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Memories of Dawn Marie Becker
My most beautiful Dawn Marie Becker. You were the best dog in the world. The sweetest, and the kindest and the smartest. I remember when I first got you from my friend Dawn. You sat in my lap in the car. I put you in the mailbox and told Shawn and Dean that Santa sent you. You have filled our lives with nothing but love, especially me. You were my baby, my pride and joy, the love of my life. I remember you were the cutest puppy and learned so quickly. You loved your biscuits and going for walks. You loved it when we threw snowballs at you and loved barking at the hose and drinking the water from the hose. You loved to howl when we howled and at sirens. I loved dressing you up for Halloween since that was the day you were born. You were happy when we knocked at the door and told you to "get em." You were so protective of us. When we got your sister Lou, you welcomed her with open arms. She loved you and thought you were her mother. She misses you terribly. And Stinky also loved you and you loved him. I am struggling every day without you. I feel so guilty. It was not your time to leave us. It was so wrong the way it all happened. I would give anything to have you back. I know you don't blame me and you hurt when I hurt. I know you are looking down at us now and want us to be happy. I hope and pray that you are having fun and running and barking and howling and playing with your friends like Nig and Homer. It is going to take a long time for me to heal and I need your help. I know I would not be here today if it wasn't for you. You saved my life when I wanted to end it. I tried to give you the best life I could. I gave you your insulin and your special food and your medicine that you needed. I hope you know how special you were to me and that I would have done ANYTHING for you. My best friend I will miss you, but I will NEVER forget you and ALWAYS love you with my WHOLE HEART AND MY WHOLE SOUL. My baby Dawnie!!
10-19-12 it has been 2 weeks now since you have left us. Im still dying inside. I still look for you and hear you panting in my sleep. I would give anything to have you back. You made life fun and i needed you so much. You were my best friend. It is so lonely without you. I found pics of you when you were little and showed julia. You were my precious angel. I am planning a dedication to you for oct 31 st ...your birthday. To honor you. Goodnite my sweet angel...you are in my heart. <3
October 31, 2012....
I took Dempsey, Amayah, Lou and Stinky and we went to Mike Sedar park to do a memorial service for you. Amayah and I were dressed up as angels, and so was Lou. Stinky would have no part of wearing a costume! WE held up light sticks, held hands and said some words about you. I know you were listening! Also on that day I tried on my angel costume and taped myself doing a little talk to you. I cried and told you how much I love and miss you and asked you if you were okay and to send me a sign that you were okay. About five minutes later I took a picture of me holding your picture. The picture of you in your santa hat. Anyways....in the picture, your face is all lit up like you are an angel. I knew it! You are really and truly an angel and you always were. You saved me so many times. I know that time that we were coming back from Ft. Collins after your eye surgery and we hit black ice and went off the road and almost had a roll over, you were protecting us. You were never just a 'dog' you have always been my angel, my protector, my soul mate. It was not just a coincident that I chose you to me my puppy. You were meant to be mine. I had no clue that I would have to quit doing daycare and find a job and start working at DFS and meet Dawn, who asked me if I wanted to have a puppy. I didn't want any dogs, but for some reason, I wanted you. you were meant to be mine and my life became good and happy and filled with love because of you. If dogs could live forever on love, you would still be here with me. You would never die. I loved and love you more than anything and I thank God that you came into my life. I am still crying every day and blaming myself for not seeing the signs. The heavy panting...I knew it was wrong, but the vets told me it was just your pain from your arthritis. I know now that it was probably because your lungs hurt. I am so sorry my beautiful princess. I would do anything to have you back. Please continue to watch over me and love me, as I will NEVER stop loving you. My beautiful beautiful sweet precious Dawn.

