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Memories of Daisy
I'm so terribly sorry I wasn't with you when you died or the last days when you were so sick. I really didn't know it was that serious. No way in the world would I have left you if I'd known you were so ill. I like to think you love me enough to forgive me or I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.

You had the softest fur, almost felt like silk. You'd lay on my lap for hours and let me fuss with your fur, your ears, your feet, your tail. You'd let me touch touch you anywhere. I was amazed at how you trusted me. The only time you put up a fuss was when I had to put you in that darn carrier because you hated to leave your home.

You loved your old and worn blue glitter balls. I couldn't fake you out with new ones or a different color.....just the old blue ones. You'd play fetch until you sometimes lay down and panted. The first time I threw a ball when you were a kitten, you brought it back to me. You were born with the fetching gene.

And then there's the sock drawer incident. You spent 13 hours squeezed in behind my sock drawer....and never made a sound. That was the day I thought I'd lost you to the great outdoors. I was devastated, but not as devastated as now when I know that you really are gone to me.

I don't sleep well without you. I miss the weight of you stretched out on my hip during the night. Or at my feet when I changed sleeping positions too often.....you didn't like your sleep interrupted.

I look at all your favorite sleeping places, but you're not at any of them. The house is so quiet without you. Just knowing you were in another room was a comfort to me. You helped me through the loss of both of my parents and all the other bad things that happened. I always knew I could bury my face in your fur, and you'd make it all better. But you're not here to help me through this. I don't think you had any idea how much I loved you, Daisy. You were my reason for living, my reason to getting up each morning. Mommy misses your little furry face every minute of every day.

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