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Memories of Dandy
Where do I even start? You were the light of our souls.

Zach and I used to get into fights over who loved you more. The fights were nothing more than jokes - we both knew exactly who loved you more - neither of us. Why? Because both of our hearts loved you as much as humans possibly could love anything in the whole world, and thus our love for you was equal.

It was horrible to hear you passed. I wasn't around when it happened because I was at school. I'm so sorry about that. I'm just happy that I got to see you earlier that day. You seemed tired and sad, but still full of so much love. We didn't know that you were filling up with blood. If we had known we would have taken you to the vet immediately. But sometimes things don't work out the way that they were planned... and to think, the vet just told us the day before that you were shockingly healthy for a dog your age. It's pointless to dwell on that now, because you were old and the day was coming anyway. It's horrible to say that, but it's true. I guess it's just the way that lie works.

Mom used to call you the piss dog because you would pee everywhere! Your the only dog I ever met that would pee on the carpet out of spite! We used to tease you, but we never meant any of it. You were always a good boy we always knew that deep down in our hearts.

I tear up when I look at pictures of you because it's hard for me to really even imagine that your gone. Everytime I go to moms house I always think your gonna be there, and then when your not, I sort of think in the back of my heart that maybe your just on vacation, lounging around on the beautiful sunny beaches of hawaii or something. It brings a smile to my face to think of you laying out in the sun working on your tan. But it hurts to know that your never coming back. It hurts so much. I won't ever forgot you. No one will.

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