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Memories of Deli " Afternoon De-light"
As the Wizard of Oz said to the tin man: "the heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others!" So goes Deli. Her full name "Afternoon De-lite"

She was a horse that could be anyone's horse. Deli was or I should say "is" my niece because forever her hoofs are permanently imprinted on my heart. For her Mom, Dad, Stable-mates and Friends, I am creating this page.

I am not a "Horse" person, but a "Living Creature" person, because of that: for me it was a matter of imprinting, and imprint everyone's heart..she did! She responded to everyone's requests, and you didn't have to ask her twice. It surprised me, right up until the couple days before she left the earthly bounds that she knew exactly what you wanted.

We all open ourselves to hurt when we love someone, and allow them into our hearts, but that is what its all about and what we all do. We never consciously think that this special individual will never leave us, and as humans we consciously know that we will usually outlive our pets. We forget; that to be blessed, we will know many pets in our lifetime. But yet we continue to open our hearts again and again to breaking. That is how special living things are. We are willing to love and get hurt repeatedly, because that unconditional love we receive is so great.

Its either going through life without letting someone or something in, not risking hurt. Or allowing that one to come in, loosing them and mourning. We can choose the first, but then again, what kind of life would that be? I guess we all have to learn, its better to have love and lost than never loved at all. But our memory actually keeps them alive, so its not loss at all.

Loved by her Fur Mom and Fur Dad, and everyone at the stables, that alone is enough to say she was a lovely spirit.
Because her earthly spirit did touch others, she of course lives on forever. As long as we do not forget Deli, then Deli will not forget us. This can be said of any living person, animal or living thing that passes through our lives. Because of knowing them, we are made a better person and they live on forever.

This Thank You comes from the Heart and from her Mom, Dad and Friends....
Thank You Deli for teaching me to trust, to be more confident and to be a better person.

To feel not worthy of her presence, says how good of a teacher Deli was and will continue to be as long as we remember her lesson.

Deli Trot!

Please help by donating to any animal rescue organization you wish to, in honor of all the Deli's in our lives...and Thank You Ranibows Bridge for helping Pet Rescue Organizations.

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