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Memories of Disney
Disney was my best friend. He was with me everyday...all day. No matter what room in the house I went Disney went. If I wanted to spend all day sleeping he would lay next to me. If he was ahead of me walking... he would turn around to make sure I was still coming. My heart is so broken. It is so hard to imagine life without him.
It started when my daughter went to a pet store. She was seventeen. She called and said mama there is the cutiest cocker spaniel in this pet store can I get him. Of course I said no...she called back and said mama please. I gave in (imagine that). When she came home and got out of the car...he stole my heart. The pet store had taken in his mom and puppies...she was an abused mom. My daughter named him Disney. From then on I claimed him as mine. Being a teenager she didn't mind she was to busy. I had him in a pen outside and would look at that little face wanting to bring him in soooo bad. My husband forbid me to bring a dog in the house. We had such arguments over him coming in the house. So when it was Christmastime in 1997 my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas...of course my answer was all I want is my dog to come and stay in the house. I said you never have to ever give me anything else for Christmas. It worked!!!!!!!!!!!
I kept Disney with me all the time...I live on a farm and was home all day. All the children moved out so it was just Disney and me during the day. I can't tell anyone how much I loved that little boy for eleven years. He had had several medical problems but nothing medication couldn't take care of. Then one day he sneezed several times in a row...his nose started bleeding. I carried him to the vet she said maybe he had some grass stuck in his nose. The only way they could tell is by xray. He was at risk of being put under because of his heart. So I carried him to State College where they were more equipped to take care of him. It took two days of testing when they gave me the news he has nasal cancer. It had gone to far and was very aggressive. There was no option. I was in a state of shock. They gave him two months. About six weeks later he got where it was getting harder for him to breathe. He lost weight. My little boy was getting so tired. Finally I had to make the hardest decision of my life... I can't tell you what that decision has done to me.
I pray my little boy knows I loved him so much.
5/3/08 Well my precious little boy is has been a month since you have been gone. I love you D and miss with all my heart. 6/3/08 Another very said loney month without you my precious. My heart aches so much for you D. I love you so much.
4/2/09 Well...D it has been a year since you had to leave me. I miss you so much. The pain has not gotten any easier. I love you...D.
5/16/09 Just sitting here thinking about you my precious little boy. I miss you so much D... My heart is so heavy. O how I love you!
4/9/10 Two years my precious boy. Miss you more than ever! I love you so very much..... For the past two days I have had so many tears. I do everyday but these couple of days my heart yearns to see you so much. Love you my most precious boy....
5/12/10 Been thinking about you so much today....well that is everyday! Miss you so much. We will be moving into a new house in a couple of months...so wish you were with me. It is just across the field...you would remember we use to ride the gator through it all the time. I will still be able to see you from the new house!!!! You know I will visit you everyday. Oh how I love you!!!!!
5/29/10 Just sitting here thinking about you! I love you so much......
11/5/10 First of all I want to say I love you. Annie left us yesterday. It was terrible Dee. A meter reader ran over her....I was there but nothing I could do. Can't get the imagine out of my head. We might could have saved her if he had stopped when he first hit her but he went right on over her. I can still hear her yelling.... I know you will be happy to see her. She has missed you.
Tell her I love her to...I didn't get a chance.
Wish I could give you a hug and kiss right now...and have you sit in my lap. Love you D......
4/4/12 It's me D. I know it has such a long time. I think of you everyday. My heart is still so heavy....it has been fours years since I got to hold you. I love you so very much...my boy!!!!
9/25/12 Well...D. Don't know how to start. Daddy died the 9th. My heart is broken...I miss him so much. He was very sick. I leave it to you my boy to look after mama and daddy. You never got to know her because she has been gone 30 years. You did know daddy and what a character he was. Cricket died I think the first part of the year...but I don't have to tell you that. I know you and her were so glad to see each other....so glad to know you and her are running and playing. Take care my sweet boy!!!! I love you so much. Stay close to mama and daddy!!!! One day I will see you all again!!!!
4/9/13 I love you so much......
4/9/14 Love you my boy!!! Miss you so much!!!!
6/25/16 Haven't been here in a while.... but I think of you and miss you everyday. Just want to tell you I love you so much.
4/4/17 Thinking of you today as I do everyday. Love you so much. Miss you more than words could ever say.

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