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Dear Chopper, Our friendship endured a fourteen year span from dirt-faced pup to white faced gentleman. Chops and Mr. C. were some of your names and playing froggy was one of your favorite games! Vacuum cleaners and vets were your dislikes, but you loved Frosty Paws, presents, and five-mile hikes! You were my constant, my saving grace in all of our moving from place to place. Throughout all those years we walked so many miles and I'll always remember those Chopper dog "smiles"! I thought how quickly our years had flown on that last day as I walked all alone. I sat on your hill and in my mind's eye you came in a vision to tell me good bye. You were strong and healthy and in your prime and I knew in that moment it was your time. I'm going now, Mom, you seemed to say but we'll walk again at the Rainbow Bridge one day! Thinking of you with a tear and a smile...love, Mom ****************************April 6, 2016..I'm looking at the puppy pic of you trying to climb over that wood fence in the Bloomington back yard. You were a pudgy diamond-eyed boy with big paws and you looked oh, just a little pathetic as you struggled to reach me because you had not yet figured out there was another way around! Looking at that picture really does remind me how life flies by. You were just a newborn pup 35 years ago today...I was in my twenties, and from the whole human perspective of things I was still kind of a pup myself because there was a lot I hadn't figured my way around even though I thought I had! You went to the Bridge 21 years ago today and I remember all of that day as if it just happened. I was in my forties. Today I'm reflecting on all of those years, remembering your birthdays with Frosty Paws and hush puppies, and still thinking of you every day...I'm now in my sixties and I still have some things to figure out! So yes, life does pass too quickly. I'm looking at the portrait on my wall of you as a wise white-faced senior, but you still have those diamond-eyes! I miss you Chops, along with all of the others who have joined you over the years. I should have been there in your final moments of this life as I was there for Wilson, Sara, Sophie, Lucy, Trix, and Poppet. I do believe that you are all watching over each other until I'm there with you. Happy birthday Mr. C! No matter how much time passes I will still be...forever your puppy mom! ********************April 6, 2017...22 years ago this evening, also a Thursday, you went to the Bridge. I will always remember tiny Dickster's remarkable journey and, as sad as I was, I know that because of what I witnessed his sweet singing dreamsicle orange essence still lives on! I was not there with you, but as your memorial says...I saw it happen in my mind's eye. And just like the Rainbow Bridge poem says...you were young again when you looked straight at me before you turned to leave this life to meet up with your "brother". Sara came to me in a dream as a blonde youngster to let me know that she was there to meet Sophie. In that same dream I watched Sophie Jo...the age and cancer just falling off of her...as she became her young self, running so fast like she did as a pup to meet her sister! I am a born cynic, certainly not a "believer" in the religious sense, but I do believe this...there IS a Rainbow Bridge for all the sweet critters who have ever been because all of you have shown me that it is real. I hope anyone who is suffering the loss of their fur kid or has an elderly or ill pet will find some comfort in these words if they should visit your residency. Today also marks another special occasion...Happy birthday Chopper! I will always remember celebrating your day with your favorite things! Forever...your puppy mom ***************April 6, 2020...Happy birthday Chops! It's also another anniversary...twenty five years, two and a half decades, a quarter of a century...at the Rainbow Bridge. I've been thinking more than usual lately about the happenings of all those years, I suppose because of the troubling times on this side. I miss you and always will, but no matter what is going on in this world I know I don't have to worry about you, Wilson, Sara, Sophie, Lucy, Trix, and Poppet. I have been walking everyday, like you and I did for years...every now and again I can almost see you running along next to me in a parallel world. I enjoy those walks because that's when the best recollections of you and the others come to mind. Here's one...I had gotten my pilot's license at Thunderbird Aviation and you were my little "co-pilot" when I went to Flying Cloud to do touch & go's. Burns was so worried that you would piddle in the plane, but you were a good pup settling down and falling asleep in the back of that little Tomahawk! I remember taking you to the Dairy Queen in Bloomington and how much you enjoyed your first cone! And coming home to find you playing among all my stuffed animals that you dragged into the living room; Lyle almost having to "save" you during your first swim with Tahoe Tessie. "You had a canine conniption when Attila the Bun...munched asparagus as he basked in the sun!" Those are just a few of some funny memories! I like to think of the day I came to visit you and your puppy siblings and your beautiful mom Golden Sarah Underfoot. I wish I had been able to meet your dad, Tecumseh of Wheyches...I know he had to be a very handsome fellow because he and Sarah sure gave me a good looking boy!

Please also visit Lucy, Poppet, Sara, Sophie, Trix and Wilson.

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