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8/06/06...It has been one year since you crossed the bridge and not a day goes by that I don't miss you. You brought me such much love and joy in my life for 14 years. You were so patient and lovable and always there for me. I love and miss you so much, little Daisy... you were and always will be my angel.

01/11/07... Today would have been your 16th birthday. I so hoped and prayed you would live to be 17 like Angel Sadie who crossed the bridge just one month before you were born. And for years, I prayed that you and I would have our own backyard again to hang out in your last years, but you were to ill to keep hanging on for that day to happen and I'm so sad that you passed before it was possible again. Matt and I were finally able to buy a new house 3 months ago and I so wish you were here with us. I miss you so very much little Daisy... you live in my heart everyday. Today I've been lighting a candle for you for your special day... Please know I love you... Happy Birthday Sweet Baby.

08/06/07... Dear Sweet Angel Daisy, I have lit a candle for you tonight. I went for a walk and saw a big bright star shining over our new house and I know it is you watching over us. I still cry for you Daisy...I miss you still so much.

I searched for a long time for a new baby that looked like you and one day was led to a website that had a picture of a little black/white female puppy that had the same markings on the head as you. When I saw the puppy's name was Daisy, then I knew you led me to her and she was the one I was supposed to get. We named her Ashley; she was born Valentine's Day 2007. I found her and bought her on April 7th. She will be 6 months next week. Although she could never ever take your place, Ashley has her own sweet fun loving personality and own specialness and she is just as sweet and affectionate and we love her just as much and she means more knowing that she looked like you when you were born and her birthname was Daisy.

Daisy, thank you so much for all the love and joy and comfort you always gave me. I know you stayed with me all those years while I was alone and waited til someone came into my life before you crossed the bridge. Thank you Daisy. But I pray you forgive me for listening to the vet and given in to pressure to help you cross over...I know deep down it was not your time yet. Please forgive me sweetie... Im so sorry. I love you so much... Please know I love you and I miss you so much. I wish I was holding you in my arms right now and/or you were sleeping next to me on my pillow again. I miss you so much. I love you, sweetie...

01/11/08... Happy Birthday Little Angel Daisy... I miss you so much. We are lighting a candle for you tonight in remembrance of your special love you gave us.

This morning when I got to work I thought of you and said a prayer. Moments later, my best friend, Darlene, brought me this beautifully gift wrapped box. It was black and white paper covered in a black velvety flower design and tied with a sheer hot pink bow... it was a beautiful and precious as you and I didn't want to open and mess it up. I didn't know it was a gift in remembrance of you just yet until I read her special beautiful card she made. The card was hot pink to match the bow and it read: "This is a gift in remembrance for your beloved Daisy. I hope that each time you look at it, you will be filled with great peace and comfort! Love Always, Darlene." It was a beautiful Miracles 9" Angel and had butterfly wings... it is next to your urn on the little table by my bed next to the lighted candle. She is such a special friend. Only a friend like her would even think to remember your birthday.

As I write this to you, Daisy, little Ashley is sitting here next to me... thank you Daisy for leading us to her; she is so full of love and so sweet and affectionate like you. Please know Daisy you will never be forgotten. You are always in my heart EVERY SINGLE DAY. I love you little Daisy. I love you so much.

I hope you are being surrounded by your little angel friends and that you have found precious little Sadie, Callie, Cowboy, Myrtle, and Max. Give them all hugs for me.

Happy Birthday Angel!

08/06/08... Dear Sweet Angel Daisy, today has been truly painful more so than ever as I still can't seem to heal from the grief and the guilt from the terrible mistake I made by being pressured to help you cross over; and more so, since it was not fast and peaceful like it was supposed to be and even more so because I made a decision based on fear and pressure versus truly listening to God and following my heart. I am still suffering the guilt that your passing was so long, painful and traumatizing... not just to me, but to you; the look of fear and confusion in your eyes as they struggled to hold you down when you were already feeling weak from being sick... that was the last thing you needed to go thru and I wanted so much to yell at them to stop but it was too late. I knew it wasn't your time, but I didnt follow my heart... I let everyone pressure me to make that decision. Daisy I still cry so hard because of that traumatic experience... it was truly a nightmare that I wish I could still somehow wake up from...I feel terrible remorse :(

I wish so much I could start the day all over, that week and month all over...all my decisions would have been so different. Im so sorry I made such a terrible mistake...Please forgive me, Daisy... I love and miss you so so so much and I pray God is truly holding you, loving you with all the others at the Rainbow Bridge...and that you are free from the cancer, the hip dysplasia and pain...I pray you are running free and feeling loved and happy.

Please know I love you, Daisy, with all my heart...with all my soul. Please always wait for me...

01/11/09... Dear Sweet Angel Daisy... today 18 years ago, you were born... the most precious sweet, loving dog I've ever known; but you are now at the Rainbow Bridge...nevertheless, there is not one single day that goes by that you are not in my heart... I think of you every single day and miss you more than words can say. Please know I will never forget you Daisy Girl... you were my whole life for 14 years... I just wish so much you were still with me. Happy BD Sweet Daisy...I love you!

08/06/09... Dear Daisy, It has been a painful week leading up to this day... not sure what brought on the emptiness and loss in my heart earlier but I still grieve for you; several times in the last 6 months the tears would just come out of nowhere... I miss you and will always feel the deep regret not listening to my heart on this day 4 years ago... if only I could relive that entire week over and not make the mistakes I did. I wish so much I could have another chance to change those things in hopes you would have lived longer and happier and would have lived your last days enjoying your own backyard after I was finally able to buy a house. I dreamed you would have lived at least til that long.

I think I've grieved a lot these last 6 months because we adopted Homer (born 02/06/09) to give Ashley a playmate since we started having to work long hours and it made me wish I had gotten you a playmate those few years you were left alone for long long hours cuz of my job... another regret I will always have but at the time it never ever crossed my mind and I hope you will forgive me. I wish I could change those years, too.

Homer has a cute big butt that makes him wobble and/or hop like you did... but Ashley has your same markings on the head and face (and was born named Daisy) so it is like I still have a part of you inside 2 separate furbabies. They are both so full of love and they bring me so much joy... just like you did Daisy. You always gave me soooo much joy inside.

Daisy, you are in my thoughts every single day. I love and miss you so much.

08/06/11: Missing you sweet Daisy... you live in my heart every single day.

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