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Memories of Daisy
Daisy came into my life when I didn't know how much I would need her. I adopted Daisy in March of 2003 and it was love at first site. She came from a pound and had heart worms, but that didn't matter. I would have moved heaven and earth to have her and soon she was healthy and ready to provide me with years of love. My own mother died suddenly a few months after I adopted Daisy, and her puppy love helped me heal from that loss. Daisy was by my side through so many life changing events..The death of my mother, raising my niece and nephew, the birth of my daughter and the recent death of my grandma. Through it all my dear dog was my comfort and my rock. I could always count on Daisy to give me her unconditional love. Through her life she had quite a few physical ailments, I often referred to her as my "million dollar dog" because of the vet costs accrued. But she was worth every dime of it. Daisy was also a big sister to my other dog Bear. She looked over him as her own from the minute he came to us at just six weeks of age.

When I first went to bring Daisy home from the pound I brought her brand new collar. It was red with a stripe of red and white gingham around it. It seemed perfectly suited for a beagle / basset as herself. ( my "bagel") Being an adult stray I expected she would have to get used to wearing a collar. But from the very moment I put it on her she wanted it, it was "her necklace". Whenever we had to take it off for bath time or a vet visit she could not seem to wait to get that collar back on. I truly believe in my heart she felt that collar meant home, she found her forever people when she got it. I still have that collar, I keep it beside her ashes.

I love you and miss you Daisy, forever.

My beautiful Daisy...Oh how I miss you. It has gotten just a bit easier getting through a day without a pit in my stomach and a knot in my throat, not to mention tears always in my eyes. I guess it is because I know you are at peace, no longer suffering. My grief is for me, because I am selfish in the fact I never wanted to let you go. But my love for you was stronger and I did what was right for YOU. Still I miss you. The house isn't the same without you in it. Bear misses you too, he is lost without his "big sis". I know you come and comfort him too, I truly believe that. I think Bear misses you being the boss. He looks for you when he wants to beg for food, waiting for you to bark at him and tell him to back off. I know he misses your wrestling matches, as do I. What fun it was to watch the two of you be so silly. Bear looks for you outside. He doesn't like to be out there too long, when he realizes you aren't there he wants to come back in. He really misses his big sister. I give him as much love as I possibly can to let him know it will be ok, even though sometimes it is hard for me to believe. We all miss you my girl. You held such a huge place in our hearts and home and now there is a big hole. But we are lucky...God lead us to each other. I had so many years of love from you that I will always remember how blessed I was to have such a pup as you.

And one more thing....So many wonderful folks have sent me their comfort and condolences from here. It has been overwhelming. We all have lost our beloved fur babies and miss them so terribly, there is a bond in our loss. I truly wish to thank each and every heart that has reached out to me. And Daisy....I hope you have made new friends with all these kind people's loved pets. If there is this much love for them at the Rainbow Bridge then I know you are in very good company!!!


Hello my Daisy girl. I miss you like crazy. Friday was hard on me, two weeks since we parted. It seems like so very much longer, there is such an empty space in the house. I still refer to my "dogs" as if you were still there wagging your tail and keeping Bear in line and loving us as only you could. But you love us from a new place now, one that is beautiful and happy and with no pain. I tried to explain the Rainbow Bridge to Rowen this weekend. She asked if you were with Nana and Grammy now but I had to tell her no, you are waiting for us. Nana's dog Patches and Lucky Peanuts met her last October and they went on to Heaven together, as did Grammy (mom) and her dog Daisy in 2003. No, you are having fun in that beautiful place with all the other fur, feathered, or scaled babies that loved their humans as much as you loved us. I know we will see each other again, and I know you are still by my side when I need you most. ( Like last Friday when I was crying so hard for you..My heart felt you and that made me miss your earthly presence.) But my grief is tempered by knowing you are in a far better place.

