and back to wheel, repeat until done! She was just about 2 1/2 yrs when she fractured a back bottom tooth on a piece of food (The other bottom was also regrowing.) The doctor advised us to feed her only baby food until the back teeth were completed grown in two months. She showed the usual strength and spirit in trying to get used to no more hard food or blocks but we knew she was confused and frightened at the sudden change in her lifestyle. She kept trying to exercise and act normal but we believe she knew her end was near and there was nothing more the vet could do for her. She held on as long as she could but one final day she looked into our eyes, weary and worn out, and we knew she just needed to sleep for one final time. She was not our first or even second hamster and we loved them all for their unique qualities. As for Dolly, she captured everyone's heart with sweet nature, sassy personality and an inner spirit that tricked you into thinking she might just live forever.

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