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Memories of Davis
Davis was born in Sept.1987-I adopted him at the North Shore Animal League on DAVIS Avenue in L.I.,NY
He was the best cat- He was so lovable and was always there for us whenever we were having a bad day.

He was a little terror as a kitten-having those WILD fits at night (of course) and he was so much fun every day.He loved his catnip and all his toys I bought him-He was ONE SPOILED GUY-but he deserved it cause he was such a good boy all the time.
I never knew I could love an animal sooo much.Don't get me wrong-I LOVE ALL ANIMALS-but this one was SO SPECIAL!!!
There are too many other things that were great about him-I don't have enough space or time to write them down for you.
He was such a joy for the 20 years of his life. He lived like a KING and he had a sister and 2 brothers who loved him very much.His sister passed last December and he really missed her alot-now they're together again.
He was not himself the last couple of days and he went downhill really fast-so we did the humane thing and put him to rest-although it Killed us.We just wanted to do the right thing for him-he deserved that.
He had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a problem with the heart muscle) and some kidney problems and high blood pressure-All controlled by meds.We gave him fluids every other day for over a year and he seemed to be alot better from them.ALWAYS GET YOUR ANIMAL'S BLOOD PRESSURE CHECKED ROUTINELY-because I think that's why alot of cats have kidney problems-although,Davis's blood tests were always good (considering his age) since we took care of his pressure.
Anyway,he had some arthritis too and at the very end-the last 2-3 days he didn't seem right and at the end he could barely stand up.So,I made the decision to put him to rest-he just wasn't right-I KNOW my cat!!I had the great pleasure of having him around for 20 years...The Best gift,EVER..To LOVE an animal and to have them LOVE you back,unconditionally.Well,that's the whole story.
We will love him and miss him forever and ever.
01/09/08-Hi My Davey Boy,My Love..How's the best boy in the whole wide world?? Mommy is going crazy without you here.No more love-seat rubs,no more fluids,no more blankies,no more smashing sessions-i miss that alot and I know you do too.I hope you're doing good with your sister Tobi.How happy was she to see you again?She loves you so much.We had you for a long time,now she has you all to herself.I know you weren't doing too good the last couple of days before we said good-bye to you,so we had to be fair to you and let you go back home.I hope you're safe and having a good time again.Mommy didn't want you to suffer at all.I love you Davis and I'm lost without you here.You will Forever be in my thoughts and my heart.There will Never be a single day that I won't think of you and how much joy you brought into my life.Thank you for the best 20 years of my life.I love you forever.I'll talk to you tomorrow my love.Mommy xoxoxo
1/10/08 Hi my love-Hows my Davey boy doing?Are you having fun with the Tobster girl?Give her a big kiss for me.I love you and miss you so much-I wish you were here right now-I need a wet kiss and some lovin on the love seat.I'll talk to you tomorrow.I love you-Mommy xoxo
1/11/08 Hi baby boy,We got your ashes today and you're back in your warm room with your sister.I got your paw print right next to hers too.It's a comfort just having you back here-in a different form of course, but back home!I love you so much.Mommy xoxoxo
1/17/08 Hi to my poppa cat-Howz the boy doing? Are you having fun with the Tobster girl and the rest of the friends you made there? I know you miss me alot and I miss you too soooo much baby.I wish you and Tobi were still here with us-it's so different without the 2 of you.I love you and miss you more than you could imagine.Always thinking of you baby.Stay warm and keep having fun.I love you.Mommy xoxoxo
1/18/08 Hi my love-how are you today?I hope you're good.I miss you very much.Mommy xoxoxo
1/26/08 Hi Davey boy-I miss you and love you so much.Mommy xoxoxoxo
1/30/08 Hi Davey-How's my best boy in the world? Mommy misses you so much and loves you.Hope you're Ok and taking care of the Tobi Girl..Mommy xoxoxoxo
2/13/08 Hi my lover boy-Happy Valentines Day Davey.I miss you so much-this is my 1st Valentines day without you-I love you Dave and I always will.Not a day goes by where I don't think of you,Hope you and Tobi are loving each other up.I'll talk to you soon.Mommy xoxoxoxo
2/19/08 I love you.....Mommy xoxoxo
