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Memories of Daley
Daley Girl with the crazy ears....
We rescued Daley in March of 2005. We went on Petfinder to find a German Shepherd and when her picture came up Jeff said, "Don't look any further, that's the one!" The first day she was here she loved us back. She had been dumped with a German Shepherd Rescue at age 3, never having seen a vet, and after having a set of puppies. The old hag that dumped her said, "She's too much work". Thank God that old hag did ONE nice thing, and gave Daley to a rescue.

I never understood what she meant by "Too much work". She knew every command possible and was an off leash dog from day one.She has never misbehaved in the 12 years we've had her. NOT ONCE. I think she knew she'd hit the lottery...I know that's how we felt when she came to live in our home.

Daley never wanted to play with toys... I suppose it was too much work for the old hag to buy them for her. I always wondered if that mean old woman had raised her hand to our girl.. when ever you'd go to pet her she'd get real rigid... but always welcomed our love. She even welcomed the neighborhood kids who would come to our house and ask if Daley could play...how I will miss those days.

When Daley would see Jeff come home, or any other time she was very happy, she wouldn't wag her tail.. she'd do this really cute thing with her ears.The left one would point backwards and the right one would stand straight up. We began saying...."Daley girl with the crazy ears!

Daley quickly chose Jeff as her favorite person and would wait all day at the window for him to come home from work. I loved watching her follow him around the yard on his riding lawn mower, lap after lap in the yard. The love she felt for him was more than Obvious.

She would saunter across the lawn in all of her beauty like a woman in a bright red dress at a party. It's always been an inside joke with us.. "Look at Daley, strutting her stuff in that pretty red dress". She was a 98 lb female German Shepherd with the most muscular body I've ever seen on a German Shepherd...Until Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) came along.

In 2006 I got Chief for Christmas. He was just 8 weeks old and Daley took right to him, acting as his surrogate Mom. She raised him to be such a great boy..I'm eternally grateful for that. Tonight will be the first night in 10.5 years that they will be apart. I pray he will not grieve as we are.

We were told about 6 years ago that she was showing the signs of DM. I had heard of it but did not realize how many dogs actually get it. Everything we read told us that from the first signs of DM until the point where they can't walk anymore is 18 months..2 years if you're lucky. We were very lucky, she has been a warrior for SIX years.

Right to the end she still had all functions. We started thinking about when the right time would be to send her to Rainbow Bridge about 6 months ago. I told my Jeff, she isn't ready yet.. look in her eyes. Last week when I was loving on Daley, I looked into her eyes. All I could see was.. "Let me go Mom.. I'm ready".. my heart broke. For the last week, she has continued to have that look.

Owning a dog is a life long commitment. We promised her from day one that we would always have her best interest at heart. We knew if we were lucky enough to have her into her senior years that we would have to make this decision. It's one that I do not question at all. That does not mean it doesn't hurt. My heart is in so much pain today.. and yet I am grateful to have had her for so long.

Our home will seem incomplete, even with our other pets. We love you Daley Girl.. you were literally the BEST DOG anyone could ever want. Loyal, beautiful, loving kids, and other dogs, being a great pack leader to our dogs as well as our cats.
Daddy is going to be heart broken for a very long time.. but we know that you will always be in our hearts, and watching over us. Love you baby girl.

April 23 2017
Daley Girl.. how our hearts break. Chief is really having a rough time. He won't eat and he continually looks for you. He lays on his bed in our room and looks where you bed used to be and he whines. It's so sad he just doesn't understand why you're not here. We've been walking more often hoping it will distract him as well as maybe stir up an appetite. Today on our walk we saw a Cardinal in a tree just singing so beautifully... as if calling out to us. Chief and I stopped and I video taped the Cardinal singing. Then all of a sudden Chief decided it was time to go home. I think that was you Daley... giving Chief a sign that you made it. I scrambled some hamburger and put it in his food tonight for dinner, and he ate it. ALL OF IT. Thank you for visiting him.. he misses you so. Daddy and I are so sad..but we're so grateful for the time you gave us.

"Angels appear when Cardinals are near"....I've always believed that.

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