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Memories of DJ
Our dearest DJ. From the moment we saw you, you took our hearts. We had to take you home. Mommy, Daddy, and your brother will always treasure the wonderful memories of 15 years we were together. You were the cutest puppy and smart. When you were young and it was winter we used to shovel the grass full of snow just so you can go out. We loved how you had your favorite elephant and tucked it under you're belly just to fall asleep. Mommy is keeping your toy with us. Daddy always put a treat in his hand and made you guess which one it was in and you would hit his hands with your paws. Your brother was so happy having you as a friend and companion. Mommy took good care of you when you had your problems and I know you knew it. There are so many good and loving memories we will cherish for ever.
Love you and will always miss my little boy!!!!
Mommy, Daddy, and brother John

Hi my baby boy DJ.. Since your passing on 2/22/14 I still feel the pain and miss you so much. We have you with us now in a small tin and a clay paw print that the doctor did for us. I still wonder how long you would of stayed if we let god take over but we couldn't watch you suffer from not breathing. I hope you know we thought of you and not of us when we made our decision to let you go. We miss you so much my little boy and love you to infinity .. I got a tatoo of an infinity with a paw print , that's my tribute too you!! Love you forever.....

Hi my baby boy DJ! It's been almost 7 months without you and it still hurts that your not with us. We have moved to a new home in March and I look around at where I would of put your bowls or toys or blankets and it makes me sad. I look at pictures and talk about how you would love the new place. The only thing that makes us happy is knowing your not in pain anymore and that someday we will meet again!!
Love you to infinity!!!!!!

Hi my dearest little boy DJ! It's almost Thanksgiving and I can't believe it's been 9 months since you've been gone, there is never a day when I don't think of you.. Today John and I went to the storage to get the winter coats and in one of the pockets was a blue bag that we used when we took you out. I felt so sad but happy thoughts of you came to mind. I hope you think of us as often as we do you! On Thanksgiving I'm going to thank God for the most wonderful 15 years we spent together.
Love you forever to Infinity!!!!!!

Hi my dearest little boy! It's almost Christmas and of course like always I'm thinking of you and missing you so much. I was looking at old pictures of you at this time of year and wishing so much you were here. I love you so much , always know that!! Daddy and Your brother miss you too...
Love you forever to infinity!!!! Mommy

Hi my dearest little boy DJ!!! Today is one year since your gone. It seems like yesterday and we miss you so much!! People say we should get another furry friend, but I don't see that happening, no one could ever replace you my boy!! Daddy is making you a memorial statue to put at your resting place in our home, wait till you see it. I know your looking down at us as we are looking up at you... We hope you know we love you to infinity!!!!!!!!

Hi my dearest little boy DJ!! It's been two years & four months that your gone. It still seems like yesterday & we miss you so much!! Dad did make a memorial statue which is standing where I said it would hope you like it.. I still have your face in pictures & on all my computer devices so I can see you everyday. You are always in our hearts, love you to infinity!!!!!

Hi my dearest DJ!!! It's almost Thanksgiving once again & I still miss you so! I came to your memorial a little late for fall but I will be back for Christmas. This new apartment that we have move to & finally own does not allow dogs & that's fine because you are the only one for me. Did I forget to tell you that your brother got married to Katie & I know you remember her. It seems like yesterday we brought you home when John was a little boy & now he's all grown up to a man. Also a friend of mine has a little boy to name Spanky & he just passed away, could you welcome him and play with him & show him how you watch over us. Love you to infinity!!!!!

Hi my dearest baby boy DJ!! It's almost Christmas & we miss you so! I bought a treat for Jingles, Katie's dog & I wrapped it like I used to do for you to see if he smells it & try's to open it, how I miss those times! We are going to be spending a lot of family times together during the holidays & not a day goes by when your not in our thoughts. Always know how much we love you, Merry Christmas at rainbow bridge... love you to infinity!!!!

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