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My darling Dali, how I miss you! I know this is the first time I've tried to write anything and I feel bad, but I do think about you every single day and I miss you so terribly much. We are supposed to have thunderstorms tonight and I'm thankful that you don't have to endure them anymore. I know you are having a wonderful time running and playing with all your new friends - I just wanted to let you know how much I miss you and love you and think about you. Be good my precious little girl - Mom

Hi my beautiful little girl - by now I'm sure you and your brothers are romping together and you're probably still challenging Max for the alpha position, aren't you? I was remembering yesterday how you tried so hard to take that position away from him and how calmly he would give a deep growl and that was that - you were such a pistol! And, now with Remy there, the 2 of you can chase squirrels together again. I only wish you & Maddie could have had a better relationship. She was 2 1/2 when we rescued you & I don't know why she never seemed to accept you - maybe it's just a girl thing?! Well, I just wanted to let you know that I still think about you every day - hopefully next week I can get a photo album put on for you. I love you, my beautiful little girl - lots of kisses & hugs - Mom

My precious little girl - this will be brief - the tears are falling, but I did so much want you to know I was thinking about you and missing you as if it were yesterday instead of a year ago! I hope the 3 of you (and maybe Tasha, too?) are all together and having a blast. I stare into your beautiful golden eyes as my screen saver goes through pictures of all of you. Maddie is fine - just in case you do care .. lol. She did have a seizure last week, but I do pray that God will let me keep her a little longer - I don't think I could handle losing her right now. Dad sends his love as does Noelle - you were always her favorite! Tell the boys we love them and always know we love you so dearly! - xxooxxoo Mom p.s. I hope to get your photo album added this week!

Good morning sweetheart - well, as you can see, Mom is behind on getting the pictures in - but have just added some & will keep at it 'til I get pics of all 3 (yes, I do have to add some of Max & Remy, too!). Just going slow with trying to get the house ready to sell. How I wish you were here to enjoy wherever we end up moving to - you are in my heart & head though. We love you our darling! xxooxxoo

Just a quick note my darling Dali to let you know Mom is thinking about you and missing you. How I missed having you here to enjoy leftovers at Thanksgiving and Christmas - I know how much you loved turkey! I hope you are running, chasing squirrels and bunnies, and having a wonderful time just as you did when you were here. But, be sure to take care of yourself and watch over Max and Remy - Remy especially needs you to guide him. I love you my beautiful little red girl! - Mom xxooxxoo

Hi to my beautiful l'il girl - how I wish you were here! I know you could whip these 2 puppies into shape and be the consummate playmate that Ranger needs! You were such a bundle of energy and love! I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you and still missing you - I'm sure I always will! I know you are safe & secure and having a good time with the other dogs. Lots of love my beautiful Dali - Mom xxooxxoo

Hi sweetheart - Mom just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and missing you and wishing I could hold you and snuggle with you. You were such a beautiful little girl, but with so much heart and love - how I miss that. I don't know if Noelle is with you or if someone stole her, but if she's with you, I know you are taking care of her. Give all of the others my love and especially YOU don't forget how much Mom loves you ... my sweet little girl. Until next time - all my love, my gorgeous l'il red girl! xxooxxoo

Hello my beautiful Dali - Mommy just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and still would love to be able to wrap my arms around you & get lots of kisses from you! Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get over missing you, but then I think I really don't want to ever stop missing you - you are always in my heart and I love you so very much. Run & play & have a great time, my darling little girl! Love - Mom xoxoxo

Good morning my beautiful l'il girl - Mom was just thinking about you and how very much I still miss your wiggly l'il buns and that perpetual smile, so I just wanted to let you know. I love you my precious tiny one! How I still remember how OCD you'd get when you'd have a squirrel treed! I love you my baby girl - love, Mom xxoo

Hello my li'l lovely ...yesterday was the anniversary of your passing & I am so sorry but I couldn't bring myself to tell you how very much I miss you still & how many times I still see you wagging your tail as you lay upon that table - how badly I wanted to just hold you in my arms forever! I love you so dearly my baby girl - I hope you are running & playing with your "brothers & sister" & not giving Remy too much grief - Love, Mom xoxox

My precious baby girl ... the anniversary of your passing was a few days ago - I'm sorry that I missed it. I do think about you so very often & how I wish you were still here for me to hold in my arms, especially during the storms, and love on! Such a sweet l'il rescue girl that I tried so hard to not fall in love with, but am so happy that I did! I love you my baby and miss you still so terribly ... tell the rest of the gang hello for me ... Love, Mom xoxo

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