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Memories of Chloe
We will always think of Chloe as our little baby "kitten"; although she was 9 years old, she never acted like an adult cat. Chloe's favorite pastime was getting brushed and eating at the same time. She also loved getting cozy in Avon delivery boxes and paper bags. Chloe loved when her "dad" and "mom" took her for walks on her leash, with her feline friend, Matilda. She is also missed by her other feline friends, T.C. and Mr. Floyd. We will love her forever. 08/30/03 - Not a day goes by when I don't miss Chloe. She will always be a big part of our family and will always have a special place in our hearts....... 08/31/2004 - We still miss Chloe with all our hearts. I will never get over losing her....... 12/10/2004 - Today, Chloe's precious little sister, TC, went to be at Chloe's side. They are together forever now. Oh, how Mommy and Daddy miss you both, and Lilly, too. 08/31/2005 - Cannot believe it has been 5 years since you passed The Bridge, Chloe. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that you were looking at your reflection in the stove door, and sometimes it seems like forever. We know you have TC and Lily with you, and you are so sociable, we are sure you have many new friends, too, including Squeaky. We miss you, Chloe, and think of you everyday......08/30/06 - Oh, Chloe, we miss you so much!! You mean so much to us, and we cannot look at a paper bag without thinking of you! You are in a much better place, for sure, and TC and Lily are there with you. Please know how much we love you, how much we miss you, and how much we can't wait to see you again!!! 04/20/07- Oh, Chloe, we miss you so much. Matilda passed over the bridge yesterday and I am sure that you met her with open paws. I know you will show her the ropes at the Bridge, along with TC. We love all of you, please know that...... 08/31/2007 - Oh, Chloe, how we still miss you so! I think of you everday and don't know where the 7 years have gone. You still, and always will, mean the world to us and we will never stop loving you. I still think about you walking around the yard with your pearl collar and leash on! I miss taking you for walks. I'm sure that you, Matilda, TC, and Lily are getting lots of fresh air and have plenty of green fields to run in all day now. It is not the same here without you. XOXOXOXO 11/20/07 - Thinking about you so much today, Chloe, and how much I miss you! I wish you were here with us, and will always, always love you. 08/31/2008 - We can't believe that it has been 8 years since you left us, Chloe - we miss you so very much and think of you every single day. You were such a sweet little girl. We love you very, very much...... 12/07/08-Hi, Chloe. I can't believe it has been so long since we heard your little meow! You really did love to whine! We loved every second of that! We have put up your pretty tree - not as pretty as you, though, of course. It has lots of cat angels on it,just like you. We miss you so, so much, Chloe. Please know we love you and always will. Love,Mom and Dad 12/24/08- We love you so much, Chloe. We know that Santa will be very good to you this year - bet you even get a brand new, crinkly, bag! Miss you, love you forever, XOXOXO Mom & Dad 02/20/2009 - Hi, Chloe. Just want you to know that I am thinking about you! How I wish I could just touch your beautiful soft fur again. Kerby has joined our family, a cute little black stray who was so scared and hurt when he showed up here. I have told him all about you - you would love him! No one will ever replace you, I hope you know that. Love you so much, XOXOXO 09/02/2009 - Hello, Chloe. Oh, I miss you, especially now. I did not forget you on your anniversary. Please forgive me, but I was having one of my meltdowns. We are buying a house, very stressful. I know that you understand. I think of you every single day, and so does daddy. We miss you terribly and talk about you so much. How cute you were on your pink and pearl leash, looking at yourself in the stove, gobbling your treats, just being you. You are still such a special little girl. We love you so very much. Mom02/17/2010 Hi, Chloe! So much has happened. We moved to a nice little house om the West Side. Dawn and Oliver got married - she was beautiful! I'm sure you remember her, I have a nice picture of her holding you when she was just a little girl - now she is married! Kerby is sitting here with me, he saw your pictures. You would like him because he would love to play with you. I miss you so much still. Your picture is proudly displayed in the new house, right on the entertainment center. I'll love you forever, Wug. xoxox Mom 09/26/2010: Hi, Chloe. Miss you so very much, we all do. Things here have been very stressful - grampa's mind is getting pretty bad and it is so sad to watch this happening. Lots of times I just sit and think about all of the good times and laughs we all had back in the 90's, when you were with us. Things were so much happier then. Mr. Floyd turned 17 this month and he is still doing pretty good for his age - even does the stairs by himself! Kerby is still acting like a kid. You two would have gotten along so very well together, I just know it. I put a cat scarecrow out for you and your sisters this weekend - it's cute. I wish you were here, Chloe. I still think of you each and every day. I love you. xoxoxo Mom 08/31/2011 - Wow, Chloe, where did 11 years go? Miss you so much each and every day. Things here are not so great. We had Hurricane Irene come through and we lost power for 4 days. Mr. Floyd is getting subQ fluids every other day for his renal failure, in the end stages, so he will be joining you soon. Baby Kerby is sick with unregulated diabetes, pancreatitis and now probably lymphoma. Things are falling apart. I know you are in a much, much better place. I miss you, Matilda, TC and Lily. I know you are being a little Princess. Mixx you so very much, Mommy xoxo 10/27/11- Hi, Chloe - renewing your residency tonight. I'm sure by now that you have welcomed Mr. Floyd and I hope you are being a nice girl to him! He was so sick, but hopefully is all better now, especially since he is with you again. Miss you all, Mommy 11/20/11-Hi, Chloe - Just checking in, saying "hi" and I miss you so very much! Love, Mommy 12/24/2011 - We miss you, Chloe. I know Santa will be good to you and you will have lots of new toys and treats tomorrow. xoxoo, Mommy 09/03/2012 - Hi, Chloe: Still miss you so very much, my little Wug! Where have 12 years gone? We still have Kerby here with us, but at times his diabetes is a real challenge. The neighbors don't want their cat, so we named him Jules and he comes here to eat and hangs out sometimes, but not friendly enough where we can get him to the vet yet. You would like him, I know - you liked everyone! Daddy and I think of you so much and miss you every single day. Please know we love you, ok? xoxoxo Mommy 08/31/2014 Hi, Little Chloe. Thinking of you so much today, just like we do everyday. We don't know where the time has gone. I pray that you are happy and healthy, playing with all of your friends (including Matilda!). Jules is an indoor only boy now, and he and Kerby get along well. Kerby's diabetes is still up and down. We wish you were here with us, but know that it was your time to leave for The Bridge. Remember how much we love you and miss you, Mommy. 08/31/2018 - Oh, little Wug, we still think of you everyday. You had so much personality and love to give. We miss you so much. We lost Kerby in July, his diabetes finally was too much for him to take. I know that he is with you now, and Mr. Floyd, Matilda, TC and Lily. I hope you are all playing and having fun everyday. We love you, Chloe, and we always will. x0x0x0x0 Mommy

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