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Memories of Daisy
Daisy was a 3 1/2 year old very energetic puppy Peggy and I adopted. She had been living in a shelter for months. She was about to be moved to another shelter with hopes of being adopted or facing euthanasia.

There was no way I wanted her to not come home. Yes,at first,she took a lot of work,not being house-trained and having severe skin allergies,escaping from our yard once,and very energetic. Much of her life involved acupuncture to ease those allergies.

She grew into being quite an adult dog, still maintaining her beautiful pose and fun to be around girl with a direct energy link I could feel and loved as it grew each day.
At 15 1/2 for 2 weeks on and off,she started to eat less, then refuse at times to eat or drink, something was changing as if a switch was suddenly thrown. Daisy began having sluggish days and good days.
Mentally sharp as always,sleeping more and I began feeling closer to her as if she was communicating to me that she wants to stay but was being pulled away. Her vet teams and I believe mentally she fought to live her last few weeks of this sudden change. Sadly, her last day or two it became obvious,her physical body was transitioning and very soon would take her.

On June 5, 2021,her breathing became heavy and rapid, I saw two cycles of this over an 8 hour period. Her eyes glued to mine,begging not to leave her or her to leave home. It was awful,I knew it was time to say "goodbye", or I at least pray I made the right decision for her and I to avoid her further, discomfort or for Daisy to begin suffering with pain.

