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Memories of Depot Dog
Our first dog love, never to be forgotten Depot Dog. Our hearts are broken my Depot Dog, we sleep with your ashes and mourn for you all day. I know one day tears will be replaced with smiles. I miss you my love more than words can ever describe. I lay with you on my chest, you always wanted to be with me. I have your pictures all over so I can see you all the time. You live in my minds eye and in my heart. Thirteen years wasn't enough my love, wait for me at The Bridge.

I will never forget the day my life changed forever...July 25, 2003 when Daddy rescued you from Home Depot. How could someone tie and leave such a beautiful puppy? You brought such life and love to our lives and hearts and our home was never the same again.

I thank you Depot for teaching me so much about love. I miss you every moment of every day.

Mommy & Daddy miss you so much and so does your brofur Keiko. The house is very quiet and empty.

10/11/16 Your memorial stone came today it's so beautiful and a footstone as well, Mommy cried a lot today, please don't be upset. It's part of the grieving process my sweet boy. We hung the footstone on the fireplace as you so often laid on the hreath these last few weeks. I have one of Mommy's favorite songs playing for you, it always makes me cry, not for sadness but shear emotion. I love you so much my love, the house, my days everything is so empty without you. Your brother Keiko is loosing so much weight, without you here he doesn't eat that much, once a day. You would laugh, he doesn''t yelp and do his Shiba sounds and dances as Daddy prepares dinner for him, I guess it was when he was happier and did it for your benefit. He is truly so sad without you, go figure, he really did love you. I have to go my love, I can no longer see through my tears, know I love you so much my sweet Depot, Depot dog xoxoxoxox love Mommy

Tomorrow I will tell you about the wonderful people on this side of The Bridge and their loved firbabies who are there and probably playing with you oxox

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