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Memories of D.O.G.BLUE
To claify how cool D.O.G was. . .

He would; speak, count (speak) up to 8 times. (we say 1, he barks once, we say 2, he barks twice and so on) he would get the correct pop based on the color you said and bring it to you, he would bring a blanket, towel, shirt, shoe, remote, phone, purse, keys, slippers, newspaper. Basically anything we needed he would get. He loved digging in the snow, sand and dirt. He picked weeds in the summer, brought wood to the house in the winter. He enjoyed Tug, loved eating tennis balls, figured out how to get the treats out of trick toys by dropping them from the top of the stairs, would hug and kiss you when you were down, recognized everyone who came into the house, love sneaking up on people from behind to scare them, knew where time out was and would put himself into it. Favorite T.V shows included: Survivor, Scooby Doo, Anything on the animal planet. He disliked horror and drama. He loved squirrels, dolphins, puppies, cats, birds, frogs, lizards. most of all, he was amazingly empathetic and would do anything to make us laugh or smile.

I look for you, but you're not in your usual places

I call for you, but you never respond

I reach my hand out and snap, but your cold nose does not calm it

I still wait sometimes in my bed on Saturday mornings, for the noise of your tail on my desk

The comforter you loved so much waits for your weight to be on it

The horse you loved, lays in silence

My heart aches for your love

But my soul knows you're with me always

So . . . when will I feel you?

D.O.G. I miss so much I wish you would come home to me..... The New Year won't be the same with out.
Today is one month sent you arrive at "The RainBow Bridge".... I hope you have settle in and you are feeling no more pain... I love and miss you very much....I know that you sented me the BLUE MOON on Years Eve to let me know that you ok..... "ONCE IN A BLUE MOON" THERE IS A DOG LIKE YOU!!!!

It has been 2 month since you pass and I miss you so much still today it feel as though it was yesterday...... My heart ache for you I know that you are there with Misty and Elivs and Buster I know that you are not in pain anymore.... Remmeber I love you.....

It is now 3 months since you left us...... I still miss so much...... I wish I new that you were really ok and happy...... I can only pray that you are and send you my love every moment and mintue of the day and night........ You are so love ..........

OK TODAY YOU WOULD 13 YEARS OLD..................

Hey there boy Today I took my frist walk without you ....... I miss you so much, But I know that I must live on without you by my side. Please know I love you and I miss you........

Well today marks 6 months without you..... Gosh it seems like yesterday. I can't smell you anymore, but your nose prints are still on the glass where you left them, I can't bring myself to wash them off.....I so wish you too come me if only in my dreams.... I love you boy.

Today is 7 months, seems so fresh in mind. Yesterday was Jessica 25th Birthday, we sure missed you at her speacil day. This last week has been very tough. I found a kitten, she look like you in away. I thought that maybe you had send to me, I took her the vet she didn't make it. I hope she is with you and Elivs. She need some freinds. I wish you were to give me the strenght I need right now. I thought about getting another dog and hope that you are ok with that. If you can could come to me in dreams tonight I need you badly. Remmber how much I love you.

Wow 8 months hard to believe , It seems like yesterday that you were here with me..... I miss you so much buddy.....Justin is not speaking to me, could please send him a message to talk to me. I wish you were here with me, cause you love me so unconditionaly. I love you D.O.G. I will see you my dreams tonight.......

It's fall and I know how much you loved running thru the leaves. I took a walk today at this park, you would love it, I thought about our walks thru the woods, and you spotting those squrrels, and just freezen it in your shoes not moving just waiting for them to make there move, as soon as they would run off you would go. Today was hard, you have been gone gone for 10 months today, and today is Justin birthday and he is still not speaking to me, my heart is breaking still for your paws and hugs and kisses, cause I know you would give the love I need wright now. I know someday we will be together again. I love you so much. Please come to me in my dreams tonight, and keep the family safe. Love ya boy......

D.O.G. my best friend how I miss you, it's been 11 months. I think you will be happy, we got a kitty she looks like you,she was born on the 9th of oct two years ago, in some way I feel that your sprit has come back with her, she loves her arm pit scratch like you, she lays on her back and holds her front arms, she also will watch some tv, she is very sweet and loving. I will never for get you, you will be in my heart forever....

Hello D.O.G.
wow I can't believe you have been gone for almost a year. I still miss you so bad. Kitty is helping me I do feel you thru her. I love you boy and miss you.

Hello D.O.G.
year ago day when you left to come to the rainbow bridge. It still feels pretty fresh to me. I miss you all the time. It is the almost Christmas, this is when it get really hard. We also have snow on the ground missing you playing in it. Kitty is getting used to living here. I know that you are there with her. She loves to cuddle like you and she looks at me so deep, I love so much D.O.G.
Hey buddy
Merry Christmas, I miss you and Love you very much.

Hey there my best friend D.O.G
I know it been awhile since I last wrote to you. Although I been talking to you daily. I miss you so much. Wishing you were here with me now. I love you forever. Merry Christmas I am holding on tight to you still and forever. Love you

Been awhile since I have been here. Not because I have forgotten you, I will never forget. Today I find out a friend best buddy has pass away "Rascal", he is problem there all ready, but if he seems lose or confuse, please help understand. Boy I miss you you so much. Kitty is doing good, she is very loving and she seems to know when I am missing you. Love you

Three years have gone bye. Oh how you are still so much miss. I wish everyday that you were by my side again. I will always love you and miss you. I hope you are playing and having a good time. Kitty is still being very loving, it strange because I see so much of you in her. I love you D.O.G.BLUE forever and ever. till we meet again.

Hey there I know its been a long time since I wrote on your letter, I haven forgotten you, I think of you everyday, I miss you buddy. I love you!

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