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Memories of Cuddles
Cuddles was with me during some of the hardest times in my life. She was with me during some of the best times in my live. Whether sitting on the floor with her "arms" crossed, looking like "Casual Kitty", or sleeping on the couch, belly-up with her back legs sticking out and her front paws under her chin like "Road Kill Kitty", or just in the way like "Speed bump Kitty", Cuddles was part of my home and life for fully twenty years. My friend Anita helped pick out Cuddles at a shelter. So, I don't really know when she was born, just that she was very young when I brought her home. Cuddles lived a long and relatively healthy life, until about 1999. I had a four-level home with many stairs and berber carpet on some of the stairs. I don't know for certain, but I think that she got her back toe-nails caught in the carpet and fell down the stairs at least once too often, injuring her spine. From then on, she started to not get around very well. Even enlisting the services of a "Kitty Chiropractor" only helped a little. At one point in 2002 or so, her kidneys began to fail. I gave her fluids and med.'s, and she started to do a bit better. She slowly lost the ability to get up and down stairs on her own, though. That's how she was when I moved into a new home. No stairs at all in this house, so getting around was not a problem for her. In early 2005, she started to have troubles again. She was losing weight, and not moving around as much. She had blood work done the first week of April, 2005. I got the news that she had serious liver trouble. The doctor didn't say it, but I knew her time with me was about to end. On Friday, Apr 15,2005, I came home from work and found her - she'd left me during the day, probably shortly after I said my good-byes that morning. I've been agonizing over having to "put her down", but she made that choice for me. I miss her. I'm thankful for the time I had with her, and I know that she's somewhere beautiful and serene. I miss you, Baby. I will always love you. LOVE, YOUR MOMMY, Lori V.

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