Along with her favorite vet throughout the past 11 years and me, I told Daisy I loved her,gave her big hugs, patting and that I would never forget her. Moments later Daisy begin her Journey to Heaven in 🙏Peace🙏. RIP Daisy, and hope we meet again one day in Heaven. ❤❤❤
June 11th, 2021 just 6 days ago Daisy was alive with me, hard to believe, let alone it feels like she has been away from me for so long. Daisy's ashes arrived at the hospital today, I picked her up and brought her home to her "safe" place. She will hopefully come with me, along with Taylor, when it is my turn. RIP Daisy Girl.
14-June-2021: I cannot believe 9 days have already gone by since Daisy was alive and living here.
Words still cannot express the heartbreaking loss I feel. I just want to come home and see her back where she loved to be and I loved her to be. May you always RIP Daisy girl. Love daddy.
20-June-2021 Today is Father's Day, and it has been a day of feeling the loss of Daisy. This house, our yard, nor my heart feel the same happiness as when Daisy lived here.
I am going to post a note from 2010, my first Father's Day. I wrote it then as if if were Daisy writing the letter. It showed up today on Facebook. I sure hope there is truth in "she can still see me" and feel how much of a great dog she was here.
27-June-2021 Yesterday made 3 weeks since we had to say goodbye so the discomfort would stop and before pain or your body shutdown. Mentally, you remained so loving, caring and connected to me and your home until you went to Heaven.
To say each day I think of you and miss you would be an understatement. I would do anything to get you back❤!!! I so miss how you would light up everytime I walked upstairs or came home. I pray everyday that somehow we will meet again or I will know your presence is near. You are permanently a part of my heart and helped shape my personality from the day I rescued you from shelters and adopted you. Goodnight Daisy girl, may you RIP and be free to play with Dusty, Shevy, and Tayla. Love Always, Daddy
03-Jul-2021 Daisy today made 4 weeks since we last saw each other, hugged and said goodbye. Yesterday was my birthday and it felt like a big void was taken away because you were. You were with me for 11 birthdays, and I loved you around the house, the yard, in the van/SUV and with me. So empty without you here, it can feel overwhelming at times. In a few weeks, the day I adopted you and took you home back in 2009 will be here, and that will yet be another heartbreaking memory. I hope and pray you are in Heaven and still remember me and our times together. Love You Daisy Girl, forever.
16-Jul-2021 My sweet Daisy girl it is already 40 days since you left for Heaven. I am still heartbroken, sad, and lonely without you. Our home is no longer complete for me. I always had dogs, now I have none. And I lost my closest to my heart: you. Yesterday a video of you 1 year prior showed up, you were running around the kitchen, barking at me for a treat. How is it one year later you aged so much, having to leave? I try very hard to move forward without you,and it hurts right in my heart. I had a painting of you done and it is as beautiful as you.
I love you very much Daisy, and hope someday, your spirit visits here, visits my heart. Every night I pray that you are happy and having fun, hoping one day you will see me on the other side of the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge and come running over with Dusty, Shevy, and Taylor and forever we will be together. Love, Daddy
Aug 9, 2021 Today and all week has been tough. Between Aug 5th marking 2 months since we were last together😔. With and so many migraines and feelings of loss of you and no dog companion, it really sucks! Mostly without a doubt, we needed and helped each other from Day 1 when I adopted you. Life without you when I'm alone is lonely and sad. Daisy, you were not just my "Daisy Girl" also a part of my heart and mind. So much more than any other pet. Not a day has gone by that I don't think of you several times a day. I just hate this feeling of loss and sadness.
I believe you have sent two or maybe three doggies needing help as much as I do. You've somehow connected them for me to see them in shelters. Yet I'm not sure I will be able to act on adopting one, and I would love to. I am trying to help two of them in different ways. But I really want another dog, not to replace you, rather to help and to help me. Just like Taylor did when she passed back in 2009. Within 3 weeks she kept having me go and see your ad for adopting. So I know what that feels like and I know you are now doing the same. I hope I can adopt one of the 3 very soon. However, I need support as you know, beyond just me.
Sometimes I'm so sad without you that my heart aches. I wish others could understand the bond between a human and dog. I ask in my prayers often "why did you have to take Daisy away from me", because it is painful.
Clearly you became my "Heart Dog".
May you 🙏RIP Daisy🙏. I will try to adopt a dog in need, hopefully one of the 3 you have sent me to check out with one to take home. I leave you know with so many tears running down my face. Only another true dog/animal lover would understand. Love, Daddy
Aug 11, 2021 Daisy if you sent me those dogs needing a good home and wanted me to adopt one, and I believe you Spiritually did connect me with Haley, Howie, Wu Wu and Trixie, first thank you for wanting me and trusting I would adopt one and love and care for them as I did you. And I'm sure just as Taylor connected us in 2009, you also did it to help me with my deep sadness over your loss.
However,sadly I can't adopt any of them and it is yet another blow to my heart💔. It has me very sad.
I notified the shelter today,who was also sad because they saw I had a lot to offer a homeless TWC dog.
I will always love you and remember our bond, you were and will always be much more than a dog or pet.I will never forget you Daisy.
Love, Daddy
Please Lord let Daisy be happy and able to RIP. And if there is a way to help me get through these horrific feelings of sadness and loneliness I feel since Daisy left, please do what you must to help me. I can't take many more days of these feelings and the migraines day after day. Since Daisy showed she was sick the last few weeks before her journey back to you, I have been beaten up by pain, sadness,and loss.
Aug 26, 2021 Today is National Dog Day. It is also the first time in decades I don't have a dog, which hurts. And even more painful, the first time during the past 12 years without you Daisy,physically here to be with and hug. Love, Daddy
Sep 6, 2021 Three months since we had to say goodbye to each other Daisy. It was the hardest and most saddest thing I ever faced. Each day since I think of you many times a day. As each day goes by, it is getting harder to see your pretty face unless I look at pictures. I hate that and wish I could see all of you in my mind.
Daddy is getting around, but I don't know if I will ever be as happy as I was when you were here with me and I with you.
Rest in Peace Daisy, I so miss you.
💘 Daddy!
Oct 12, 2021 Just over 4 months since we said goodbye. And although I move forward on my journey, my heart and mind are still not as whole as when we were together. I don't know if I will ever be the same person inside. Daisy, you brought so much companionship and life to me, and I hope I did the same back to you.
I still cry at times when I speak about you or think about you. Your life seemed to fly by so fast once I retired. I pray you are RIP and happy in Heaven. I hope one day your Spirit can be felt and I will know it's you. I will love you forever.
❤ Daddy!
Nov 5, 2021 Hi Daisy, today marks exactly 5 months since we both cuddled for the last time. I think of you everyday and hurt still from you no longer l8ving here or being here with me.
Unfortunately, I was not welcomed to adopt any 9f those beautiful dogs you brought to my attention.
I hurt every day I am not able to adopt a dog who needs a home. I've had them all my life, they were and are children to me, and it hurts dogs are no longer with me.
Thankfully, I was able to provide Makya another chance of life. Her surgery was successful and she can continue to be in Bella's life and with her human family. There are many signs of you I started seeing in Makya, and it comforts me knowing you may be watching over us.
I hope and pray we will be with each other again someday. You are forever a part of my heart and loved.
❤ Daddy!
Dec 5, 2021 Another month added to your loss here on earth. Six months ago today was our last time together Daisy.
I continue to grieve over your loss and no longer having you here in my life. Being retired and not having you or any dog in need has been awful for me.
I pray for you often and hope you are in Heaven with all of the other animals having fun and never to be sick again. I so miss you and hope one day to help another dog in need of a home. You meant so much to me and always will. I would like you to visit me one day in Spirit. One day may you see me and we reunite forever.
❤ Daddy

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