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Memories of Daryl-Hannah
You couldn't ask for a more friendly and purfect kitty. From day one I knew he was special and as time went on the bond became incredibly tight. He was my constant shadow while at home and whether he was sitting on my lap or laying in between my legs he simply jumped up and never moved till I had to. He made instant friends with anyone that walked through the door and was a social butterfly at parties I had. He had a furry companion that was 6 months younger then him and he and Nebjosha were true best-pals. They'd play together and sleep close to each other, they'd play-fight and then rest near each other. Daryl Hannah was one-of-a-kind, he had the same vet for 12 years and was a favourite visitor when it was time for a visit for his check-up. He had a unique meow, which was more of a hacking sound and often I would be woken up very early in the morning to find a toy on the bed he wanted me to throw so he could retreive it. He fought some hard battles in his life and always made it back to 100%. He was a truly an amazing kitty. Now it's time for him to share his love with others until our paths cross later on. He's left lasting memories for everyone that knew him and he has lots of people thinking about him now and forever. His nickname was Mr. Affection and it's amazing how a cat can have so much love to share but he had it, no matter what. Enjoy the hillside playground and the cat-nip my beautiful baby, we will be missing you deeply but we know you're in good hands. Nov, 25,2010

Today is one month that Daryl-Hannah moved on. Yesterday I got his ashes back around 6.40pm (December 23rd) that was pretty emotional, I must say. I was wondering how they'd be packaged because I left it to my vet to chose an urn. Anyway, not knowing how they'd be presented I was really amazed at the presentation. They were wrapped in a black velvet bag that was wrapped in tissue. There was a small card from the crematorium that performed their part it was truly professional and caring in every aspect. The urn is perfect and I won't be changing it. Many thanks to the cat hospital, they're the best.

Now, that it's been a month nothing much as really changed. I miss Hannah so much, it's crazy. I miss many of his habits, like him waiting outside the bathroom on a shirt that I had worn that I put there for him to lay on while I'm in the shower. Once the water stopped he'd come in the bathroom to and sit right by the tub and I will have to move him just to get out. Then he'd jump on the toilet and then up to the vanity to lick my face. That's just one of the dozens of things he did like clockwork. He's missed a ton and constantly thought about. I am so glad he's back in the house. His pal Nebjosha misses him too, I can tell because he's changed a bit since this happened. It's been for the good, he's less aloof and sits on the couch with me a lot and will meow till I come over and sit and then he jumps up right after. He's pretty cool.(Dec,24, 2010)

More to come;

Hannah, you are so missed. I can't believe you're not here. The house is not the same without you, I miss your greetings at the door when I come home for lunch or back to the house in general. You used to play with the shoe strings before I even got my shoes off, or on !! You were pretty quick. Your hacking/meow sounds are a great memory and I really do miss hearing those. Nerbjosha is finding new ways to occupy himself he is keeping me company and I am sure I am for him. He sits up on the couch a lot, and has even started sleeping on the bed. I think he misses you too. I really miss you sitting on me when I am at the table or on the couch. Today is the 2nd month since you moved on and it seems like yesterday. I am still finding your little cat hairs around the house and that's so awesome. I hope I keep finding those. So many memories and pictures of you around the house Hannah it's like your still here, and that's what I feel. You are so missed, but we'll meet again at some point. Till then know that I am thinking about you and the house will always be full of the great memories you gave me and those who entered the door.
I think I will add more pictures soon as well. [Jan,24,2011]

More to come;

Well Hannah, it's just a few minutes before midnight on the 23rd. It'll be 4 months since you moved on. I can't believe how time flies, and I especially can't believe it's been this long. It's so sad that you're not here to greet me when I come home, I miss seeing you at the door or running down the hall when I open the door. I really miss your little hacking sounds and my chin licks you always gave me. What a cool cat you were. Bosh is missing you so much, he does so many things now that he never or rarely did, like hang out when there's a crowd in the house, he'd run and hide but now he's the social butterfly. He sleeps a lot now on the bed, like last night for instance he jumped up and was still there around 6am. He is missing you big time and stays close to me when i am in the house. i got him a new cat sack and he's in it right now beside the dining room table. It's not the same without you Hannah but we;re doing ok, we know you're here in spirit. I have a photo album and your water dish up on the mantle, it still has the water in it that you used on teh 23/24th, I have it covered in cling film. It's nice to look at and it brings back tons of memories of you. You were one cool cat, and everyuone comments on your friendliness and how one-of-a-kind you were and you really were. What more can I say right now other than you're so missed and thought of constantly. I got tons of pictures that I can look through and do quite often, the memories are as clear and vivid and it's like you're still here and in a way you are.... I miss you Hannah, one day I will see you again.
[feb 23/24, 2011]

