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Memories of Dolly
Oh Dolly (Doobs) as Daddy would call you. You fought so hard a long battle that we didn't know what we were fighting. You were a tough girl - - that's my rottie/pittie. You had been thru so much in your life - losing your toe, then Cushings Disease then Addison's Disease along with Thyroid Disease, but you came thru. Then you got hit with whatever it was that took you away from us. We did every test under the sun and couldn't find a darn thing wrong. We treated with what we thought may be wrong and it worked for a while. You had your good days and bad days. We tried to help you. You use to look forward to come up to your crate every night until you couldn't go up/down the stairs anymore so daddy slept downstairs with you. You still lived a long wonderful life and mommy and daddy love you so and will miss you terribly. Harry will miss you too. I had planned to end your suffering on Wednesday, 12/12/12 and that decision was very hard and you knew that so you decided to save mommy and daddy the pain and go to the bridge on your own the day before. I had just brought you inside and put you on your bed and I covered you. I did my morning routine and got ready for work. I came down to say goodbye not knowing it was truly goodbye. Rest now my sweet girl. I hope Grandma, Bob, Nanny, Aunt Margie, Hannah, Parker, Morty, Caley, Simba, and Casey met you at the bridge. Until we meet again. Have fun in your new home and enjoy lying in the sun on the green grass.


Mommy, Daddy, and All the Fur Kids


Oh Dear Dolly Girl,

I can't believe it's been a year already. Harry now has company but it's not the same. I hope you greeted Chloe when she went to the bridge and that you're all getting along now even with Hannah. Run free, sweet girl. Enjoy and mommy and daddy will see you again some day. Please check in every now and then.

Mommy, daddy, and all the Fur Kids


Oh Sweet Dolly,

Two years has gone by so quickly. I hope you greeted Buster and Mabelline and are showing them the ropes. Lexy will be coming soon as she is not doing well. It's been a terrible few months. I hope you like where you're at and are very happy. Enjoy each day and know we will always love you.


Mommy, Daddy, and All the Fur Kids


Hi sweet girl, 3 years this morning we lost you. I can't believe how time flies. I hope you greeted Lexy, Huckles, Spunky and Pop-Pop at the bridge. It's been rough losing so many of my furry kids. I love you all. I remember the day I picked you up from the Jefferson Pound. It was a rainy Tuesday on April 7, 2003 and you vomitted in the back of the car. When you first saw daddy, you growled at him but then became his 'girl.' Harry, Grit-Grat, and Baxter are still in the family room. I hope you are all together getting along and having a wonderful life in your beautiful home. We all will be together again some day. We love you Dolly!

Mommy, Daddy, and All the Fur Kids


Hi Sweet Dolly, 4 years this morning you left to go to the bridge. I keep thinking its the 12th for some reason. Poor Harry is not doing well. He has congestive heart failure. We don't know how much time he has with us. I do hope you greet him and show him the ropes when it is 'that time.' We have been very lucky and it has been over 1 year and 2 months since we lost a fur baby. That is like a record and I am very grateful and thankful for that. We've been through so much heartache over the past few years. We love and miss all of you. Please know that. One day we will all be together. Mommy and Daddy Love you!

Mommy, Daddy, and All the Fur Kids


Hi Sweet Girl, five (5) years today we lost you. December has been an awful month through the years as we lost so many fur babies as well as Nanny. I hope you greeted Dexter and Boots at the bridge. I hope you are all together getting along and very happy. Harry has been doing well. I thank God for every day we have him. Poor Moby has anal gland cancer but is stable. Oh dear Dolly, I saw you on petfinder.com and it said all you knew was the run at the pound for 3 years since you were a puppy. I adopted you and you puked in the back of the car and growled at daddy when you first met him. You then became 'his girl.' Each and every one of you are so very special, and I love you all very much. Please be happy and enjoy until we all can be together again. Look down on us every now and then.


Mommy, Daddy, and All the Fur Kids

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