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Memories of Diesel
My Beloved Diesel,
I am sorry for not visiting more. Sometimes life is just very hard without those that I love.. Mummy's love for you all has never wavered. Sometimes I miss you so much. By now I am hoping that Shadow has found his big sister, brothers and Daddy. Right now my home is so empty without a furbaby. What do you think? Should Mommy get another furbaby and if you answer is yes, please give me a sign. When my time has come I pray that you all will be waiting for me on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.💖💖💖💖

My Beloved Diesel.
You are never farther than a thought away. Mommy misses you, Precious, Sweet Pea and Bear. I love you all so much. I pray that when It is my time to leave this earth that I see you all just over the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me.

Love Mommy.

My Beloved Diesel,
December 22 2015.
Mommy has not been to visit you for awhile. I am sorry but sometimes life gets chaotic. I have had 4 surgeries since I last left you a message. By now you should have met your fur brother Bear.. He had a stroke and passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Once again my heart has been shattered. I have adopted another fur brother whose name is Shadow. He is helping to ease the pain of losing all those that I have loved. You all are in my heart and never far away then a thought. Look after your fur siblings and tell them how much Mommy loves all her babies. This time of year is very hard for Mommy but I know that one day I shall be with you all once again. Love you to the moon and back.

My Beloved Deisel

Dec 21 2012
Another year has passed and I still miss you so much. How is Precious and Cassidy doing? I am really having a very hard time this year. The only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that I will eventually be with you all. All my furbabies will never be forgotten. The space in my heart has now got a new furbaby to love and care for. He is a little sheltie named Bear. Even though I now have Bear you are never more than a thought away.

Love you always

My Beloved Deisel

Another year has passed and it is Christmas. Please watch for your little brother for he passed away December 17 2011. I am totally devastated. I pray that he finds you and can find comfort with you, Grandma, Daddy and Audrey. Someday we will all meet again.

Love forever

My Belived Deisel

I have not been to talk to you in awhile but it does not mean that I have forgotten you! Have seen Daddy yet? He went home to be with Jesus. With Daddy's passing I have lost the 3 most earthly people in my life. With Christmas coming it is very difficult for me. Right now I do not even have the heart to put up a tree or any lights. Just too many memories.

Our Beloved Deisel

It has been 2 years since God took you home to be with him. Time has not lessened the pain that your going has caused. If you look around the corner you will see Grandma for she left to be with God on October 19th 2009. I picture Mom, you, Audrey and Precious standing around God which gives me some measure of peace. You would have loved Cassidy. He has so many actions that you used to do that it is sometimes scary.

You will always have our love and be in our hearts.

Mommoy and Daddy

We will miss her forever. She walks with God and Audrey.

February 11 2008
We miss you so much. Every time I turn around I look to see where you are and then I remember you are with God and Audrey. You are always in our thoughts.

September1 2008

My Beloved Diesel
I have not been here for sometime because the pain has not lessen since you went to be with God.
I still look for you around every corner and for a second I can not find you and then I remember. I still think of all the times you have made us laugh with your antics. All that knew you are sorry that you have gone to be with God. I have missed you so much and the void that you have left is so huge. Your Daddy and I talked about it for a while and then decided to adopt another rescue dog. We picked him up on March 1 2008. His name is Cassidy and he is a Sheltie that is 5 years old. He does not replace you for nothing could do that. He is as unique a dog as you were. It will take a long time for him to realize that all he will get in this house is love, food, comfort and that he no longer has to fear everything. I also wanted to let you know that Daddy lost his cottontail Precious. I hope that you both have found each other. Losing you and Precious in less than 6 months has been devastating for us. Please ask Audrey to watch out for Precious and to fold Precious in her loving arms. I am going to say good bye for now because the tears will not stop running.

With all our love
Mommy and Daddy

December 21 2008

Our Beloved Deisel

It has been a year since you left us to go with God. We still miss you so much. Daddy and I thought of you most of yesterday (not that we donot think of you all the time). We miss your talking to us and your funny antics in the snow. Sometimes i see you out of the corner of my eye and I turn quickly to talk to you and you are not gone. You will always be in our hearts.

Love you so much
Mommy and Daddy

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