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Memories of Cyrus
Cyrus, I still can't believe you are gone. I look around and see you everywhere. Although we loved all our other babies very much, you were the special one. The bond that we had was so strong I feel like a piece of my heart is broken. From the first time I saw you - sitting in that cage waiting for someone to notice you - I knew you were special. I guess no one else wanted a skinny smelly six year old cat. I couldn't believe how lucky we were that we were the ones to take you home - I held you in my arms and you snuggled with me and it was immediate love. That first night you jumped into my lap almost like you couldn't get close enough....purring away. Your Daddy couldn't believe how we would sleep together every night - you laying on my chest with your paws wrapped around my neck and your face tucked under my chin. I am so very grateful that you made it to Florida with us - you loved our big house with all those windows to look out of. You had a tough life back in New York in those early years - but still you were the most loving gentle boy. I remember when we brought Caleb home. He was only 12 weeks old and you immediately took him under your wing. You let him cuddle with you, jump all over your head and when he tried nursing - you let him do that too...he loved you so much. I remember how you loved playing with your toys - I don't think you ever had any before you came to live with us. I loved to watch you go to the little basket and rummage through and pull out a little mouse to play with. Some mornings we would find little furry mice all through the house leading right to the foot of our bed. Through the years many of the babies left us, Misteroo, Teddy and then Baby Caleb. You watched them all come and go. At eight years old - you were diagnosed with a heart condition. But that never slowed you down - you took your medicine twice a day and endured those yearly sonograms. I guess I just took it for granted that you would always be here. We had a special language you and me, staring into each others eyes and slowly blinking to say hello - I love you... and then there was the "look". No one else ever understood the "look"...but you did and would jump up to me each time I gave it to you. It would always make your Daddy laugh. And oh how you loved to eat...Every time Grandma made a sandwich, you and Olson and Newtie were right there....a little on the bread and then a little for you guys. The others eventually gave up and walked away but not you. You always waited under the kitchen table while we were eating knowing that you would eventually get some more goodies. We spoiled you rotten and I am so very glad that we did. Even that last morning before I went to work you were right there to get your breakfast. I am so very sorry I wasn't there with you at the end - I always thought I would be the last face you saw - but thankfully your Daddy was there with you and he held you and kissed you goodbye for the both of us. I know when the day comes that I enter the bridge although everyone will be there to greet me - you will be running with that funny little waddle just a little bit faster so you can be the first. We miss you so much - we will love you always - my very special boy.....the baby Cywuuuuz

Please also visit Caleb, Milo, Newtie, Olson Hanson and Teddy.

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