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Memories of Daisy
Daisy was the most loyal dog imaginable, and my best friend. She was loved dearly by her owners, Stef and I, and my family who she saw often. She was known for having a huge appetite and would eat all day if we let her! She'd cry for pizza crust and have her head out the car window at drive thrus expecting a handout. Her favorite word was "dinner" as one of her trademark behaviors was her spins - she'd spin around and around like a top in excitement when that word was said. Her favorite sound was the crinkle of a snack bag, as she'd run into the kitchen like clockwork whenever she heard it. A few of her other favorite things to do were to go on car rides and adventures to the park. She also loved barking at the mail man, chasing away all birds and rabbits in her backyard along with airplanes overhead, and marking her territory continuously even if it was just one drop left. She loved being by our side all the time to "protect" us as she was very bold sometimes, and in her mind, was a much bigger dog than she really was! Her biggest dislikes were definitely thunderstorms and fireworks. Overall, she had quite a personality which we all loved having in our lives.

The grief right now is difficult, as we already miss all of the simple, little things with her that were very much a part of our everyday lives like her cuddling up and falling asleep on one of our laps or up against us in the evening on the couch, and following me everywhere I went. Her loyalty and love brought us a lot of happiness. There will always be cherished memories, and even though this is a very tough time, we're at peace knowing she's in a better place.

Daisy had cancer which spread very quickly and suddenly, and I feel like we all have been affected by this dreaded disease in one way or another... so in your prayers - please always pray for all those affected by it, people and animals. In Daisy's honor, we will be donating money to a charitable cause for pets in need each February 16th, her birthday. Through money towards research and/or prayer, we can all chip in in our own little way so hopefully one day there's a cure and much longer lives to live.

We and Daisy shared a very special bond and unconditional love for each other, and it was truly a blessing to have her in our lives. We've already seen a number of signs that she's still with us that are way beyond coincidence, and this has brought some degree of comfort in this difficult time. Daisy was, and always will be a beloved, forever, part of our family.

Much love forever for our Daisy. We'll see you again one day.

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