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Memories of Crazy Dazy, Phred, Bandit, and Ringo
"I'm Dazy, Dazy. I'm just a little bit Crazy. But that's alright; that's OK - Cause my mom loves me that way." Five years is too short by any measure, for anyone to lose such a treasure. And although I cried, I knew inside, this was best for you, and so for me, too. October 13th, I laid you down to sleep. I prayed the Lord your soul to keep, and your pain to leave, so you could play, until we're reunited one day. All my dogs have a piece of my heart. But Dazy, my Forever Dog, you have more. You captured my heart and found the door - to my soul. Is that why I think I hear you some days, and feel you lay your head on my legs? Once spirits unite, they never part. You are the soul of my soul and the heart of my heart.Love, Nanci (and Smooches from the Pooches - Phamous Phred & Baby Bandit!)5/9/02 Still miss you so much. No one can ever take your place. You are one of a kind. A Jack Russell in drag-I should have taken more pictures.10/5/02 I've been here so often & written so much I ran out of room, so I've erased a lot. Pretty Dazy Face, I know you're here at least part of the time, because I feel you, and it makes me feel so good until I realize how much better I felt when you were here all the time. You are loved and never forgotten-not even for a day. Do you realize it's almost a year since you left. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. I'm trying to get better so you can have more freedom. My Teammate, my Partner - you were my student, my teacher, my playmate and my protector. Who could have asked for more? Phred and Bandit and even The Short Guy are trying their best, but they know that no one can replace My Forever Dog. Bandit has turned into a wonderful Top Dog. Ringo is doing better, but keeps reminding me it's hard being almost 3, especially with Bandit boinging up and down! I'm always thinking about you and everything you taught me and gave to me. All my love, Dazy-Girl. And love from Comedy Central....LIVE! That's what our house always was, and still is, and that's good - keeps 'em laughin' and comin' back for more! See you soon. 10/13/02 Your 1-year anniversay. Hard to believe. Love you and miss you with all my heart-you're 1 in a million, Dazy-Girl. Nanci 11/14 Close call with Tom. I think he'll be with you soon.He misses you very much. Hard to believe I physically hurt from missing you so much. Love & kisses from us all. 12/17 Hi Dazy, Happy Holidays. A giant tumbleweed got us, and I thought we were heading for The Bridge to be with you. But we're still here. In the middle of storms-very gloomy. Love you and miss you-just isn't the same. 12/25/02 Wow, our 2nd Christmas without you. It's gray outside, and gray inside. Tom's still hanging in there-had Phred's blood checked. I feel like I've been sucker-punched every time I think about Christmas and realize again you're not here. Our little family just stayed home today. Discovered there's a sport called Freestyle-your little dance number with spins and hip bumps would have been a keeper! Remember that you're always in my heart. 2/17/03 Hi Dazy-Face. Been thinking about you a lot. Phred is more herself. Ringo had his 3rd birthday, and is a little more self-confident. And Bandit is the same smoocher! My heart still aches so much - you were the "center," the glue that made us all strong. But I'm doing better. I hope you feel that, and are able to relax a little. All my love, and smooches from the Comedy Central...LIVE! gang. 3/23/03 Hi Dazy-Girl. Raining outside, thinking of you and how you hated the rain. All our love, DazyDog. 12/10/03 Received another wonderful note from someone who visited you. Her Ganja will be arriving soon-another Dobe friend for you! It's amazing how many emails I've gotten over the last 2 years! It's been awhile since I've written, but you're always in my thoughts.12/25 Another Christmas without you. But we're together in spirit. 5/15/04 Phred died. She had a great day on 5/12-played with a young lab, ate all her dinner, then went to bed. She died sometime during the night.2 of the original 3 Musketeers are together again. Bandit & Ringo said their good-byes. I feel so bad that I wasn't there.Phred will have her new home soon. Watch out for her-you know how shy she is. Nanci, Bandit & Ringo 10/13/10 Hi Dazy - I've thinking so much about you this week, and realized that I lost you 9 yrs ago today. I'm STILL getting emails about you-brings back so many memories. Bandit died 2 yrs ago, she was 14 1/2 Now all 3 Musketeers are together. Bandit really grew into herself and became your partner in my deepest heart.People say you're lucky if you have a Forever Dog, and if you're really lucky, you have 2. Well, I'm really lucky- I have both you and Bandit. Ringo is almost 11! He's such a good boy, but very lonesome. He sleeps in Bandit's crate every night. I can't believe I'm still crying. Remember you are very loved. Nanci & Ringo 3/2014 Ringo is on his way up to join you. I'm so glad you're there for him. All my love to everyone. 8/2014 Bonz has become part of our extended family.He is so sweet, and I told him all about you and the rest of the pack. 10/13/16 I don't know why, but I'm thinking of you today.Took Bonz to UC Davis-hip dysplasia. Dr. Lewis died some years ago-Losing my vet contacts I depended on so much.Love to the pack. Nanci PS I want you to know that Robert sends his love every year on your anniversary - he hasn't missed a year. 10/29/18 It's been awhile Dazy, but I talk to you 5th Birthday photo on the wall all the time! Bonz is 5 now! And we adopted Bug over a yr ago-she's 3 1/2 now! Bonz has Bandit's personality, and Bug has Ringo's - They're quite a pair. You are remembered and much loved Dazy-by all of us.

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