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Memories of Daisy Hyatt
The first time I saw you I almost didn't pick you up. Tiny and shaking in a kennel, I thought you were sick. But with Nanny's encouragement I asked to see you. I just knew you would go to Nanny first but you licked her toes, turned and looked at me, and started wagging your tiny little tail so hard that your back end went side to side. You charged up my knees and crawled up to my neck and gave me the first of your signature "dive bomb kisses." I looked at Nanny and choked out, "Oh Mama!"
I could feel my dead heart coming back to life. Years of loneliness evaporated with your sweet puppy kisses.
Nanny just smiled and said, "I think you found your dog."
You were so tiny and you were the best puppy. You walked in the house the first time and made yourself right at home. That is what you made my cold tomb of a condo - a home. Suddenly, I had a reason to come home. I had a reason to keep a schedule. I had a family of my own. We may not have been a traditional family but we were by far the happiest.
You were so smart. You learned how to sit, stand on your hind legs, and roll over. I'd get so excited when you did your tricks I would take your mind off what you were doing and we'd have a love-love session.
I was so very proud of you. I loved to pick you up from the groomer and take you to every store they would allow us in. People would just love on you and you ate it up! You would lick everyone's toes in Pet Smart! You loved Pet Smart! You knew the Chick Fillet drive thru and you lived for Waffle Fries.

Daisy, there are so many precious memories we shared. But there are not enough. I still can't believe you are gone. I replay it in my head over and over again. I always made it a point to make sure that I always told you I loved you when I left, I had no idea it would be the last time. I just knew you would get an IV and bounce back. I had no idea....

You were the best part of me. I am not complete without you. You were my heart, my joy, and my hope. You renewed my belief in love. You were and are my precious angel. Thank you for allowing me the honor of being your mommy.

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