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1/06/16 Dear Dimples, I lost you today. You looked me in the eyes as I was holding you in my arms and I watched you take your last breath. I will never be able to forget how heartbroken I was and still am. I screamed, cried, fell to the ground and kicked and stomped begging you to come back to me. You were so sick though and I can't explain how hard it was to see you in that state.
I was lucky enough to know you since the day you were born and I got first choice between you and your siblings. I knew you were perfect the second I laid my eyes on you. I was able to watch you open your eyes and take your first steps. You were the cutest of alllllll the puppies. You snuggle better than any person or animal I have ever snuggled. I was there from your beginning to your end. You always knew if I was having a cruddy day and knew how to cheer me up in an instant.
You always had me look forward to coming home. You would make those cute squealing noises probably to tell everyone how much you love and missed them. You would be so excited you would spin in circles, soak our faces with your kisses and scratch us, but not to hurt us but to probably try to hug us. You would scratch the covers just so you could crawl under and snuggle. Boy were you good at being so cute I had to try and not hurt you by squeezing you so hard from hugs.
When I got my kitty Maila you would always steal her toys and take them to your bed. You were cute and hilarious. You would get morning breath but I never cared because you were just too cute.
I miss you baby girl. You were only 4 years and 5 months old. You deserved to live a longer life. You didn't deserve to go the way you did. Your with your sister and all of your friends who have passed though. I have no doubt that your sister, Cindy, was waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge to walk you over and is excited to show you everything. She will take good care of you princess. I love love love you. You're not just a dog to me, you're family. You are my child. I'll see you again though, so this isn't goodbye forever my sweet little angel love muffin princess. 👑💘

1/07/16 Oh princess. I kept waking up in the middle of the night looking for you so I could get snuggles. I thought today might be a little bit easier but it's only getting harder. I hate knowing that you aren't alive anymore. I'm realizing more and more that you're really gone. You'll come back though, I know you will. Whether I see you in my dreams or you are sitting right beside me. I know how loving you are and you won't leave me and our family alone. That's not the type of pup you were. You were always there to cheer everyone and I know you hated seeing people upset because you'd always cheer them up.
Today is going to be a hard one. I slept with the blanket I wrapped you up in when you went to the vet. Gomer sniffed it and became super depressed. He knows you're up there and not down here and it's really hurting him. We miss you baby girl. I hope to see you and Cindy in my dreams soon. I love love love you my sweet child.

1/23/16 My little princess. I still can't believe you're gone. It's still been so hard without you. I had a dream about you, but you were still sick. It wasn't the way I wanted to see you again. I want to see you running around like you used to. I still cry when I think of you and I hope you know how I talk about you just as much as I did before. I miss you so so so so much my angel. I wish you could come back, but you belong in heaven. Please though, come visit me in my dreams. It breaks my heart to not have you here. I love you Dimples. I love you so much.

12/19/16 It's been too long since I've been on here. I've been thinking about you a LOT lately. It's still unbelievable to me that you are gone. You were so perfect. I miss showing you off to everyone. Just the cutest little booger. I miss you my beautiful baby princess. You're irreplaceable my love. You'll always be my number one baby girl!

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