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Memories of Chai
I will never forget when I brought you home and how you were so curious.I always loved the look on your face, you always had to watch all that was going on. You didn't care if you were part of .....you were content to watch and witness all that was going on. You Chai were such a Beauty -you just knew it too....as you would run and pose when I would take the camera out. My love for you just grew and grew as you did too. I sometimes could not believe how Big you were yet you were persistant to keep on growing. That was ok by me as I wanted you to be as big as you needed to grow. You were my big baby boy and always will be, I just loved how you would stay by my side all the time and at night sleep on the pillow above my head. I miss this most my big boy.....it has been very hard with you gone. I really miss you and always will. Chai I love you along with so many other's that met you. You will always be remembered MY LITTLE BIG BOY ! November 20/2005 "Chai" it has seemed like forever since we saw each other. I miss you so much. Just two weeks ago I brought home a little baby boy for "Spirit" to play with. "Spirit is not to sure yet, but good with him "Koach" is his name. "Koach" has the same daddy as you and in some ways he acts like you. Just loves his pictures taken like you did. Of course "Koach" is not as big as you, but who knows how big he will get ? "Chai" I know you now have met others as special as you are, till we meet my Little Big Boy, I love you and miss you with all my heart. November 15,2006 "Chai" I still think of you every day. You stole my heart and you will always be with me. I wanted to tell you that "Koach" has grown into a beautiful boy and is alot bigger now. Just recently I brought home another baby Maine Coon for Koach and Spirit to share the home with. They all love each other sooo much. You would love both of the new babies. Tikvah is the new baby boy. And Koach just loves playing with him. Tikvah has different parents than you and Koach, but he is the same color as you. I always loved your color. Well my Little Big Boy I will hold you close to my heart and in my thoughts. Love you always my boy ! PS. Everyone still talks about you , you left everyone with thoughts of you.March 1st 2011 My Beautiful Boy Chai XOXO you are very much in my thoughts recently. I am remembering the days waiting for you to be born , waiting for Melanie to contact me about my baby boy I would bring home for Spirit to play with. I sit and look at so many pictures I have of you. You were certainly a real charmer with all your poses for me to take some more pictures of you. I miss you lots my Little Big Boy , I will always carry you with me.XOXO May 28th/2013 Chai you are always with me in my thoughts as I walk my journey in Life. I miss you and now I will miss you even more as I now am Missing your buddy Spirit. Spirit has come to join you now. What great friends you were. Spirit will be missed by many as you are still. Love you so much xoxo
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