4/6/08 Hi My Love,So sorry Mommy hasn't been here in a while Things have been crazy and I've just been busy.Not one day goes by without me thinking of you.I love you and miss you just as if it were yesterday that you left me.I promise I will never wait this long again.We adopted another cat Thursday and his name is Pepper.He was the cat at the butcher where Moe worked.He's really cute-but no one will ever take your place or Tobi's.I love you and I'll visit you again soon.Mommy xoxoxo
5/26/08 Hi momma's boy-how are you Davey?I miss you sooo much and love you every day--I wish you were here with us.I look at your basket every day and it's so empty without you and Tobi.We love you and miss you-hope you're doing ok and loving up your sister.It's almost 5 months that you're gone...Mommy xoxoxo
8/13/08 Hi lover boy-how's my favorite boy?? Mommy misses you sooo much and I think of you every day.It's almost 8 months you're gone and not one day goes by without me thinking of you and missing you like crazy.You are my boy forever and ever.Your new brother Pepper is a crazy boy and you would've loved him.He drives Kamsun and Fabio nuts!! We all love you and miss you alot! I'll talk to you real soon baby. Take good care of your sister Tobster! Mommy xoxoxoxo
12/03/08 Hi My Baby Boy-How's my Davey? So sorry Mommy hasn't been here-I miss you too much it's almost a year that you're gone from us-we love you and miss you every single day.Not a day goes by without me thinking of you and wishing you were still here.Everyone's ok and hope you are too.The holidays are coming soon and I know you loved them too.I promise one day we'll all be together again.I'll write again soon and you're always in my heart-I just visited Tobi too-I hope you're keping each other company like the 2 good cats you are.Love,Mommy xoxoxoxoxo
12/29/08 Hi Davey Baby-Happy 1st Anniversary in Heaven at the Rainbow Bridge..We miss you so much and love you more than you know.We hope you and your sister Tobi are keeping each other company and hope you made lots of friends.This was a long year without you to keep me warm in the bed-now Kamsun sleeps on the pillow by my head.He only sometimes lets me hold his paw-but you use to let me hold yours all night-I miss that!!You will forever be in our hearts and we will always love you and never forget you.You were the Bestest cat ever!! Til next time.We love you...Mommy,Daddy,Fabio,Kamsun and Pepper.xoxoxoxo
1-04-09 Happy New Year Davey-I love you...Mommy xoxoxoxo
2/01/09 Hi DaveyBoy,How's my cat doing? Make sure you give Tobi a big kiss for her birthday today..Hope you two are ok-I love you and miss you so much..Always in my heart.Mommy xoxoxoxo
6/25/09 Hi my Love,Mommy is so sorry it's been this long since she's visited you and Tobster.I think of you both every day of my life and love you and miss you so much.I hope you and Tobi are doing good.Things here are good-we just miss the boy and the girl...Love you so much.I'll visit you again soon I promise not to let this much time go by without saying hi....Love you davey so much.Mommy,daddy,Fabio,Kamsun and Pepper too...xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
7/2/09 Hi Davey Boy,I'm here with grandma and we wanted to say hi to you....Hope you're ok with your sister.Miss you and love you lots.I'll write to you again soon.Love,Mommy xoxoxoxoxo
9/27/09 Hi My Davey Boy, We miss you every day and love you so much.Kamsun is getting old now and sleeps all day.Fabio is good and so is Pepper.It's not the same here without you and Tobi girl...It's getting cold out now and Mommy misses sleeping with you and holding your paw on the pillow.I miss the days when you would bond with us when we use to give you your fluids that made you feel better on the table.You will always be my baby and I will love you and miss you every day of my life-I will Never forget you!!All our love davey-be safe and Tobi too...Love,mommy,daddy and your brothers.....xoxoxoxoxo
Also,Happy Birthday this month Davey-I left you a cake...
11/30/09 Hi Davey Boy-How's my guy doing today? We miss you so much Davey-It's gonna be 2 years that you left us and each day is as hard as the first..We talk about you and Tobi all the time and love you so much..I'll be visiting you again on here soon.Take care of the Tobster girl and play nice..I love you always baby...Mommy,Daddy,Kamsun,Fabio and Pepper too..xoxoxoxoxo
2/24/10 Hi Davey,Just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you so much.....Love to Tobi too...xoxoxoxooxMommy..
7/28/10 Hi Davey the love of my life..How's my boy doing? So sorry I have not visited in a long time,but mommy thinks of you and talks about you every day.I miss you and love you and Tobi so much-it still hurts so much.You're up in your room still with Tobi and I feel your presence every day....I hope you two are staying out of trouble and are having fun with all the other babies there.I love you so much and wish you were still here snuggling with me...xoxoxoxoxo Mommy,Daddy and your 3 brothers..
