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Memories of Denver
Miss Denver was a special girl. As a pup she loved to run and play with her tennis ball. She was happiest with her grandfather, who would play with her for hours. When grandpa came to visit, her tail would thump so loudly and she would jump all over him and give him so many kisses. At night she would curl up in his arms. When grandpa wasn't visiting, she would spend all her time with her mom and dad. She would go to bed and curl up among our pillows and sleep all night with us. She was rarely unhappy. Several years ago, around 8 years old, she was diagnosed with glaucoma and lost one eye. She wasn't deterred. Nothing phased her. She kept right on playing with that ball, making snow angels in winter, going for walks and cuddling on the couch and in bed. A few years after that, she endured 34 days in ICU, 3 eye surgeries, 21 TPA injections to her eye and round the clock drops in an attempt to save her vision in the good eye. Once again, her demeanor never changed. The vets said she was the only dog ever to do so many injections without any sedative! Her vision finally faltered about 6 months later and our sweet Denver went blind. Most people never knew she was blind. She got around everywhere by spacial memory and scent. The tail never stopped thumping. She was blind the rest of her life - nearly 5 years. Her hips got sore as she got older but she still went for walks. And a funny thing happened. A new cat wandered into our garage one day and became part of the family. Fat Kitty, as we call him, loved his Denver. He cuddled with her every night. He waited for her to come home. She rarely got upset with him. Sometimes he would wake her while she slept and she would give him a low growl to tell him to knock it off. They were inseparable. It was unbelievable and so amazing. On her last night with us, she spent the evening with her dad and her kitty. It was a normal night. As always, dad picked her up to carry her to our bedroom upstairs. At the moment he picked her up, she collapsed and passed away in his arms. Her bond with her dad was so incredible and their love for each other so strong, there was no other way for her to leave this earth to cross the rainbow bridge but with her dad and her kitty. We miss her every day. Life isn't the same without our Denver. Her kitty, mom, dad, grandpa and grandma love and miss her. We look to that day when she greets us on that bridge with a tennis ball in her mouth, tail thumping, and vision intact. We love you so much Denver. You will always be our family. ❤️🐾
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