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Memories of Dixie
Merry Christmas Baby Girl...This will be our first Christmas without u in 14 years...Hasnt even been a month since u went to Rainbow Bridge...Seems like allot longer..I miss u and have seen u on 3 different occasions...Ive heard ur sweet paws on the kitchen floor and heard u lay down on ur cool mat....As u always had to be close...Oh.. How I miss that...I miss u meeting me at the door after a work week that took me out of town...Or a trip to the mailbox..U always greeted me with that tail wagging...I miss u coming to the side of the bed..U knew I would always wake up to scratch ur forehead...U always turned on the nitelite....And the first nite u where not here..The lite came on...I know u where here..I tried moving my legs and could not turn it on after it went out....I guess u where trying to tell me that u where alrite and u would wait for me and we would cross rainbow Bridge together...I talk to u all the time...Hope u dont mind..Its just something I have to do...I read a great poem the other day sent to me from Aunt Shell...Yeah ur sister Sophias mama.....Im guessing u and ur mama Sassy and daddy boomer and sister priscilla are running and having fun....Anyway about the poem it was written about the Rainbow bridge and how all the animals are well again and playing and having fun...Till one day U hear or see ur best friend again and then we are together forever and cross the bridge together...It was written by an unknown author...I believe and pray that is true...I ordered a frame with the poem and it has a spot for ur picture....Till we meet again...Merry Christmas Baby Girl..Run Free Dixie Mae...Love and Miss U so much....Mama, Daddy and Dean..

Well Christmas and New years is over...I sure did miss u ,especially with having time off...I got the rainbow bridge poem and put ur picture in it that mama printed for me...I did get all( not all I had to keep a few) ur stuffed animals and cool mats and donated to Best Friends Animal Society...Some animals that where not loved and neglected will be very happy that u donated them..It sure was a very quiet and lonely Christmas without u..Hope u r having fun in the meadows at rainbow bridge....Hope u found Muffin and Nitty Girl...Well back to work tomorrow..Prolly back on road before long..I got ur pictures on my phone so when Im having a bad day I can look, and the day doesnt seem to bad...Sure does hurt u not meeting me at the door when I come home...Thats all for now..Talk again soon...Till that Glorious Day we meet again...Love Daddy..

They say time heals all wounds..Whoever said that didnot know the love of a sweet girl like u...It hurts just as much today as it did the day u had to leave us...I sure do miss u..Hope ur having fun at rainbow bridge...Just about spring time gonna miss sitting on the deck with u...Still have ur bowl and bed in the same place..Guess I just havent accepted u not here anymore...I keep playing that last day in my head and I know u where in a bad way...I hope u know how much I loved u...As always bestest baby in the whole wide world...Run free baby girl...Til that day we are together again...Love Daddy...

I can't believe it's almost been a year since you were here. I know you are having fun running and playing with no pain. I hate that you had to go through so much in your life. You were a joy to have around and you brought me so much happiness and companionship. I will never forget the day your Daddy called and said you were not well and we may have to make a decision. It was so hard to do but yet it was the right thing to do for you. We all wanted to be selfish and keep you longer but it wasn't fair for you if we did so. Just know that we all still love you and miss you and it's just not the same not seeing you anymore. Love Mama

One year ago We had to say goodbye to u..Its been a hard lonely year without u..I know u are just running and playing at the bridge..We just miss u so much..I found the chewy stick u left for me under ur bed..I know u did it..Ive moved that bed many times since u been gone to vacumn..Then the last time I moved it ..there it was...U knew I needed that...Till next time..Run free baby girl..Love Daddy..

Hey Baby girl...Today makes 2 years we had to say good bye...What a lonely 2 years it has been...I have relived that day over and over..I hope u know how much we loved u...I still talk to u..And miss u so much...I think God for the 14 years we had together..Quickest 14 years of my life...I was truly blessed to have u in my life...Run free baby girl...Love Daddy..

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