8/13/10 Hey Buddy Boy,how are you? Did you greet Kamsun last night? Please take good care of him and play nice with him and Tobster...Mommy and Daddy miss and love you so much.Never a day goes by without us remembering all the things you use to do...Please love him up and I will talk to you soon..I love you..Mommy,Daddy and the 2 boys xoxoxoxoxo
8/19/10 Hi my handsome boy-how you doing today? I miss you too much and all your kisses and love..I hope you and Tobi and Kamsun are making alot of friends and being good cats.Miss you and love you so much,you're in my heart forever..Mommy xoxoxoxoxo
8/24/10 Hi my handsome boy,how's my baby doing today? Mommy misses you and loves you sooo much..I hope you're having fun playing with your sister and brother and I hope you're being nice to Kamsun.I'll visit again real soon-til then be a good boy and give kisses to Tobi and Kamsun...Mommy oxoxoxoxoxo
9/30/10 Hi my Davey boy----Just want to say I love you and miss u soooo much....xoxoxoxo Mommy
12/8/10 How's my best boy?? I love you Davey and I miss you more than you know..I hope you and Tobi and Kamsun are playing nice..I'll be back to visit before Christmas..Love you xoxoxo Mommy,Daddy and the boys.
12/23/10 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Heaven ..Mommy and Daddy miss you too much and wishing you were here with us...We love you sooo much...Til next time..XOXOXO Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper..
12/29/10 Today is 3 years since you left us..We miss you terribly and wish you were still here with us.We hope you're happy wherever you are and just know that we love you very much and will Never forget you Davey Boy.....One day we will all be together again..Til next time my baby...XOXOXOXOXO Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper
7/8/11 Hi to my favorite Boy in the world...I'm so sorry that I haven't been on here for a long time Davey..I think of you and your brother n sister everyday and I miss and love you all so much..Not one day goes by without me thinking of you.You're up in your bedroom still and I see you everyday..I hope you are all getting along real good and I hope you're taking care of Tobster and Kamsun.I hope you and Kamsun made a truce...I love you baby boy and I'll be on again soon..Love,
Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper..XOXOXOXO
12/9/11 I love and miss you each and every day!! XOXOXOXO Mommy
12/29/11 Hi my little lover boy,,,,Today is 4 years since you left us...Everyday we miss and love you more and more...I see you everyday up in your room with Tobi and Kamsun so I feel you're still with us in the house....I wish I could pet you and love you all up like I use to...One day we'll all be together again..Just wait for that day and until then take care of Tobi and Kamsun and have fun playing wherever you are...You are forever in my heart! I love you... Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper too..XOXOXOXO
2/24/12 Hi Davey boy..Just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you so much every day!! xoxoxo
6/25/12 Hi my Davey boy...How's my love? I miss you so much Davey and I love you..Hope you're having fun with the Tobster and getting along with Kamsey..We think of you every day and miss you too....We'll visit again soon..We love you..Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper.xoxoxoxo
12/3/12 Hi Baby boy,,,It's gonna be 5 yrs soon and we miss you and love you so much Davey...Its not the same without you and the Tobster girl...I hope you are all getting along and having fun..Mommy will talk to you soon.I love you...Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper too.xoxoxoxo
1/12/13 Hi Love,,,,How are you? I miss you so much Davey... Things are good here,just missing you alot.Hope you're ok and having fun..I'll talk to you again soon.I Love you.xoxo Mommy
8/12/13 Hi my baby Davey,,,I miss you so much,,,I think about you every day.You're in your room with Tobster and Kamsi,,I hope you are all getting along good,,,I'll visit you again soon my love,,,I love you,Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
12/24/13 Merry Christmas my baby.....Miss you and love you so much.xoxoxoxo Mommy,Daddy and the boys
1/24/14 Hi My Davey Boy,,How's my love? Hope you and Kamsun and Tobster are having fun together.I miss you so much and love you..I think of you all every day..Mommy will visit you again soon.Play nice.Love Mommy xoxoxox
10/8/14 Love you my Davey boy,,Miss you so much.Hope you're good with Tobi and Kamsi..XO
4/16/15-Hi My Davey Boy,,,,How are you and your brother and sister getting along? I miss and Love you so much...I think of you everyday...I hope you're ok,wherever you are,,,Love you to pieces,Mommy XO
8/12/16 Hey Davey boy,,,, how's our baby doing?
We miss you so much. So sorry I haven't been on in a long time. We think of you everyday n miss you so much. Hope you have Fabio a good welcome. Love you our boy ... Mommy, Daddy and Pepper XO
12/26/16 Merry Christmas Dave's boy
Missing our little guy so much. We think and talk about you every day my love Hope you're having fun with your brothers n sisters. Love you so much. 🎄❤️🎅🏻
Hi my love
We miss you so much every day
Not a day goes by, that we don't think of you ❤️

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