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Memories of Diesel
In of honor of my wee Diesel D. He went missing in December 2012, never to be seen again. It has been pure torture, and I pray each night he is warm, full, and purring. Today, it is time, time to stop wondering and release Diesel into the Meadow over the Rainbow bridge.
What a terrible experience, to have an animal go missing, I wish it upon no one and I pray Diesel was never in pain, never scared, never hungry, never cold, and always knew each and every moment that I loved him.

Diesel joined my family (myself and Kiras (tabby) and Leopold (black DSH) in March 2009. I didn't intend on getting a kitten that day, I already had a two year old and a ten year old at home. But, something said - stop at the shelter. Leading my friend and I to stop at the Seattle Animal Shelter in Bellevue, WA. Just a peek at the kittens, they are so cute. There he was, in all his fuzzy black glory, all pound and a half of five week old scruffy fighter. All alone in the cage, giving me the look. "this one", I told the adoption assistant, "I want to see the black one." I was warned that he was a fighter, a scrapper, a biter, a scratcher...basically, not a nice kitten. I wondered, but there was something in his eyes. We headed into a small room as the assistant scruffed this little black ball of wailing, wiggling, holy terror. Arriving in the room, I wasn't sure, but the assistant put him on my lap, he looked up at me, purred and curled up in my lap. I picked him up, the purr grew louder and he nuzzled into my neck. "Looks like you have been chosen." the assistant said, "I feel chosen, he is so sweet" I said, with tears in my eyes. I tried to hand him to my friend to see what she thought - he freaked out and jumped back to me, curling up again. I played with his ears, his paws, his tail - he would let me do anything to him.
Yes, of course he came home with me, how could he not!?! He was officially named, Diesel. And quickly became Diesel D, short for Diesel the Destroyer.
His brother and sister took to him quickly and our little family was complete.
Diesel grew into a loving fellow who remained somewhat timid of people he didn't know, but grew to know people were good. He loved to play - but never with a toy, always with trash or some other home found item.
He had such a sweet nature, always snuggling, pawing my face lightly in the morning to be let under the covers.

We had three amazing years, he was loved 100% every day of his life and spoiled rotten. He had a great life, though it was much too short. I will never know what happened to Diesel and I will always ask why. A piece of my heart was taken the day you disappeared. I searched day and night, doing everything possible. I am sorry my sweet little guy. You will forever be my little buddy and I just with I could have kept you from harm.

Forever loved...never forgotten. Diesel D!

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