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Memories of Diamond
Diamond "Mooda" Banks-Johnson
March 17, 1998-March 1, 2015

We remember the day you came home just like it was yesterday. Kesha and Nie brought you home unannounced and without the permission of Poppie. We hid you on the back porch while we figured out how to tell him. The next morning you were discovered. Of course he had a fit and we were told you couldn't stay. Cherie, Kesha and I gathered around your crate; Cherie prayed so hard that we knew there was no way you were leaving. The next thing I know, you were riding around town in the Fifth Avenue with Poppie!!!! Oh my!

We watched you grow up into a wonderful doggie. Everyone on the block knew Diamond. You would get out of the fence and sometimes it took the entire neighborhood to get you back in the yard. You loved your freedom! We'd watch you run your path around the bushes in the back yard over and over until you finally got tired. LOL!

The arrival of Naj'mar was something special for you. You assumed the role of his protector and took it seriously. If you got out of the gate, you were gone. If Naj'mar got out of the gate, you would never leave his side, knowing he was just a little boy who needed you. His mom couldn't even discipline him in your presence-oh no, you weren't having it! You were never a fan of other dogs. However, when we had to take care of Brownie for a few days, it was as if you knew we had saved him from a life in the shelter. You accepted him and played with him. We were so proud of you! If we were sad, you knew it and would always make us feel better.

You were funny! You'd always greet me with a shoe, you'd steal Naj'mar's Thanksgiving dinner, you'd run around the house, sit next to the heat with Cherie and boy did you hate that vacuum cleaner. You let Jareel and Nyla play doctor with you being the patient and you never seemed to mind getting your teeth examined. You loved to take long walks, you never liked to sit in the back seat of the car and no, you did not take being left alone very well. Do you remember eating your Christmas present-the wooden bone that said "A Spoiled Rotten Pit Bull Lives Here"? How about stealing that chocolate donut and proudly coming down the stairs with it? So many wonderful memories...

Last year this time we celebrated your Sweet Sixteen-you had your own cake, balloons, party hats,banners-everything for our Mooda! At the Vet, Dr. Otero called you her miracle dog-the oldest pit she'd ever treated! We prayed that you would be here for your 17th, but that was not to be. As difficult as it was for all of us, we knew you were suffering and it was time to let you be happy and whole again. You were our best friend, such a good girl, and we miss you more than words can explain. We are heartbroken!!!!! Even Poppie is having a hard time; he keeps seeing you in the corner of his room. The house is so empty now, no "tap tap tap" down the hallway anymore. I'm pretty lost right now; I have to keep reminding myself that you are happy and healthy again and that, one day, you will greet me-all of us- at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, keep watching over us and know that we will NEVER forget you!

We love you Mooda!

Your Family,
Nammie, Poppie, Kesha, Nie, Cherie, Naj'mar, Jareel and Nyla
Patches and Dolce

March 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Mooda!

I had a dream this morning that you were asleep on my bed, just like you were last year this time. We will celebrate your birthday, along with Poppie's, when Cherie comes home for spring break. I know you will be in the room-treats will be waiting for you in your dish-we will let Dolce and Patches eat them for you, ok? Miss you so much! Hugs....Your Family

March 22, 2015

Hi Mooda

It's been three weeks since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I know you are happy and healthy now. Today was kind of hard-after dinner you weren't here to eat the bones....Poppie is still imagining you are in the hallway and I keep looking for you when I come home. We miss you Diamond.....

September 30, 2015
Hi Mooda,
Today was Dolce's birthday. You never got to know her. I think you two would have been friends. She doesn't like me. Oh well. Patches has gotten so big. She is very playful and sweet. They think we may get a hurricane; I hope not because you are not here to keep my feet warm. LOL. Anyway, just wanted you to know I an thinking about you. I miss you terribly

October 20, 2015
Hey Mooda!
It has been kinda chilly here. It's been hard because it takes me a long time to get warm when I go to bed; my heater is not here. LOL. Guess I need to get an electric blanket. Miss you so much. Hugs!

February 29, 2016
Hey Mooda!
Last year this time you were making your transition to the Rainbow Bridge. What a sad day for us, even though it was best. We miss you sooooo much!
Yes there is a new fur baby-she reminds me a lot of you except she likes other dogs. We rescued her so I know you are OK with her being here. Dolce is still Dolce-LOL. Patches is so big, not the tiny puppy you remember. Know that none of them will ever replace you, no dog will. Just watch over them for us please. Oh yes, there is a new human baby here too! Her name is Jada Noelle Ava-she belongs to Cherie. So pretty, I know you'd love her. Naj'mar is almost 16-can you believe it?! Jareel and Nyla are growing up fast too. I love you Mooda-you will always be the bestest dog!!!!

We miss you Mooda...

November 4, 2016
Hey Mooda!
How are you???? I miss you terribly! Leah is good, just takes over the bed. She's not allowed under the covers though-that's reserved for only you! Patches and Dolce are doing well because we know you are looking over them. One of my friends just lost their Fur Baby-her name is Roxy. Please welcome her to the Rainbow Bridge and show her around.
Yes, Naj'mar is 16 now. Jareel is 9 and Nyla is 7. Jada is getting big, trying to walk. Poppie is still Poppie. LOL. Nothing much has changed. Just wanted to say I Love You!

March 17, 2017

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Mooda!
Happy Birthday to You!

And yes, your Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Decorations are still up!

Guess what? Naj'mar got his drivers license yesterday. That means you are now on special duty to make sure you and Jesus look over him every time he gets behind the wheel.

Love you much!!!

November 21, 2107

How are you Mooda? I know you met Poppie at the Bridge. Sorry I'm just getting around to write you. It's been so hard without you and now without Poppie. Leah does her best but t's not the same. I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving and remembering your last one with us here. Yes, you kept eating Naj'mar's food...LOL...can you believe that he will be going to college soon?! The little boy you always protected is not a little boy anymore. Jareel is doing well; he's such a natural athlete. Nyla is taking cheerleading so seriously this year. I know yoy are watching down on all of us and now that Poppie is with you you are no longer by yourself. How's Uncle Tony? I miss you all sooooooo much. This is really hard Mooda but I'll be okay. I love you Mooda. Enjoy Thanksgiving and lick Poppie and Uncle Tony for me.

March 1,2018

Hi Mooda! How are you? We miss you so much! Is Poppie behaving up there? It seems like you were just here with us. I know you are watching down on us from heaven. Jareel is doing great, Naj'mar is getting ready for college-yes college! Nyla is getting straight A's in school. Jada who you only know from heaven is something else. Anyway, keep looking after us! Hugs!

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