So Daisy...I have been looking at puppies. Not that any other dog could ever take your place, that would be impossible. But I have all this extra love now that I need to share. I give all I can and then some to Bear, but there is still so much more there. And Bear is lonely I think. He misses his wrestling matches with you. I think a little bro or little sis would help him move on..Bear is no spring chicken and is set in his ways a bit. That being said he is used to having a partner in crime, one to take some of the flack when he decides to help himself to something he shouldn't or gets into trouble..LOL Seriously I think he would be happy to share some of his puppy love with another adoptee in the family. Plus I cannot bare to remove a "zombie dog" from our "zombie family" (decals) on the car. Our family is small enough, and you have left a huge void. I am ready to start thinking about a new furbaby. I have faith you will have some pull where you are to be sure God sends the right candidate to our family. You know us and our hearts, pick well baby.

Hello my pretty girl. It has been a while since I have been here. I am so sorry. I don't go a day that I don't think of you, but life has a way of keeping you busy in the mean time.
I miss you girl. Every day I think about you and your loving heart. As I told you last time we thought about a puppy, and we did adopt! Her name is Rascally Rowena, Rascal for short. She was 11 weeks old when we adopted her. She is a pit bull/ golden retriever mix. I have to be honest with you Daisy, I have had second thoughts a few times about getting her. We got so used to a quiet house with older dogs, I am just not used to the high energy of a puppy. But I am adapting. She is a very smart dog and also very loving. At first Bear did NOT like her one bit. It has taken a while but he too is adapting. ( I think he really missed his easy going big sis Daisy. He doesn't remember all the torment he put you through when he was a puppy!) While they still aren't as tight knit as you two were, Bear has become more comfortable in his role of "big brother". He is learning how to deal with a high energy puppy, how to keep control of the situation. And he is getting more exercise. For so long you were sick and weren't able to play much with Bear. He still had a lot of energy in him that was wasted by laying around sleeping. Not now! He is a lot more active trying to keep up with the new kid. Bear still likes his quiet times but I find him looking for Rascal to play more and more.

Spring is finally here Daisy, took long enough. I need to get out back and clean up the winter poopy mess you and Bear ( and now Rascal) left in the yard. Been raining too much lately, but that just breaks it down into fertilizer instead of me cleaning it up! lol

Well I need to hop off here now girl. I am starting to feel the tears well up in my eyes because I miss you so darn much. ( Not a good idea to sit here blubbering while I am at work! Shhhhhhhh- don't tell) I hope you are at peace my girl. I pray you are restored whole and enjoying your after life there at the bridge. While I hope it isn't soon, I do look forward to the day we can be together again. While to me it will feel like forever, to you I hope it will be a blink of the eye. Then again, I could walk outside to take trash out and, when I came back in, you would act like I had been gone months!! LOL Doggie love is the best my girl, and I miss yours so much!


Where does the time go Daisy? It has been months since I wrote to you yet I feel you in my heart all the time. Not a day goes by my girl that I don't miss you. I hope you can hear me talking to you...
I watched a video clip of you and Bear wrestling and playing. I miss your bark..And Bear misses you. He has aged so much since you have been gone. I always thought of him as my "pup", he was so full of vitality. But he is eleven years old now and not a spring chicken. I have noticed he has slowed down. Rascal can be a lot for him to handle too. I know he does love her, and she loves him dearly. But she has become quite a handful. She is a truly good dog, but she is young and strong and full of tons of energy. Some days I think she is too rough on Bear. When she was small I worried he would hurt her if she got too frisky, now it is the other way around. I know you have your angel wings up there, so watch over your brother, ok? And give Rascal a little nudge to be calmer. She has a great heart, just needs to direct her energies towards other things besides Bear. I am not ready for him to come be with you yet Daisy, although I do know his time with me is shorter than it is long. I don't think I will ever be ready to say good-bye to any of you my loves.

As it gets closer to the holidays I feel your absence more. Everything is still a "first" ...First summer without Daisy, first back to school without Daisy.. I look back at pictures from last year and you were still here, loving us as only you could. And as much as it still hurts to think about you not being here, I am so very glad you are free of pain and suffering. My baby I only always wanted the best for you and I hope I came close to it. My love for you was certainly the best I had to give. Now I cherish my memories of you because they too are the best...

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