More to come;

Well it's just about 4 months, it's the 23rd and it seems like no time as passed since you were last here. You are greatly missed Hannah, i miss you sitting on my lap. You'd be on it right now if you were here and oh i how wish you were. I see you everyday, like about 40 times a day, I have my favourite picture of you as my wallpaper on my phone. Not to mention your pictures are all over the mantle in the bedroom. Your best pal Bjosh is missing you too, he's more social these days and sleeps on the bed several times a week. a day doesn't go by that i don't think of you, and wish that you were here making your hacking sounds. I miss seeing you when I get out of the shower and really miss you when you would meet me at the door after work. Bjoshy has a new cat sack that he sleeps in a lot, he likes it. Your cat sack is here and he uses it once in a while, he likely smells you and that makes him happy. I have a candle lit just about every night for you Hannah, so I know you're not far away. Dr Bonnie wanted a disc of pictures of you so I gave her one, this was a few months ago, everyone at the clinic misses you too. You always had a great personality, you'd make friends with anyone. I miss you babes. You'd have fun watching out the back window the birds are flying up to the feeder, Bjoshy watches them intently for you and him.

More to come;

Missing you Hannah, It's been 5 months now, me and Bjosh are missing you. He is doing well, he sits beside me a lot when i am home, especially when on the couch. I am really missing my face-licks, my chin-licks and me giving you rubs on your chin. Hope your enjoying the ball toy and yummy treats. Everyone is still asking how me and Bjoshy are doing, which means everyone is still thinking of you, we all miss you. Your picture is on my blackberry so I get to see you about 30 times a day, each time I check it. Yesterday I found 2 video's of you on my old computer that I didn't know I had, they are really nice. They are from the old house in Waterloo, so that was a while ago. It was nice to watch them and see you having fun. We're missing you babes, a lot. (April 25/11)

More to come;

Well Hannah it's been 6 months and I can't believe how time flies. It doesn't seem that long since you left us. We're all missing you so mush, especially your pal Nebjosha. He misses his head licks that you always gave him. Lots of people still ask me how Nebjosha is doing so I know they are thinking of you too. By the way....your candle is burning brightly as I type. I lite it often, and whether it's lit of not we're thinking of you, and that's all the time. Your grey blanket as gone unused since you last laid on it, and it will stay that way. I can still see you napping on it. I am missing my welcome homes from you when I would come in the door and you'd run down the hallway to greet me. I especially miss you laying on me no matter where I was in the house. The really cool thing was if I was in the basement and yelled upstairs for you I would hear you jump down off the chair onto the floor and soon youd appear in the basement and jump up and have a snooze. Right now as I type Nebjosha is laying on the wool afghan and snoring away. I think he is dreaming of he and you playing and sitting at that patio door together watching birds. A lot of people have visited your page on the site and left messages it's good to know others who you never met care and understand what we're all going through. We all miss you but we know some day, some place and some time we'll all get a chance to hangout again.Everyone misses you babes,(May 24/11

More to come;

Just dropped by to let you know I am missing you!(6/8/11)

Thinking of you Hannah, I will write more later today, but I am missing you (6/24/11)

i am missing my kitty licks Hannah, are you missing your chin rubs? I bet you are for sure. Bjoshy is in the basement right now having a snooze, I know he is missing you as much as I am. Well 7 months sure goes by fast but not a day goes by I don't think of you and wish you were still here. Tonight I am going to put all the kitty pics and videos onto one dvd so they will be easily accessible. Your candle is burning and shining brightly for you, I light it often but especially on the 24th. Bjoshy is being more social these days he sits up on the couch with me for hours on end, not quite like you, he won't sit on me, but it's still really nice that he does. I sure do miss you sitting on me on the couch or where ever, like now at the dining room table you'd jump up and sit in my lap. I miss that so much. You were certainly very special I knew it, and everyone else did too. I miss you a lot Hannah and think of you all the time. Well I am going to start doing pictures, love you babes xx (6,24,11)

