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Memories of Dewey
It's been a year now, Dew-Man, and I still miss you as much as I did the day you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Midnight and Lucky are full of silliness, and Midnight is still smarter than everyone around him, but you are still the Alpha dog and I miss you so much. I hope you are enjoying your new life, which I know you are. Please say hi to my precious Bricky for me, too. Mom loves you very much.

Well, Dew-Man, you no doubt are now taking care of our precious Dilon, who joined you last September. Our hearts were broken beyond belief when he left us so tragically. Please take good care of him because he is scared of everything. I know you will, Dew-Man. Midnight is slowing down, but still has troublemaker face. Lucky is a fat butt. We have two new pups here - they would make you crazy. Sky and Calvin. They are good, but they would drive you nuts. :-) How is Bricky?? I hope he is well and I hope he forgives me for not taking the best care of him I could in some years when I was lost and didn't know my priorities. It bothers me, Dewey, and I want him to know that I didn't do it on purpose. I'm trying to do right by him. Take care, Dew-Man. Watch over Dilon, OK? We're OK and I miss you every day.
Love, MOM.

Oh, Dew-Man...can you believe that Nighta came to join you??!! I wasn't ready for that, even tho' he was 13 years old (and that's 91 in dog years!). He had gotten so old in the last couple of months, and so weak, and so sick. It was so sad, but it was so hard to let him go. Bryce called him his brother, and it's true - Bryce lived half his life with him. I'm having a diamond made of his ashes. :-) It's not been a good fall without Nighta. I miss him so much, but I know the two of you are "singing" like you used to do when I would leave for work in the morning. That makes me happy. Show him around, OK. He'll be happy to see Bricky. Nighta was only a pup when Bricky died. Time flies so fast. Take care of them all, OK. Mom loves you all.

Oh Dew-Man...I cannot believe it has been 7 years, my friend. The time since Nighta joined you has been a dark, dark time. The pack had a very rough go of it, and it was very hard on me. Nighta made me a beautiful, yellow diamond. It looks like his eyes when he would give me troublemaker face. I forgot to tell you about our third addition to the pittie pack - Vegas. She annoys Lucky. He is getting older and slower, and that makes me sad. We have a human member of the pack - Colton. The pupz love him. I still miss Nighta so much - I hope you two are having great times with Bricky and Dilon. Take care, and say hi to the boys for me, OK? Tell them how much Mom loves and misses them. Love you Dew-Man.

Dew-Man...it's Mom, checking in. There is a new pack member that kind of just dropped from the sky into our world. His name is Butler, and he is one. Oh Boy!!! He's a sweet guy, but oh the energy. He needed a good home and he's happy. He annoys Lucky Dog, but he respects the fact that Lucky is the elder statesman. He is afraid of Sky, the "evil sister". He and Vegas play together, and poor ol' Calvin feels left out. So, we give him extra attention. What a zoo, Dew-Man. Nighta would be shaking his head going "let me get some peace and quiet!" Of course, if Nighta was in his runnin' days, he be all about it! Take care and give big hugs to Nighta, Bricky and Dilon for me! Tell them Mom loves and misses them SO MUCH!

Dew-Man...it is the 8th anniversary of the day you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Wow. How is Nighta? I miss him terribly. My life was forever changed with his passing. I hope you, Nighta, Bricky, and Dilon are having fun and causing trouble. :-) The pack at home is crazy. Lucky is going on 10, but still doing OK. Sky, Calvin, Vegas, and Butler are all crazy dogs - each in their own way. Colton knows their names, but has interesting ways of saying them. Everyone is very good with him and he loves the "puppies". Take care, my good dog, and give hugs to The Boys. Tell them that Mom loves them with all her heart and misses them so much. Watch over them as the protector you are. Love you, Dew-Man.

It's been 10 years Dew-Man. All the bunnies are with you now. Can you believe it? I wish I could go back in time buddy. I sometimes wish it was you, me, and Nighta. Take care of everyone, OK? Mom loves you.

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