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Memories of Dazie Fredlund
To Our Precious Dazie,
You came in the sunshine
and left in the rain . . .
I just know that one day
We will see you again.
Your very gentle, loving eyes
now brighten our dark skies
for no other, so deeply loved,
deserved more to be in heaven above.
We've loved you sweet angel
right from that very first day,
for your joy at Rainbow Bridge,
we hope and we pray.

I remember so well the very first time we met . . . I'd come to visit you and your grandpa, Ralph. You were only five years old (and you'd originally been my [then] future stepson's dog, but when he couldn't keep you, your grandpa did.) You weren't very used to having guests, and so you barked at me. Due to my [unfounded] fear of Pit Bulls, Ralph kept you on a long, thick rope that entire weekend . . . until, stretching to reach me, your beautiful eyes began to nearly bulge from pulling on that stupid rope, and I insisted that he take off the rope. You immediately came to me, kissed my hand and snuggled against me legs. Despite the few reservations I still had, we quickly became fast friends.

Remember the first time that your Grandpa Ralph left for a weekend and it was just "you and I" for two days and nights? As I gulped down my feelings of anxiety, together we climbed the stairs up to the master bedroom. I climbed into the big bed, and knowing that you were accustomed to sleeping with your grandpa, I called you up onto the bed; you weren't able to get all the way up by yourself. After attempting several times to help you up onto the bed without success [you were too heavy for me] I finally slid the mattress off of the bed. Together we then climbed onto the mattress and fell asleep, snuggled next to each other. It was that night I knew that I would never have any reservations about you being a "Pit Bull." Very soon we became nearly inseparable. Each time you'd gaze at my with those beautiful, gently brown eyes, my heart would melt.

Remember how I wouldn't want to answer the door after dark when your grandpa wasn't at home? Remember how you'd hurry over to the door making those ferocious Pit Bull barks and growls, then come scurrying into the next room beside me and gaze up at me as if asking, "Did I do a good enough job, Grammy?" I'd praise you for being such a great watch dog!

Much later on, it was you, Dazie, who inspired the writing and publishing of my very first book, "BAD RAP, The Truth about the Tragically Misunderstood Pit Bull." [available at Amazon.com.] For, sadly, I had believed all the negative hype about Pit Bulls . . . that is, until I met and fell in-love with you, sweet Dazie. You always slept in our big bed with us when grandpa was at home so that he could lift you onto the bed and slept close to me, oftentimes with your head on the pillow, just like us.

Within only a few years, you began to move more slowly and grandpa and I could tell that Old Father Time {da_n him!] was catching up on you. You developed a couple of tumors on your back that were benign, thank God. But we could tell that your aches and pains were worsening. Grandpa got you lots of medicine from the veterinarian and it seemed to help you a great deal for some time. But, one terrible morning, after you'd stopped eating for a couple of days, you awakened and threw-up in bed and seven times on the floors. We knew you were in real trouble; that something really awful had taken ahold of you. We rushed you to the vet. who gave you an injection and medicine, and she told us that you might begin eating again. But, the following morning you vomited again. I could tell that you were dying. Poor grandpa took you back to the vet. and she terminated your then painful life. After doing an ultrasound on your body, she was able to inform us that you had developed a large, cancerous tumor on your liver that was blocking your large intestine. The day that the vet. terminated your life, I could have sworn that I heard you moving about in the next room. I firmly believe you'd returned to let me know that you were alright up in heaven. I cannot remember every having known such terribly dark days as those first days following your death.

Dazie, you had the most gentle nature of any dog I have ever known (and I have had many dogs in my lifetime) . . . when totally in love with you I'd so quickly grown. You brightened our days in so many beautiful ways, Sweet Angel and I know that I will miss you each and every day until one day when we are happily reunited. I look so forward to that day. I love you so very, very much precious angel, and I know that I always will.

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