Well Hannah, it's 8 months today. Me and Bjosh are really missing you but we know you're close by. As I type Bjosh is grooming himself at the patio door. It's a hot day today. Keeping him cool these last few days has easy, I put a gate in the basement. He stays down there during the day and he's much more comfortable. Anyway, your candle is burning as I type and Bjosh and I are thinking of you all the time. He is much more clingy these days which is ok, but it shows he is really missing you. After all you were his best pal for 11 years! It's hard not having you around here but I know you're likely having fun somewhere with a bunch of other kitties. We miss you a lot Hannah, I was thinking of moving but I don't know if I can do it. Not sure if I can move to a place where you haven't been. You were pretty good with all the moves we did you didn't take long to get used to each place. You did 5 moves and you were pretty good about it. The whole idea of moving is off now, for a while. Anyway babes, we're missing you! Love you babes,xoxo (July 24,11)

Where does the time go? Nine months....Hannna, I miss you so much. I miss rubbing your chin, you always liked that and would let me do that for a long time. Your picture on my phone is the coolest, i get to see you 15-20 times a day, every time i pick it up. I miss you snuggling with me on the couch or where ever I sat, you'd always jump up. I bet you're having fun making new friends and know that one day i will be there to pick you up. So many memories of you Hannah around the house, it's just not the same without you. Your best pal ever Nebjosha misses you so much as well. You're one-of-a-kind Hannah, you were always there at the door when I came home, I miss your greeting me and i especially miss your little hacking sound, i loved that so much. Keep being our angel Hannah, I know you're looking down and keeping a watch full eye on us. Love you babes,and miss you sooo much xxxxooo (Aug,24th, 2011) right at midnite

Well today is a tough day Hannah, today would be or is your 13th Birthday. I am missing you a lot. If you were here you'd be getting lot's of loving and attention. Missing you Hannah...Happy Birthday!! (Sept 16, 2011)

Hey Hannah, 10 months, 10 months of me missing you, Bjosh is missing you too. I am missing my chin licks, I can't tell you how much I miss those. No one gets the name Mr Affection without it meaning something. I miss my welcome homes, and your hacking sounds. Bjosh has put on some weight, but I am working to get him back down to about 19 pounds. He is doing pretty good. He's been pretty attached to me these last few long months. I can't tell you how much I miss you, so many memories around the house remind me of you and keep me happy. Love you babes, xxoo. Miss you tons. (Sept,29th) sorry I was a bit late, but I hadn't forgotten.

11 months, I just can't believe it's been 11 months. You are soooo missed Hannah. I was at the Cat Hospital on Friday to pick up food and Dr. Bonnie and I were talking about you. You had a big impact on people that knew you, she missed you a lot. Not a day goes by I don't think of you or miss you. It was sad when you left, but also it was amazing at the same time. You knew what was up and you were a brave kitty. I can't tell you how incrdible it was to share those last moments with you, and the fact I got to spend a full 24 hours with you as well, it was amazing. Bjosh is doing pretty good. I brought home a new friend for him, he was lonely, so in August I introduced him to Buddy. He was in the Toronto Cat Resuce program, he's 6 years old, at least that's what the vet estimates. He's is super friendly and they get along really well. He's not replacing you, no cat could, those paws of yours are just too big. But he's a friend to Bjosh and they are getting along quite well. I am missing you so much. Love you so much Hannah. xxoo (Oct 24,11)

Hey Hannah, just letting you know I am thinking about you. This is going to be a tough month. Miss you babes and love you always. (Nov 15,11)

Hey Hannah, wow, today is the 23rd, thinking about you all day. Missing you so much.

Well Hannah, it's now a year. This is a sad day for me, I am missing you so much. I am typing this at about 7:12pm and it was about this time ..... well it was about that time. Anyway, you know I am missing you. Time sure flies but I know you're still in the house, as I am thinking about all the good times you brought me everyday. You were a very awesome and special kitty you had a great personality and were always loving. I am having a hard time today babes, but I know you are here and someday we'll meet up again. I was going through some pictures and videos a short time ago, there's lots and it's something I really like doing. Love you Hannah, missing you so very much. xxxxoooo (Nov 24, 2011)

Missing you Hannah! (12/17/11)

