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Memories of Dolly
Dolly has always had a special place in my heart that can never be replaced. My father recently passed away and just before his death, he and I picked out Dolly together. They have now been reunited in heaven.

Dolly's untimely death has just devestated so many people mainly because of its tragic nature and total senselessness at the hands of an irresponsible vetenarian. An employee decided to take Dolly outside in an unfenced area and then take her for a walk on a busy road. And yes, Dolly was struck by a car and killed instantly after having spent the night before out in a field all alone and far from home. Even though the vetenarian is absorbing all the costs incurred by this tragedy including another puppy, this tragic death of Dolly will not go unnoticed. I've requested they install fencing at both locations and to always have each and every fur baby on a leash with a tight grip at all times. They have also promised me they will never walk another fur baby on the busy road from this point forward. My final request to them will be to name this fence in her honor...."DOLLY'S FENCE."

I could always count on Dolly being at the door to greet me and always willing to run and play. Dolly loved to play with Felix, our kitten, and her other sibling, Tucker, who is also a shar-pei. Dolly loved every toy she owned and in fact played with them all. We played a game together where Dolly would haul almost all of her toys out the doggy door and into the back yard. I would bring them back inside for washing, then when I wasn't looking, Dolly would start hauling them back outside!! Dolly knew exactly what she was doing....I'll miss this no doubt!!

Dolly and Tucker loved to ride in the car and always wanted to accompany me when I left home for school or work. The only thing Dolly didn't like in life is when it was bath time. But her last one, a few days before she left us seemed as though she was getting more use to it since she was growing up and was approaching her 2nd birthday. Sadly enough, that didn't happen. Dolly is being cremated. Dolly's ashes will be placed in a very feminine and "girly" urn, which is very fitting for her. Dolly will be returning home this week on her final journey, and upon her arrival, she will be placed next to my father on our memorial shelf. I miss you beyond words "Sweetness" and some day we will be reunited. I love you to the moon and back Dolly. Gone too soon😥 Now you and Gramp's can Rest In Peace together!!

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