Merry Christmas my most beautiful baby girl. I think about you every day and will continue to do so. you are in my heart forever and ever. I still hate myself for not seeing the signs you were trying to show me. You stayed tough for me. Life is so lonely and hard without you. I keep praying for you to show me a sign that you are okay in heaven, but nothing comes. Please do this for me so I know you are safe. I love you. Mommy

Today is August 22, 2013. I spend every day thinking about you and praying for you every night. I miss you so much. I got Lou a resuce dog and his name is Dum Dum. He is an idiot, and nothing compared to you. Lou doesn't really like him, but I wanted her to have a partner since you had to leave us. Dawn, I love you so much and I miss you so much and I wish you were here. My beautiful baby, I am hoping and praying that there is a doggie heaven and you are there happy and content. Bless you my sweet beautiful baby girl. I love you.

My most perfect angel....today it has been a whole year that you have left us. I think of you every single day and I cry for you. I never see you in my dreams and would love for you to come and visit me there. I hate life without you. I absolutely hate it. I cannot wait until my time comes and I can see you again. Nothing here is the same without you and I just want to be with my beautiful Dawn Marie. I am so sorry you had to leave me....I know that was scary and I wish I was smart enough to go to the vet and demand that I be with you. I had no idea they were stupid enough to know you were fading and not even tell me. They are evil and will get what they deserve when they meet up with God. You are my beautiful baby. We will celebrate your birthday again on October 31st and release more ashes at your favorite park..Mike Sedar. I pray there really is a Rainbow Bridge and that you are having fun up there and watching over me. I love you more than anything in this shit world. I love you and will continue to love you for the rest of my life. Dawn Marie Becker, you are my angel.

We had another memorial service for you. WE took all the animals and said a prayer and scattered some more of your ashes. I love you more than anything and can't wait to see you again.

Hi beautiful Dawn. Today is 6/14/14. It is a nice summer day. I wish you were here to enjoy it with us. I remember when you loved to play outside and you would run and loved it when I turned on the hose. You would drink the water and bark and have a great time. I love you and miss you each and every day. Life is not the same without you. I am sad and lonely. Please come into my dreams and let me know you are well. Hope you are looking down on us and protecting us....like you always did. My beautiful baby.

10/25/2014 My baby Dawn Marie it has been two years already. It feels like you were just with me yesterday. I miss you so much. My life is not the same anymore. You were the most important thing and I still feel guilty like I betrayed you. You left me so quickly, I didn't have a chance to say goodbye and tell you I love you. I do know that you knew I loved you. You were my best friend, the best friend I ever had. I am crying as I write this. I feel you everywhere, all the time. My most precious angel. I cant wait to see you again. Please continue to look over me and help me. when I see you I will never let go again.

5/7/2015 Baby Dawn, Lou has joined you today. I will miss her so much. I find some comfort knowing she will be with you again in Heaven. She has missed her mommy for a few years. Please help Lou Lou cross the Rainbow Bridge. Have fun together!! Lou Lou, I love you and will always love you. I am sorry you had to endure this fucking cancer shit. You are now pain free and I'm sure you are chasing Dawnie. I love both of my baby girls.

Hello my babies....today is December 30, 2015. I missed both of you this Christmas. I hung your ornaments and picture of you two sitting by the christmas tree from 2005. Every day hurts because I love and miss both of you. Bless my baby girls.

9/20/2016 It has almost been 4 years since I lost my most beautiful Dawn Marie Becker. I still miss you every single day. And now it has been over one year that my beautiful Lou has been gone. I know you guys are together in heaven playing and having fun. God, I miss you both so much. I would love to be able to turn back time and spend every day with both of you again. I treasure all of our memories. The two most beautiful angels ever. My baby girls.

10/5/2016 It has now been 5 years since my beautiful Dawn Marie has left me I love you and miss you each and every day. You are my beautiful angel. I hope you and Lou are running around in heaven and are happy. I miss you both more than anything.

09/19/2018 Mama's beautiful babies I miss you both so very much. I think about both of you all the time. My new dogs are not nearly as smart as my beautiful Dawn Dawn or sweet like my Lou Lou. I know you look down from heaven and watch us and laugh at them. My heart is still and always will be full of love for my babies. My two favorite and loved puppies. I hope you are having fun in doggy Heaven.

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