My second Christmas without you Hannah. I am missing you. Your best pal Nebjosha is missing you too. Not much to say more than that really. His new friend Buddy is fitting in really well, but don't worry, no kitty can fill your big paws. I haven't got really much to report. Your pictures are all up on the mantle and on my phone too, so I get to see you everyday, all day. Missing you babes, xxxooo (Dec. 26, 2011)

Missing my Hannah, it's been 14 months today. I was just looking through a bunch of pictures of you, lot's of memories. Bjoshy and Buddy are on the couch with me, Bjosh is missing you too. I can't believe it's been this long, it doesn't seem like it at all. Miss you so much, your welcome home run down the hall and you sitting on my constantly. And of course your constant licks, wow, do I ever miss those. Love you Hannah, i see your picture many times a day as it's on my phone.
Love you babes, xxoooxoo (Jan. 24, 2012)

Awww... missing my Hannah. I may be late writing this one but how can I forget my "Mr. Affection".. your picture is on my phone. I get to see you 30x times a day, or more. Not much is new, same old around the house. Except for missing my welcome homes and "papa-licks". You were one awesome kitty, love you babes, xoxoxo (Mar.5, 2012)

Well Hannah, it's another 24th, I am missing you so much. I am thinking about you all day today. Missing my Hannah sleeping on me when i sit on the couch. Love you babes, xxooxxoo (Mar. 24,2012)

I didn't forget to post, just haven't done it till now. Missing you Hannah, missing your licks on my face so much. Love you babes.. xxoo (Apr. 24, 2012) posting date today, May 18, 2012

Can't believe it's been 18 months. Even still, you are always thought about. Who could ever forget the best kitty in the world. Miss you babes, xxxooo (May 25, 2012)

Well Hanna, it's 19 months today, about 7.12pm, I am missing you a great deal. I miss you so much babes. I have your candle lit tonight. Love you and miss you lots, xoxo I love all the pictures of you on here.(June 24, 2012)

Just looking through pictures of you Hannah, you were such an amazing kitty. I miss you so much. Love you ..babes xxxoo (July 12,12)

I may not have posted on July 24th, but that does not mean I was not thinking of my Mr Affections, because I was! Miss you Hannah, I had a candle burning for you that day. I look at your pictures quite often, you were such an amazing kitty. I can't believe how much a cat could affect my life, but you did! And you still do! Miss you babes, xxxoooxxxoo (Aug 21, 12)

A late posting for August, missing you babes, xoxoxx (Sept 17, 2012)

Another hard day (yesterday) ...it would have been your 14th Birthday. You can imagine how much I am missing you Hannah. Love you babes, xxooxxooxo

Just checking in on the second day of your birthday Hannah. Missing you sooo much. Love you babes, xxxxxooooo

Well Hannah another 24th has come along, and missing you still. What an indelible impression you have left. I miss you tons babes xxoo (sept 24th, 2012)

Checking in to see your pictures and let you know I am missing you Mr Affection, miss you...xxoo (Oct. 12, 2012)

Was thinking of you Hannah-babes on October 24th. I miss you being around, but I know you're not far away. Miss you so much and love you babes. xxooxoooxxxoo (for Oct, 24th, 2012... posted on Nov 13, 2012

Thinking of you, missing you so much Hannah-babes.. today is November 23rd, how can it be almost 2 years?
Miss you, babes, xoxooxox (Nov, 23, 2012)

Missing you Hannah, it's been 2 long years. I had your candle burning on the 24th. I always get to see your picture when I look at my phone. Love you babes... you are sooooo missed. (Dec 6th, 2012)

Well here it is January 23, 2013...

Almost 26 months. Missing my Mr Affections around the house. Missing my chin licks. Love you Hannah, xxooxoxxoxo
Missing your unique meow sounds so much!
(January 23rd, 2013)

Checking in late, but not forgotten, I had your candle lit on 2/24 - Nebjosha says Hi, he misses you too. Yesterday was his 14th Birthday. Missing you babes, but I see you everyday on my phone. Love you Mr Affections! xxooxxoo (3/18/13)

Missing you Hannah, it's been 28 months as of March 24th. Had your candle burning on Sunday. Bjoshy says hello, he turned 14 on March 17th. He misses you too. Love you babes, xxoxxooxxoo -- How's the catnip?

