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Memories of Dixie
* She liked to eat garbage.
* She would eat anything.
* We called her "pig dog" because of her eating habits.
* One time, when we came home, we found what was left of the kibble was on the floor, the bin had been knocked over and Dixie was there wagging her tail with a big grin on her face. It turned out that half the kibble was gone.
* She had a slobbery tongue and when she licked your hand it would be covered in saliva.
* She would chase cats. She would usually just start running when she saw them. Once she cornered one but wasn't sure what to do.
* She loved going for walks
* She loved a park called the endowment lands.
* We trained her to bark when we said "walk".
* A while ago there was a group that was offering a prize for whoever could get their to bark on the phone. Dixie won. All the previous dogs just licked the phone. We said "walk" and she barked.
* Would go from house to house visiting and neighbors and getting them to feed her. Eventually we put a sign on her that said "Don't Feed Me" because she was getting fat.

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