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My heart hurts and it is so broken right now 💔 I appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers for me and My Boy Desi 💔 I miss him so much He licked my hand before we went to sleep every night 💔 He cuddled up so close to me on my right side 💔 He use to walk all over my chest and kiss my nose when he wanted some lovin' 💔 He barked at me whenever I was making his food like to hurry up, I'm hungry kind of bark, I wasn't fast enough for him 💔 He had favorite blankets just for him but now they are empty 💔 He hopped around like a bunny whenever I came home from work or doing an errand 💔 smile 💙 it was so hard to catch him and pick him up, it made me dizzy 💙smile 💙 when I gave him a treat, he played with it before he ate it or he carried it around with him and went on a mission to find a place to bury it 💔 smile 💙 Desi also had another mission to bury my socks 💙smile 💙 Desi was a very very special friend of mine and he always stayed by my side through thick and thin 💔 when he was younger and we went for walks, I could not keep up with those fast paced four little legs of his 💔 Desi loved to play and fetch his toys it tired me out 💔💔💙💙💙 Desi was and always will be known as "My Boy" 💔💔💔 Mommy will always love you "My Boy Desi" 💔💔💙💙💙

Karen Douglas wrote this: Just know that when he crossed, his sister Lucy was right there at the heavenly gates of the rainbow bridge to greet him! They are playing and chatting about when they were just wee pups! And telling every other up there what a fantastic Mommy they had! One who cared for there every need! Was always there for them! And loved them beyond words!
Bella and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! And we are only a phone call away! And just a hop, skip and a jump from you! Love you my friend!
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Sandy Dowling My Beautiful Kind Hearted Friend Karen 💙 Thank you for the comforting thoughts and prayers 💙 Knowing that Desi's sister was waiting for him as he crossed over Rainbow Bridge is very comforting 💙 My first two fur baby friends ever and they are both together now 💙 They taught me so much and we had so much fun together especially when they were puppies 💙 I love you and Bella and I know you are near 💙 I am so very happy to be a part of your life as you are mine 💙 Love you too my dear friend 💙
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Donna Mammone So sorry for your loss of the cutest guy ever. He was the sweetest little cutie and I remember those walks. Memories of him will always comfort you
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Sandy Dowling 💙 My dear sweet kind hearted friend Donna I do have wonderful memories of Desi and our life together You were there at the start and you always remember our love for these precious family fur baby members Thank you for caring and loving me still
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Linda Beward Sandy I know how hard this is for you to have lost one if not the most precious loves of your life Desi .Yesterday when i heard of his crossing over to the rainbow bridge i cryed all day i just could not help myself i did not know that he was sick. As you know i lost both my boys on the same day and time Beamer was 17 and benji was 16 My heart still aches from that day i lost them ..I would have shortened my own life if it meant keeping them with me longer but it just is not meant to be that way ..In time the heart starts to heal and the sting lessens but not i day goes by that i do not think of them that is when I know they are wagging thier little tails in my heart saying Mommy don't cry we are here and want you to know how much we love you ..So remember when your heart feels very heavy it is Desi wagging his little tail and letting you know he never left you he lives in your heart... 💙💙angel emoticon
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Sandy Dowling My beautiful friend Linda 💙 thank you for the comforting thoughts 💙 I never realized how bad Desi's heart issue was ~ he was diagnosed with a heart murmur about a month or so ago ~ I knew for weeks that he was preparing himself for crossing over the Rainbow Bridge, but it was shocking to wake up to him being gone 💙 I didn't expect it this soon 💙 I know that they tug at our hearts and i am sure Beamer and Benji still do 💙 Desi gave me the best years of his life and I am very thankful for that, but I still miss my little man 💙 I will know when he is wagging his little tail by tugging at my heart so much 💙 Love you 💙
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Louie Denise McBride Wish I could make it all better for you Sandy Dowling, as I have been there and it sure does hurt. Sending huge hugs to you and keeping you in my thoughts. I am here if you need anything, even an ear to bend. 💙
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Sandy Dowling You are so very precious and thoughtful Louie 💙 I feel those huge hugs coming my way from you. I will be sure to remember to bend your ear when ready heart emoticon So thankful to have you in my life 💙
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Cheryl Baptista Sandy, I know there are no words that I could ever write or say that would make this any easier.. reading what you wrote about your sweet little friend, brought a stream of tears.. I don't think our heart ever completely mends.. but I do know in time the pain is not as sharp.. These beautiful memories that you wrote about your sweet boy Desi, in time will become beautiful treasures. .I wish you comfort and peace, at this time , when your heart is shattered... Desi is now your Guardian Angel watching over you and little Lucy Rose.. he will always be by your side, walking silently with each step you take.. unseen and unheard ..Godspeed Desi.. 💙💙💙
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Sandy Dowling My dear friend Cheryl 💙 You described my feelings perfectly 💙 I am thankful for the 14 years My Boy Desi gave me unconditionally 💙 He loved me to the end 💙 You are a dear and treasured friend
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