Missing you Hannah. I had your candle lit last night on the 23rd, because I will be out of the house tonight. We all miss you. Love you babes xxxxooooxxxx (April 24/13) 29 months, wow. Sad :-(

Missing you Hannah, just like last month I had your candle burning on May 24th. Miss you babes! xxoxoxoxo (june 20/13)

Missing you Hannah, 31 months, Missing my face licks. Love you babes, xxxooxxoo (June 26/13)

Missing you Hannah, 32 months, Missing my face licks. Love you babes, xxxooxxoo (August 19/13) (for July 24/2013) I was of course thinking of you Hannah, just posted late. Hope you like the scratching post, for a change.

Missing you Hannah, 33 months, Missing my face licks and I bet you're missing your chin rubs. Love you babes, xxxooxxoo (Sept 12/13) (for Aug 24/2013) I was of course thinking of you Hannah, just posted late. Miss you so much Hannah!

Your birthday was on the 16th, Happy 15th Birthday. Don't think I had forgotten it, I was thinking about it all day!(9/24)

So, today is Sept 24, and it's now 34 months missing you, but not forgotten. Miss you so much babes. I will have your candle lit tonight. love you babes, xxooxxooxxoo

Well, today is October 24, and it's now 35 months. Miss you babes, going to have your candle lit tonight. xxooxxooxxoxo

Well today is 36 months - time has flown. Sure do miss you Hannah. I was looking over your pictures today, I remember taking every one of them. I miss everything about you, and I will have your candle lit tonight. Bjosh misses you too! love you babes xxxooxxxo (11/24/2013)

Missing you Hannah!! (12/23/2013)

Well today is 37 months since you moved on. Thinking about you today Hannah, miss you so much. Merry Christmas to my sweet kitty. I won't be doing candles tonight, but I will light them on the 26th. Miss you tonnes. xoxoxoxoxxxo (12/24/13)

38 months - Missing you babes. I will have a candle burning for you tomorrow night, as I am away this week for work. But home tomorrow. Good news is, I have lots of pictures of you on my phone. Miss you Hannah!! xxxooxoxoxo (Jan 24/14)

39 months - Missing you babes!!! Nebjosha misses you too! (I was late posting but didn't forget you on Feb 24th) xxooxxoo

40 months - Missing you babes!! I was thinking about you this morning at 8.30 when you did your nod. xxooxxoo (3.24.14)

41 Months - Missing you babes!! Looking at your pictures today on my phone. xxooxxoo (4.24.14)

42 Months - Miss you Mr. Affection. Late posting but I didn't forget xxxoooo (5.24.14) (6.20.14)

43 Months - MISS YOU Hannah!! xoxoxox (6.24.2014) yeh I posted late,but didn't forget (7.8.2014)

44 Months - Thinking of you Hannah. xxoo (7/25/2014) Miss you babes.

45 Months - Missing you Hannah xxooxxoo Aug 24/14 (posted 9/16)

Missing you very much today Hannah, on what would be your 16th Birthday. xxooo (9/16)

46 Months - ugh, missing you Hannah. Tomorrow (25th) is 4 years since I took my favourite pictures of you. I am looking at it right now. miss you babes, xxooxxoo (9/24/14)

47 Months. - of course I am thinking about you today Hannah. Miss you babes xxooxox - Going to light your candle tonight (10/24/14)

48 Months - Wow, Hannah it's been 4 years since you moved on. I can't believe it's been that long. You are so missed Hannah. I was looking at the favourite picture I have of you at about 8.30am this morning when I told you 4 years ago you were going to have an awesome sleep. You nodded in confirmation 4x like you knew and approved. You were such an intelligent kitty. I will have your candle burning tonight at some point. Your pal Nebjosha misses you a lot too. He has a new pal around the house, but don't worry, no cat can ever fill your paws. Buddy is pretty cool and sweet like you. He and Nebjosha get along well, and I know you both would have as well. I miss you so much sweet boy. Always thinking of you. Love you babes, xxxooxxoo (Nov 24/14)

49 months and Christmas Eve too. Well, you know I'm missing you Hannah. Thinking about you of course. Miss you sweet boy. Xxooxxoo (Dec 24/14)

50 months, where does the time go? Missing you Hannah, big time. I had your candles burning on the 24th, missing you so much. I posted this late but you weren't forgotten. Love you babes xxooxxoxoox Jan 24th/15, but posted on Feb 10/15

