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Memories of Daisy Mae Ross
Daisy arrived with pink toenails wearing a pink dress. I had cancer, and she was my "healing dog."

The breeder told us, "Daisy is a little girl in a fur coat." Indeed, she was. She came to us as a baby, and I raised her to be a young lady.

When Daisy first arrived, the breeder told us to feed her rice and chicken. Daisy was never interested in the rice!

At first Daisy would only eat if I fed her by hand.

We slowly transitioned her to Solid Gold Holistic Pet Food. She prefers their Lamb-Rice-Barley canned food.

If I stay in bed too long in the morning, I will hear Daisy's bell tinkling as she paces back and forth waiting for me to get up.

Daisy is always right there the moment I step out of bed. If I use the toilet in the middle of the night, I will feel Daisy's nose bump my leg, just keeping track of me.

Daisy loves to sun herself by the sliding glass door. I move her bed over there every morning so she can enjoy the warmth as I make breakfast.

Every time I wipe down the kitchen counter, I have to be careful that no crumbs fall to the floor because Daisy might eat them and get a tummy ache. When Daisy sniffs for crumbs, you see, she may accidentally swallow a piece of my hair. Poor thing! Then she has a tummy ache until it passes.

Daisy runs away when she sees me with the medicine syringe in my hand, but she never goes too far.

Daisy likes to sleep a lot. Once she finishes her breakfast she jumps up on the couch, curls up, and falls asleep. But she always has one eye open just a sliver, and she quickly follows me when I leave the room.

If I leave the bathroom door open, Daisy checks on me several times when I am taking a shower- in and out, in and out, making sure I am alright.

If I close my bathroom door to take a shower, as soon as I get out I will hear a little scritch-scratch on the door. I always go right over and open it, and there will be Miss Daisy, waiting to come in.

Daisy and I spend our days together, but sometimes I have to leave to go shopping.

Daisy sits on top of the couch when I have to leave the house, waiting patiently for my return.

If the front door is open, Daisy will be looking out the screen door when my car drives up, every time.

Whenever Daisy can, she will sit in my lap. Whether I am at the table, the computer, on the couch, or outside on the lounge chair, Daisy is ready to sit with me.

Daisy loves soft, cozy blankets. She likes to be wrapped up underneath a blanket as she sits in my lap and leans her soft little head against my chest.

Daisy prefers to sit on my left side when I sit on the couch. She will do anything to work her way into that spot.

I love to smell the top of Daisy's head and feel her soft fur with my nose and lips. I do that every time she sits in my lap.

Daisy loves to look pretty and goes to Julene for her monthly groomings. Between groomings, Daisy cooperates when I give her a bath each week. She gets a shampoo, blow dry, and brush. Her fur is as soft as cotton and white as snow. She looks beautiful with her top knot and pom-poms at her feet.

Daisy opens her mouth wide and lets me brush her teeth. She is a very compliant dog as long as I use chicken-flavored toothpaste!

Daisy is trained to faithfully use her potty pads - going all the way down the stairs, through the laundry room and into the interior closet.

Daisy can jump very high from a standing start. When Daisy first arrived, Troy installed two retractable gates in the breezeway, but he always suspected that she was able to jump over the gate to make her mysterious escapes.

For a while Daisy wore a magnet that opened her automatic doggie door to the breezeway. It was a lovely set up for any other dog, but in the end Daisy seemed to prefer to stay indoors. Inclement weather would definitely keep Daisy from going outside, so we trained her go on potty pads instead.

"Daisy's Day Away" was when I was cleaning the inside of my car and I had Daisy out in the garage to keep me company. She wandered off and I could not find her anywhere. I walked up and down the street calling her name. I looked thoroughly in the back yard, the deck, the neighbors' yards, etc. but saw no Daisy. Returning inside, I began to tell Troy that I couldn't find Daisy when suddenly there she was -- on the deck at the sliding glass door to the kitchen! She was a bit dirty and never told us what happened on her adventure.

In the evening when Daisy and I are relaxing on the couch together, Daisy will suddenly hop down to the floor and stare at me. She'll start a little dance with a little growly noise to say, "I'm hungry, Mommy. Get up off the couch and come into the kitchen!"

Daisy loves to be petted across her soft little head, scratched softly at the back of her neck, turned over in my lap for her tummy to be rubbed -- she can stay that way forever. When I stop petting, a little nudge under my hand with her nose lets me know that she wants more.

Daisy knows that her food is kept in the pantry and the refrigerator. When she is hungry she will scratch at the pantry door if it is closed, or she will nudge it open if there is a sliver of an opening.

Daisy mastered the art of pawing at the cabinet door to make noise, sometimes until the cabinet door makes a bang. She makes this noise just to get our attention so we will see the food plate that she has dragged to the middle of the floor.

When Daisy is in your lap being petted, the second you stop she will chide you and push your hand until you resume again.

Daisy always has to drag her Greenie to her bed. She won't eat it anywhere else!

Daisy has to know where I am at all times. She will hunt from room to room, up and down, down and up the stairs until she locates me.

Daisy sniffs at the bottom of my nightgown just as I slip it on getting ready for bed. She knows it is bedtime.

Daisy loves warm, cuddly beds. Her beds are like little clam shells.

At night Daisy's bed is positioned right by the bedroom door. From there she can see the staircase and knows if anyone is going up or down the stairs. She can also see the entire master bed and knows that I am safely tucked inside.

After I go to bed, Daisy sneaks upstairs to see if she can get an extra meal from Troy or Aaron.

Now there is a loss of energy in the spot where Daisy's bed used to be.

My heart is broken now that Daisy is gone. She meant so much to me. Her entire existence was spent being my companion and loving me.

Dear Sweet Daisy,
It has been nearly 12 weeks since you left us. The tears come easily every time I think about you. I love you and hope we will be reunited one day.
Love, pets, and snuggles,

Dear Sweet Daisy,
We picked up your fur baby sister today. She is almost 10 weeks old and her name is Bella. She is so playful and loving and really cute. I know you have been looking over me, my little angel, and you want me to be happy. Wish you were here,too, my love!
Love, pets, scratches, and snuggles,

Precious Daisy,
I wish you could meet Bella Marie. She is learning her manners and is full of love. I miss you, my sweet Daisy. No one will ever replace you. But I know you are happy that we have another fur baby to bring us so much happiness.
Love you dearly,

Merry Christmas my sweetheart. I miss you so much. It's not the same without you. You will always be in my heart.
Love you forever,

It has been one year since you left me. Your memory is fresh in my mind and heart. It makes me cry to think that you are gone, remembering how sweet you were to me. You were so loving and special to our family, and we miss you, sweet Daisy. Little Bella is learning and growing, and one day we will all be reunited again. I hope you are happy now, over the Rainbow Bridge.
Love you forever,

Christmas is near, and I want you to know that I am thinking of you. I hung an ornament on the tree in memory of you. I miss you, my precious Daisy. I wish you were here to play with your sister Bella and your cousins, Nita and Nomi. Wishing you a Happy Christmas!

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