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Memories of Daisy May

I know you would not want me to dissolve into a pool of tears
for you were here only to make me happy
Your overpowering presence every where every second at every turn
meant life was good, life was right and there was earth beneath and sky above
You gave effortlessly because you were authentic, a figment of love
when my face came within inches of yours what else was there to do but
lay a big wet doggie kiss across my mouth, my nose, my eyes
For that is how you were made
I raised you to be a good girl but it was not I who made you so pure of heart
so innocent so sweet natured so real so kind so faithful so compassionate
so knowing that you alone saw through the window into my soul
No one else could fill me with purpose the way you did
and it was no mystery why I could love you more every day
for the eleven years that you had me and I had you
I will do anything it takes to keep you at my side but I know
you will make that easy because you have already escaped into my spirit
and there I will carry you forever
Forgive me when I cry, and I know you understand, but it is so
easy to slip into denial since life, right now, feels oh so surreal
I believe that you know I would have stopped at nothing
had I the gift of being able to see you inside out and change the ending
During the week that was to be your last, I tried very hard to grasp the enormity
of what your body, already challenged by a cruel amount of tribulation,
was trying to explain
Two hospitals worth of overnight stays with around the clock care;
the longest week of our lives
Ugly words about ugly, angry cancers eating away my beloved
and nothing for me to do but dissolve into a pool of tears
After they let me take you home you climbed out of your frailness for me one more
but one last time just to make me smile as you stole my slipper and slowly
trotted away with it so I would chase you and playfully wrestle it from your mouth
one last time -- it was our special game, your personality, your humor
Nearly the same hour, one week later, the time came for me to return the love
you so freely gave to me -- while you still had lucid moments as you so deserved
And then I got to hold you tight and thank you for making me happy like nobody
else could for eleven years and how much I love you and how we'd be together again
one day and then .......time really stood still
until the veterinarian said softly, "she's gone" and
I dissolved into a pool of tears
And when I came back to our home I found my slipper face down just where you
had dropped it from your mouth.

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