Hannah can you look around for Buddy, sadly he passed away today at 5:20am and I told him to come looking for you. I bet you already found him and you are showing him around Rainbow's Bridge. He was an awesome cat and Nebjosha is now missing 2 of his best pals. Keep him safe and share your space with him, he is awesome, just like you. Give him loves and kisses. - Feb 10/15

51 Months of missing you Hannah! Having a cup of coffee right now, remember I had tea with you by the patio window on this day in Nov 2010. So missing you Hannah. Did you find Buddy or he find you? You 2 guys will be awesome pals. Like I said Hannah no cat can fill your paws. I'm going to light a candle for you tonight. Waiting on getting some pix back for your album, I have more to put in it. Love you babes.. xxxxoooxxxooo (Feb 24/15)

52 Months, ugh... Love you Hannah! Miss you incredibly much. xxxooooxxoo Had your candle burning on March 24/15 (posted this on Apr 16/15)

53 Months, Dropping in to say I miss you Hannah, Big Time! Love you babes, a little late posting, but I didn't forget (posted May 19/15 for April 24th) Love you babes xxxxooooxxxxx

54 months, ugh, missing you big time Hannah. I had your candle burning on May 24th, from 7-730pm. Sorry I posted this late (June 22) but you know you are not forgotten. I hope you and Buddy are best pals, he is sweet just like you. Can't believe I much I miss you guys. Miss you both, xxooxoxoo

55 Months, missing you so much Hannah, miss my chin licks and bites. xxxxooooooo (june 26/15)
56 months, missing you Hannah, big time. Had your candle burning tonight (july 24/15) xxxxxxxxoooooo
August will be a tough month, because I am moving out of the house on the 24th. I have lots of memories of you in the house which I will bring to the new place. I hope I will have your candle unpacked and have it lit that night in the new house. I hope you and Buddy are staying close together. I have his cat bed, full of his fur to bring to the new place. I have your blankets still, both untouched since you used them. Miss you both BIG TIME! xxxooxxoo

57 Months - Missing you Hannah, it was hard to leave the house you lived in, but have all your memories, pictures and your blankets to remind me of how awesome you were. I didn't have a candle lit, but it's unpacked and I see it every night in the tv room.
(August 24th, but posted on Sept 15) miss you, xxoooxx

Hard day today Hannah, it would your 17th birthday today! Love you babes, miss you xxooo... Hope Buddy is keeping you company.

58 Months - Missing you sweet Hannah. September 24th was hard. I wasn't in the house you were in. But I have all your awesome blankets. Hope you and Buddy are getting along ok. Nebjosha is doing well. We brought home a new friend for him, Sadie. She is adjusting to the house and us, and of course Bjosh. I think she will fit in just fine. Love you babes xxooo
(Sept 24 - but posted Oct 20)

59 Months - Missing you Hannah, big time. Can`t believe it's approaching 5 years. Can you get with Buddy and send Nebjosha get well vibes! He's not feeling the greatest. He`s lost a bit of weight and it's worrying me. Anything you can both can do would be awesome. Love you babes, give Buddy hugs and kisses too. You are both incredibly missed. xxoooxxoooo (October 24th)

60 Months - Well Hannah tomorrow will be 5 years, I just can't believe it. You are so missed. Wanna say thanks to you and Buddy for sending get well vibes to Nebjosha. He has really improved in the last 5-6 days. I'll be thinking of you as always the rest of today (Nov 23) and tomorrow. Miss you so much, give Buddy hugs too! xxooxxoo

61 months - wow Hannah I'm late posting this. But was was thinking of you on December 24th. Another Christmas going by without you. Missing you big time Hannah. Love you sweet boy. Keep sending Nebjosha good vibes, you and Buddy. Keep Buddy safe. Love. You both. Xxooxx (posted on January 24th)

62 months. Well Hannah it's been 62 months. Missing you big time as always. I had your candle lit for a bit today. Nebjosha is doing ok but he really could use awesome vibes from you and Buddy. Love you both and miss you both. Xxooxx (posted January 24th)

February 24/16 - Hannah, I may not have posted on time but I was thinking of you in Feb. I had your candle burning a short time that night. You are so missed. 63 months, xxxoooxxxoooxxoo (posted march 21/16) ps Can you and Buddy send some stay well vibes to Nebjosha?

March 24/16, Was thinking of you of course Hannah. Miss you so much, love you babes xxooxxoo
(posted May 24/16, your candle is burning as I type)

April 24/16, Always thinking of you Hannah, love going through pictures of you. Love you babes, xxoo
(posted May 24/16, your candle is burning as I type)

May 24/16, Looking at my fav pic of you this morning Hannah, miss you tons, Love you babes! xxoo
(posted may 24/16, with your candle burning as I type)

June/July/August 24. Missing you Hannah. Even though I didn't post I hadn't forgotten. Love you sweet boy. And miss you. Hope you're taking care of Buddy. Xxoo (posted 9/15)

Happy Birthday Hannah! Wow, sure am missing you today. You'd be 18. Xxxxxxooooxxxxx
(posted 9/15)

Missing you sweet boy. Hope you're taking care of Buddy.
Love you both.(posted Oct 23,for Sept and Oct)
Got your candle lit (Oct 24/16)

I just can't believe it. It's 6 years since you moved on. I had your candle lit tonight a day early. I miss you so much Hannah. Can you send some get well loves to Nebjosha? He's not feeling 100% ask Buddy to send some too. He misses you both as I know you miss him. Missing you so much my sweet boy. Many hugs and kisses. Share some with Buddy. He is missed too. (1.15am on 11/24/2016) xxxxoooxx

Well Hannah, today is the 23rd, missing you so much. I hope you and Buddy found your best friend in the whole world, Nebjosha. Sadly he passed away on 12/15. I know you'll all be hanging out together sharing toys and treats. And keeping each other company. You all are incredibly missed but know one day I'll find you all and we can all be together. I love you all so much. I miss you all incredibly. Xxxxoooo Dec 23rd.

Feb 9/17 for January - I am a little late posting for January. You are all so missed, big time. Hannah and Buddy I am sure you are taking care of Nebjosha and showing him around and the 3 of you are staying close together. Buddy, tomorrow morning will be 2 years since you left us. I can't believe it, you are so missed. Each of you are so missed. I see your pictures every day and think about each of you with all the special things you did that were unique to each of you. I miss you all a lot, you have no idea. Love you all so much xxooxxoo (Feb 9th/17 --posting for January) Miss you soooo much Nebjosha.

It's been a long time since I have posted Hannah, but you know you're not ever forgotten. Your bday is coming up. tomorrow in fact. Wow, still can't believe it's been this long since you moved on. Miss you, Nebjosha and Buddy all soooo much. Thinking of you all - all the time. Miss you all - all the time. Love you all - all the time. (9/15/2017) xxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Missing you Hannah, but I know you're playing with your pals Nebjosha and I know you've met Buddy. I hope you 3 are having the best time ever. Today is 83 months since you left me, and not a day goes by I don't see a pic of you or think of you. That goes for Nebjosha and Buddy too! Love you all so much and miss you all even more. But someday.... I will light your candle tonight sweet boy. xxxxxooooxxoxoxo Miss you all - play with all your new friends and someday I will come for you all. (posted 10/24)

Missing you Hannah, and of course missing Buddy and Nebjosha too. So much. Wow. Been a while since I last posted but you all know not a day goes by I don't think of each of you and see your pictures. Sadie and Danger are doing a great job of keeping us company they get along great and there is little reminders of all of you in each of them. Love and miss you all greatly. Xxxxxxooooo (posted March 20/18)

It's been a while Hannah. But never are you, Nebjosha and Buddy ever out of my memory. I sure do miss you all. I see your pictures every day. Sadie is doing well, and she has a new friend Danger. He's a kitten, well, 1.5 now but fitting in well. I miss you all, and you know one day I'll be by to get you all. Have fun playing and being together. Miss you all so much. Xxxxxxxxoooooooxxxxxxxoooo
(October 17/18)

Well it's 7.05pm Hannah. I'm so missing you. I see your picture every day. And get to see all the other pictures I took of you. 8 years, can't believe it. Your candle is burning as well. I hope you're having good times with Nebjosha and Buddy. They're very special too. As I type this, Sadie and Danger are sitting beside me on the couch in the fireplace room. They're very special too, just like all of you. Papa's Mr Affection is so missed. I love you and Nebjosha and Buddy. Give them loves and keep them safe. One day I will be along to get you all. Love you so much in the meantime. Xxxxooo
(Nov 24,18, it's now 7.09pm)

Love and miss you all so much. Xoxxo
Jan 21/19

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